Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sands sands

Trading fear for pleasure
Trading safety for leisure
Trading love for lust
Trading all
For nothing


Grains of time
Sands fall through
The fingers of my hand
Every second flees
Never comes back
To you


I make decisions and watch
As they break into pieces
And the voices mock me
And lost chances tease


I could throw my life away
I could give in and go away
But there would be no redemption
There could be no question
I threw it all away
For nothing
Except for the end


Will I see you there
Standing next to me
Will I be aware
Of how you redeemed
All my sorrows and pain
All through life's cold rain
Will I see you there

Monday, September 24, 2012


Where the waters reach
We will go
Where our chieftains lead
We will follow
The villages of our neighbors
The unprepared
The weak
They will fall
We then return
Before the sea of ice
Crushes us
In the floes that churn
We come back
To the lands of snow
With the long nights
Of darkness
Behind us
In our wake
The villages raided
Afire they burn
We are vikings
We go
Wherever the winds and water
Move us

Friday, September 21, 2012

Because you are love

Embraced by this
An eternal dance
Our pas de deux
A storm inside me was made calm
The moment I reached your hand
Because you are love
As the rising ocean tide meets the sands
As the air in the sky surrounds the sun
A new day is promised by the dawn
As surely as there is a sun in the sky above
Because of you I long to exist
You embrace my being
I long to forever kiss your lips
Your love redeems
I long to touch you
I long to gently sweep my hand across your mane of hair
Your love has tamed my wild soul
The hardened rage of passion, inside of me, is made soft
My heart seeks only to be in your possession
In your presence I am made pure
In you I will soar
For you are love

Thursday, September 20, 2012


It was unquenchable
I burned
My love was alive
A raging fire
But you extinguished it
Inside my heart the life bled out
Ash remains are all
That are left behind
Now you return
Wanting things to go back
Like before
You say that you miss me
You don't
I have no doubt
You don't miss me
You miss being adored
And I am still composed
Of memories
And ash
Behind the door
Of my heart
That still beats
For you

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A raven will land upon my shoulder

When I die a raven will land upon my shoulder
It will watch as my body pulses in passing
But I will be standing, my flesh tied to a rock
For it is written that when my taboos are broken
My spirit will fail
Not even my spear Gáe Bulg shall save me

From the fall, from final defeat
But my life spent was worthy
From the time my spirit was forged
To my dying
I will walk all of the land
From eastern Ulster
To the paths of Leinster
Bringing hope to the fallen
Bringing victory to the good

I will die

But upon my feet
Still standing
For my land lives
And my spirit will return
As if the first who sees
The beautiful lands
Of Ulster

This land
This wonderful land
The glorious green
Will remain
Forever pristine
For I am Cuchulainn
The very Hound of Ulster

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Mystery and the Truth of Love

Some want everything
I  just want a kiss from your lips
Because I don't know if you know
How much I am able to love
I don't know if you know
How I found out what love even is
I learned it from loving you
By learning what it means to be true
From the love that you gave to me
That I never earned or could possibly
Even fathom the depths
Of such truth
I learned how to love
From loving you