Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Young hubris, young enthusiasm

I believed in his words
That I could do anything
So when he gave me wings
I knew I could fly
 He warned me about being
Reckless, but that was just
to keep me safe
just to keep me from
 When he said I was free
To ascend to the heavens
I knew he was telling me
To leap into the sky
So I did
My back arched upward
My arms straight high
And I took three steps
And leapt
And I was flying
I could smell the ozone
From the clouds burning off
The sun was so bright
I could feel my skin tingling
And then I felt
Wax upon my arms
Wet from melting
And my feathers
Started falling
then more
Then the sun
Melted my wings
So fast
I was unable
To fly over the sea
Or the shore
I fell
Through the sky
And saw the ocean
Rising up
To strike me
For my being
So rash