Sunday, March 24, 2013

The One, I am

I sat upon the moon of a distant planet
Stared into the darkness and pointed
And stars came into view
Because I planned it
For my pleasure
Life is born
Before the universe existed
I am
Before the universe had life
I was
The circle has no start
No ending
Something has always been
I am

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Urban Eden

In the lush forest of existence of the extravagance of the leisure
I walked into the center of the capital of all the luxury
Built with exquisite energy and effort and all the empire's treasures
What I saw would shock me for the rest of my life, however unwealthy
I saw glass and steel shattered, like so many dreams of man
I saw melted stone and wood collapsed
Like so many hearts and hopes we have
I saw decay abundant
I saw devastation beyond decay
I saw abhorrent things
I cannot relate
And the world around me
Fell to my feet
As the people looked around and said
How beautiful is this,
The world that we have made

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Entombed in living flesh

I walked along the shore
Of a lake frozen closed
I stepped upon the surface
The ice held my weight
Although my sorrow was heavy
The ice neither cracked nor leaked
I looked down into the ice
And saw a face frozen looking up
It didn't scream, it didn't cry
It didn't move, it didn't speak
All it did was exist
Much like me here
Frozen or unfrozen
All it did was exist
In the living or gray
I have to be more
I have to escape
The unliving life
The slumber of the waking
The existing just to exist
Thaw my being
So that I might truly live
Warm my soul
So that I might be alive

Monday, March 4, 2013

Into the Mist the Walker Walks

As the morning mist rises
A walker can be seen walking
There is no sound surrounding him
There is no scene to be seen
He just walks into the mist
Where the world collapses
The gray melts into white
And the world spins away
Without his knowing
Without his caring
The world moves on
The mist is there
He doesn't care
The walker walks
And is going home