Sunday, November 28, 2010

Too Young

Child soldier
Little warrior
Your lives are spent
Far too soon
Mother assault gun
Father uniform
Where will you get
Your next meal
So many things you’ll see
That nobody should
So many lessons you’ll learn
So few are good
Nightmares if you survive
And if you survive
Are you alive
Child soldier
Your life is worth
More than you know

But you’ve seen
All that can be
And you know
So much that
You can’t unknow
You deserve
More than this
But what you have
But what is there
You couldn’t resist
They’d have killed you too
So now you live
You exist

Just to hold a gun
And shoot
At the enemy
Or anyone
Who is over there
No where really
Don’t spare the injured
Don’t spare the women
What is a child
Younger than you?
Just shoot them all
And get a meal
Some clothing maybe
But you are never free

Will you ever feel
Normal again?


Odin is of the Æsir
Known for his wisdom,
Courage in war and battle
God of death,
Magic, poetry, prophecy,
Victory, and the hunt
One eye
Gray God
He is our God
The God of the Vikings
As we set out
To conquer in his name
To expand the horizon
So that Odin gains
We travel far
Attacking all
Waging wars
So that Odin is greater
We lift him up
By our acts on earth
So that in Asgard
Odin looking down
Is glorified
Through the snows
The icy rains
The tears he cries
No matter how cold
Are like a child’s laugh
To our hearts
For Odin is All Father
And we recognize his being
Oars stroke
The prow cuts through the waters
The winds lift our ship
So that we ride above the waves
Odin’s winds blow
And we prepare our blades
And our shields and armor
So that we might find victory
When we will destroy
Those who do not know

Rise up, Rise

You may not understand but now is the hour
We all bear lightning from our hands
Born of fire embued with life
We are able to command such power
For we are made in the image of God
We create as did our maker
We translate our birth
As a gift of nature
But it was created by the one
Who embued us with such fire
Never back down never give ground
We are the ones born of fire
We are the ones who have begun
The long path ordered to restore the throne
Of the one who made us as his own
We all bear lightning we all were born
Of molten steel, with a purpose
Never to fall, never to fail
Made for a reason, to prevail
So rise up, so rise

Friday, November 26, 2010

Winter Castle, Black Knight

Far from the gentle babble
Of people living
A normal existence
There is a castle
Upon an icy steppe
Where nomads refuse to travel
For they fear the sounds
That haunt the unholy grounds
The snow bound castle stares out
Upon the land so quiet
All mankind’s dreams
Will unravel
For brooding behind its walls
Is a dark lord
While silent he is not at peace
In battle he wields a black lance
Filled with toxic venoms
He wears armor
Twisted and spiked and horned
With eyes that are red
And skin pitch black
Walking with a staff
He flourishes and twirls
From his silence is born
A plan

He is planning his vengeance
Upon the world
For no reason known
But his vengeance will not wait
His anger will not subside
And when he has chosen the place
When he has decided the time
His army of death
Will break loose from the walls
And ride
Down upon the human lands
Where no one is prepared
For the violence, plague and misery
That lay at the dark lord’s hands
The hell hound packs running
With fire as their very breath
The hate born Nightmares
Who race to bring horrible death
The animated corpses that walk
The dark lord commands their flesh
All these serve at his side
Ready to kill for no other purpose
Than to bring the pain and misery
The dark lord’s legacy
To the human tribes

The drums of war
Echo in the valleys
But are misunderstood
By many who hear
Some think as long
As the drums beat
They are far away
Not someplace near
But they beat constantly
And emotions of fear are stoked
The human tribes hope
They have time
To become ready
But time is not an ally
It is just moments before
The onslaught of those
Long prepared
Steady and trained
Hateful and angry
Evil and hungry
For death

(Original art work for the Black Knight was from artist Brom, but I changed it. This is not my original work, and the copyright for his work is his. I am using this to illustrate a story, for which I not recompensed, and intend no enfringement).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

He Paid For Wanting Freedom

Ravens stood upon the cross bar
As others circled above
A slave who’d led revolt
Was crucified as a message
To others who’d see
And know
That their lives
Were only worth
What their masters had paid
No matter what they’d paid
Whatever the talents
Whatever the dreams
A slave was property
And could not be allowed
To become independent
To become proud
And however many
Would have to be slain
Slaves had no value, except up front
When the auction ended
And money changed hands
The slave was bound
By law
By the code
To obey
Or die
As the tortured soul
Upon the cross knew
Surrounded by ravens
He’d paid the toll
For desiring freedom
And hope
For a future
Instead of being

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Anvil of Existence

Like an anvil
Hammered by the smith
My world is iron
And I am tempered
By the fires
Of existence
And the miseries
Of this life
And desire
Are pounded
Upon my body
Until gone
My journey is long
My path is hard
And I am tossed
To the elements
To my detriment
I am broken
But continue
My decadent decay
Begins quickly
While I am crushed
For the world’s pleasure
Walking upon the surface
Of this spinning globe
I lose my balance
When all I believe
Is cast away
And I am left nude
To this world
Covered only in doubt
And I have nothing
To deflect
The abject misery
Poured upon me
By those who stand
Mocking me
Mocking my being
This flawed flesh
They cannot help
They hate me
But do not know me
Only my form bent
By fear and loathing
Misery and mockery
Where I am cast
Upon this globe
To breathe

Maybe a Fool

Who are you to tell me
I’m a fool to love you
It wouldn’t be your decision
Feel free to remain aloof
It wouldn’t be my mistake
Because my heart is honest
When I love I love forever
And I live upon truth
Not hope
You aren’t that
At any rate
You are my dream
And I can live
If the answer is never
But you are not a fantasy
I don’t cover my thoughts
Of you in ecstasy
All I imagine is walking
Hand in hand
Side by side
With you loving me
Til the end of time
So dont worry
I am not asking you
For anything
I am not hoping
That you will be
My everything
I have no hope
All I have
Is dreams

Monday, November 22, 2010

Kingdom End

A King being lauded by the people
In the open air
His knights behind him
And to the sides
Brave to the dangers
That such freedom would offer
A single attack from a distance
From a stranger
Would end his reign
But the king's act was one
Of trust in a golden era

Bestrode by admirers
At a distance jeered by his foes
The moment was pristine
But forebode woe
Despite the seeming gild
Despite the holy fire
Accompanied by a quest
To take the kingdom higher
From a distance
An assassin reached out
Firing at the king
With deadly accuracy
Destroying the legacy
Consuming the fire
Of a golden age
Consuming the desire
To be more

An assassin's victory
Robbed a kingdom
Of its king
Of its being

And ill came to the one
However and whoever led
But it brought no justice
Only one more dead

View from inside

Let me out
Abandon me
Don't call me
My existence a malevolent tumor
My hope remains
An insensitive rumor
My heart is long since broken
I’ve given up hope
My soul is a token
Of the wars over my being
For I’d rather be gone
But they insist upon seeing
If this drug or that
Can remind me of why
I should ever wish to stay
But drugs cannot
Nor can the shocks
The icepick won’t help
I will still have these thoughts
Because they are the real me
And the people outside
Long for me to lie
Let me die
Let me die
Say I am sorry
To those who will cry
I long to be so far away
My mind is my comfort
And my flesh betrays
All I am
All I am
all I am

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Weaver

Near the coursing path of the Danube
Where it would soon become confluence
Passing through Scythia
She spent days searching
Collected stones upon the shore
Where the river entered
Joining waters with the Black Sea
For her arts, she created mosaics
Of incredible beauty
In an era when being unmarried
Meant little social worth
She wove stories
She spun yarn
And blew glass
She made a home
She read tomes
Without a family
No children, no man
A few animals
No one close
Her days were made
More than endurable
Her life was wrought
A work wrung
Despite being alone
By the works of her hands
And the stories of her tongue
Told by the works
She created for none
But her own eyes
For none but her being
Alone she had worth
Beyond any means
Of measure


A baby chuckles
A climber sees God
A singer finds a note
Seeing the unseen
One must know how to look
One must know where it is
To see what is hidden
Requires a spirit
Filled with hope
Filled with love
And a willingness
To hear it
For the voice within
Is sometimes quiet
Sometimes barely audible
And no matter how we wish it
Does not respond to pride
We are so foolish
We must shuttle our conscience
From thinking and knowing
To knowing and doing
To find the truth
But that proof
Is inside all of us

“Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his
heart, and that depends upon how much he has polished it.
Whoever has polished it more sees more — more unseen
forms become manifest to him.” Rumi

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Laying there

Butternuts, Johnny Reb,
Dixie boys in gray
I served with Henry Sibley
In the Army of New Mexico
We were young, and hopeful thought if not us
At least our deeds would be remembered forever
Like the Alamo
But nobody remembers the dead who died
In forgotten wars
Or the fallen in battkes
Unremembered with any glory or notice
We were supposed to run the Feds
Down through the Glorieta Pass
And hoped we could get rid of them
From the territory
But they stood mostly
I saw comrades die in Apache Canyon
All the way up through the pass
And there I died
In time
My bones were buried
But I was an orphan
Nobody remembered me or cried
But the vultures
Circled the battle field
And the sun beat down
Cooking the Sante Fe county grass
In early Spring
The blood baked
And no harvest would yield
But my memory remains
Laying in the ground
Shattered by a Fed bullet
Running for my life
Died in the Spring sun
Never to be found

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stand Alone

Mordechai Vanunu told the truth.
And it cost him most of his adult life.

Tell the truth and get punished
Tell lies and get praised
The masses don't want the truth
They just want to hate
Let one voice be different
Then the world is changed
Let one voice rise above
They'll call him deranged
The world isn't prepared
For one good man to speak
So let us all slit our throats
So that the idiots may drink
From our lives
From our hope
So that there is nothing
But consensus
And lies

Go Here to See what the truth can do, and how it is crushed

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Princess of the Lilies

You are nobility in your domain
The Princess of the waters
But I do not know your name
It matters not
Your eyes are lamps to my darkness
Your skin so soft I long to caress
Your voice alone brings me chills
Like a perfect church bell rings
Along with the beauty is purity
To see your form and my tears spill
So perfect angels sing
Like the water and pads
By the lilies
Unbelievably pristine
Let me sit by the water’s edge
Let me lay down in the rushes
Near to where you rise
From the water
From the still cool water
And watch you
Just watch
As you sing
The world into being
As you glory in God’s garden
And hear your voice
That moves me so
Leaves me unguarded
Open to joy
And hopeful
Fills my heart so hollow
Let me watch you
As you sing
For you make me smile
Despite my sorrow

Monday, November 15, 2010

let me sleep

Finally done
Rising from the depth
Of the winter of my sleep
Any who might have seen me
Might have thought I was dead
I lay still forever
But I just was hoping instead
To stay asleep
I cannot sleep any longer
I’ve dreamed for so many hours
My mind is full of stories
Of love and loss
And heroic glory
The mind has such power
It can replace life with pictures
From thoughts that linger
Then adds a story from my memory
Leaving me without reality
Gentle echoes pour over me
How I long to remain asleep
Nothing can hurt me when I dream
The echoes of life
Are made so serene
Dreaming is freedom
From this world
That crushes my heart
From my life
That slips away
Moment by moment
Day after day
There is no reason
For me to ever be awake
So let me sleep again
Let me sleep forever
Let my being remain
In the gray lands
So I will not remember
What has gone on before
Or what I miss from now on
Come take me man of sand
Make me sleep
Make me sleep
Let me sleep
Let me live
In my dreams
Let me sever
This existence
Let me go
Let me sleep

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wordless Despair

say not a word
make no sound
be still in this moment
affections unheard
bleed upon the ground
and give birth to torment
we are allowed to live
at the mercy of
we are too proud to give
an ounce of hope
let our world be born
let our hope
be scorned

let the blessings
be poured

upon the ground
through hands
more like a sieve
twisted whispers
aimed at deaf ears
begged for hope
begged to be forgiven
doesn’t matter at all
the way isn’t clear
existence is all
we’ve been given
destiny and fate are lies
we look to stars
and the new sun arisen
but they offer nothing
but of the constant
we need hope but
it is distant
far from the horizon
there is no warmth
from the light
of such a distant sun
born every day
to this dark planet
huddled in fright
chains of sin
worn like a cloak
covering me
weighing me down
words of prayer
from my throat
choked out bitterly
for some hope
hope to escape
this eternal night

Friday, November 12, 2010

Return to Nothing

I rode
With the King’s companion cavalry
Across three continents
I saw battles with foes
Countless and fierce
I was wounded
My armor pierced
But none of it injured me
None of it hurt
Nearly as much
As when you weren’t there
When I returned
I know you suffered
I know you couldn’t wait
When the Gods demanded
Your presence in Elysium
You had to come
It was an act of fate
But my love
I am here
And you are gone
And I am undone
And the toll of victory
Is more painful than all battles lost
The cost is worse
Than any gains
By battles won
I am alone
And the laurels they’d have me wear
Are bitter remnants
Of failure

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let Me Enter the Veil

Your beauty is surreal
And I am moved but I must relent
For it is coming
The gossamer mist
That closes the door
Kiss my lips then go
Shake me to my core

Escape through the veil
Run before I change my mind
Like every other time
As if I shouldn’t resist
So go before it arrives
Although I long for more

Let this moment be gone
As if never been
Let the torment begin
Again Again Again
I welcome the pain
I welcome the rain
Pouring down spit
Upon my remains

Because this is where it ends
I love you but if you are a dream
I cannot have you in this life
If only at night
If only when I sleep

So world let me go
Where I can sleep
Forever without waking
I don’t care how it happens
I don’t care what is taken
Just let me be released

Love take my hand then
Let me walk those gray lands
Where you are and I believe
That I’d give anything
To be with you including
This living flesh
My last breath
My being

Monday, November 8, 2010


Like flames that cannot be consumed
The revolution against the Empire
Grows indeed grows
The response is like fire
Every voice is fuel
Every sound is loud
The Empire is cruel
And our response is proud
This may be a last stand
You may sever our heads
But this is our land
And if we cannot live free
We’d rather be dead
Let the blood of the patriots
Baptize the land
Change every fate
Let our voices be found
Make it sacred
Human made
Holy ground

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Across a billion galaxies
And countless stars the warrior runs
For the wall approaches, the eater of all
The end is begun with epic blackness
Where nothing exists, where nothing resists
The wall is impenetrably void
And only one is aware and he runs
With the message to the worlds
Standing in the path of the end
For when the yarn is unspun
The worlds are undone
However many stand to die
The warrior is crying for the worlds
That have been lost to the wall
Ever encroaching, so very near
The warrior cries but refuses to stop
For the message needs to be shared
To any who might hear

Friday, November 5, 2010


I never knew how hollow I could feel
Until you left my side
Now I can’t believe the emptiness
There’s nothing there
Any longer
How wrong it feels but I wasn’t deceived
I just had thought someday we’d build a life
Together make a plan, be more than this
And now there isn’t even that
I am so empty
Tears pound loudly down
In my heart there is a vacuum
In my mind there is no sound
Struck deaf by the pain
That you’ve left and gone
Because I saw the babies
In your eyes we’d have
But now you aren’t around
To see me smile, to hold my hand
To make love to me, to let me love you
To walk upon the beach, to run across the sands
You were my Queen of all I am
Now you are gone, and this is the end
For I lived to be with you and without your face
There’s nothing left but to pretend
Or run
Run away until my flesh turns gray
And someone finds me
And buries my fetid remains

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In the Dragon Lair

“And there was war in heaven: Michael and his
angels fought against the dragon;
and the dragon fought and his angels,
And prevailed not; neither was their place
found any more in heaven.
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent,
called the Devil,
and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world:
he was cast out into the earth,
and his angels were cast out with him.”

The Bible : Revelation 12:7-9

The blessed warriors
The slayers of the dragon,
And of his lesser dragons, long knew that
Someday he’d be reborn, in some new form
Beautiful perhaps, but foul nonetheless
And so New Earth, perfect, made by the true
Was to bleed anew, when the dragons of wrath
Birthed in this place, full of anger and so vile
Arose from their hellish ash
The fires of hell long cooled
But still embers cook
In the Dragon Lair

New Earth Diary
Book I: Born of Fire

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tears for the Fallen

Neither mythic or Godlike
Nor legendary heroes
But they are nonetheless
Tears for the fallen
Baptize the flag
Caskets wooden
Carry the body bags
Notes inside
To the families
Left behind
Please my love
My children
Remember me
Despite the war
And the enemy
We resist
We will be free
Because we bear
The scars for others
There will be a new day
A day of peace
Our sacrifice is not in vain
This world will see the day
Without the wars
That haunt us now
There is now and
There will be eternity
The world will turn
Spin upon its axis
Regardless of whether we exist
Held aloft upon the back of Atlas
We are amidst it all
For we are warriors
Long ago answered the call
Whether we long to live
Or cannot wait to die
Freedom will be
The air to breathe
Hope gives us strength
All alone perhaps
Yet we persist