Friday, April 25, 2014

Our Master, Entropy

Entropy is our master
And ever to our folly
We contribute to its reign
Over us, over all humanity
Existence upon earth could never last
Principalities fall, chaos becomes us all
From the highest place to utter shame
We've fallen
At the end of our time 
When we have shed our flesh
Have given up all pretense to immortality
A grave wind shall blow through the land 
Unleashing bold storms with death
Our breath become an angry blast
And there will fall a rain
It shall fall, toxic, endless
When a doorway would appear
Answering every fear and banality
With hordes of demons flying
Dragons with steel wings
Radioactive breath and violent stings
Like clouds of locusts diving down
The end will come
The end of our day is done
We've only to ask for it to be
We've blotted out the sun
Ignored the one
Who could save us

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Some people
Due to pride
Refuse to be
No matter the toll
No matter the time
The cost is inside
The wounds unhealed
I cannot hold a grudge
No matter the crime
I do not hold it against him
This is not a judgment
I am not holding trial
I am not a judge
I am not willing to be
Forever hostile
I can be hurt
I can be offended
But given time
I can heal
And move on
I spew no bile
I offer no wicked guile
I am only human
Licking my wounds
Moving forward
After having rested awhile
I will be ok
Forgiving him

Extending an olive branch if they'll take it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A cancer inside reminds me

I barely escaped alive
And now I see I was wrong
To give my heart to you
Something in me died when you went away
I endured, I survived, but it is still there
A cancer inside, a tumor in my mind
Missing you, it isn't fair
You said you loved me
Then left
You said you'd be there
Then you were gone
I said I loved you
You laughed
You win, I know you've won
You never think of me
But you are always in my dreams
You never speak of me
When I can't even think
Without wondering where you are
It isn't fair
Because I want to die
And you've gone on
I just twist in pain
Au revoir
Farewell again