Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two love poems


Why did it fail, what did I do
Where did you go, who did you run to
You are my sweet one, how did it end,
I never knew, dear God help me,
I never stopped loving you
You’ll have my love, it will always be true
No matter what, no matter when,
Never will stop this feeling,
So just so you know
There is nothing you can do
There is nowhere you can go
Where I won’t love you
Where I won’t know
How deep is my love
Poured down from above
You were a gift to me
One that made me come alive
Without you how will I survive
You never need to explain
I will take you back
You never will hear me complain
I need you back
I long to hear you call my name
I am yours, forever yours
I can hardly explain
What you mean to me
But you won’t hear me complain
I need you near to me
You are all that I need
You are the air that I breathe
I cannot believe that you left me again

(written in 2008)


What does anything matter to me, but my love for you,
You are the only one in my heart, you don’t need any proof
Just look at all I’ve done, Just look at how I’ve changed
My love for you is simple, I was lost and now am saved
Your love, it saved me, your love, so good
Your love, it changed me, your love so true
You are the only one I’ve called my girl
Any one else never moved my heart
They never were my world
Your love, it saved me, your love, so good
Your love, it changed me, your love so true
So now you are angry, for something I’d never do
And you want to break up, without a bit of truth
So test me, so break me, so leave me alone
I will still be here, if you come back
With a broken heart in my home all alone,
Because no one could ever replace you,
Your love, it saved me, your love, so good
Your love, it changed me, your love so true

(written 2009)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dream girl

Her role in life was to please others
She took it upon her self to be
The one who would inspire
The warriors and King to dream
For in that place of sleep
Gray lands filled with mist
She’d alight upon rocks and water
As they’d chase her just to glimpse
And she’d giggle and run away
To chase her they’d haste
And she’d lead them to the place
Where the dragon lived and dined
And in panic they’d wake
And realize it was no dream
And now they had no time
To run, no
Only now time to scream

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

By the beat of my heart

I know you were hurt
You felt like all it ever did was rain
But you gave me a gift
There in my heart is a beating pulse
From the life you gave me
While in so much pain
I am unaware of who you are
Despite your having a name
Because you gave me up
In love, in having hopes for me
That came from above
I was your child and flesh
But you gave me to others
So that I could thrive
And have a breath
Of air that wasn’t empty
Of all I needed to survive
You gave me up
But I know if I were to lay my head
Upon your chest while you slept
I’d recognize you from the beat that you left
In my heart when you gave me away
So that I could be given more
So that you could let me be saved
And in the absence of your touch
I remember your love
From the constant beat
Of my heart
That you gave to me
In love
When you gave me up
In love for me

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Who is this King named Arthur
Nephew of Ambrosius
Son of Uther
Child of the Dragon
How is it we deserve him
How is it that we earned his days
From when Britons were saved
From the Saxon’s wave
How is it that we are safe
Watched over by the King
When we were causeless
Unable to defend
What we didn’t understand
Arthur is the King
But more than any man
He is generous
And good
And beyond earthly measure
We are his own kin
And children
But he will return
When we are long made dust
For his reign is eternal
He waits for our children’s distant kin
Their generation
For the moment
He is our King
As he is Rex Eternus

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arthur, King and War King

(Again, this is from my upcoming sequel to Lancelot)

In wedges the Saxons huddled their footmen
They used spears and axes, but kept few bows
And used no horsemen
As they were great warriors is well known
But Arthur could see the holes in their lines
He could see the broken lines in his mind
From where his knights could ride
As the Riothamus, the war king
He could see these things
He could see what was needed
What had to be done
Unlike those before him
And while his soul was gentle
And his being generous and loving
In war he had vision
To see what has hidden
To see what was needed
To feel the moment, to thrive
To know what needed knowing
To keep the fires of the Britons burning
To keep the hopes of the Britons alive

Sunday, June 13, 2010

River Idle 616

  Armed with spears and swords, bearing shield and chain, the warriors walked. Raedwald of East Anglia stood his three legions, across the River Idle, to oppose the shield wall of Æthelfrith. In combat, so many sons were lost. None could foresee the chances of fate.  Two peoples staring across a river, tribes going wild, with violence and epic unknowable cost.  Instead they lived knowing now, how great the costs, in the swells of the bloodied river Idle.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Body in Repose

I stared at his form, the body in repose
Stared at it as if it were alive still
But his being had left, circled by crows
Upon the top of a steep, abandoned hill
There was nothing left in him
But I still stared
For the face looked alive in pain
For his flesh had withered
As if nobody cared
And he lay there alone
While his spirit ascended
Spiral stairs

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Untamed Caledonia

Painted, lymed, tattooed, and tested
Wild tribes of men
Prepare to die, for victory
To act without relent

Legions and Wild men
Clash in the lowlands
Chase in the highlands

Trained, armored, paid, and reviewed
Legions of men from Italia
Watch the walls, for incursions
Ready to respond

Walls and Armor
Hearts and flesh
None are prepared
To share their worlds
Nor to share another breath