Thursday, September 7, 2017

Crucified by Modernity

With every breath my lungs swell
With the toxicity that comes from
Then my flesh is wrung like a bell
And my nightmare is begun
Cavernous emptiness
Thinking carelessly
Hearing only
What I want
Losing only
What I need
Let me be crucified
By the nails and tree
That I grew
And forged
With blood and fire
I am not worthy of mercy
Only he is worthy
And only he
Is the son most exalted

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Walking above the walls
I observe the world
Held my place
Upon the battlements
Of this great stronghold
Awake in thought
Asleep in body
My flesh so pale
So cold, unmoving
But I remain aware
Of time's absolute
And endless flow
I am an island
Unwashed by the flood
Avoided by those who sail
For I am their nightmare
Dreaming for so long
My eyes become black
As has become the spirit inside
This creeping hunger
For the blood
For the souls
Of the living
I will hunt and drain
Leaving them behind
Into darkness

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Just a number

Just a number
Not a name
Who will remember us
Or why we came
Our design lost
Our purpose missing
What was the point
What was our mission
If we cry
Will someone hear it
Remember us
Remember us
Add us unto the book
We were sent with hope
Never happened
We returned unwhole
With broken spirits
Just a number
This flesh is cold
Our spirit dying
Or so we are told
Until the time
We are taken back
To our home
We fight our fate
Abandon destiny
No retreat
No surrender
No existence
In this our black December

Monday, September 4, 2017

so many crushing questions

Is not wanting to live
The same as wanting to die?
Who made the rules about life?
Why bother asking why?
I refuse to wait in the absence of hope
My life is my own
To destroy or celebrate
Or is there something more
Something beyond perception
That exists, just as we do
But isn't made of clay
Isn't limited to a casing
Of flesh, so impermanent

Sunday, September 3, 2017

waiting and staring

no other sound in the terminal
just a hollow silence
where foot steps sound like thunder
I sit waiting for that phone to ring
and until then
I sit and wonder
why do I care so much
why do I worry
she said she didn't love me
so why do I desire her mercy
am I wrong so often
is she truly gone
until the bus pulls up
until she calls that phone
I will sit and wait
and stare at that thing
all night

Saturday, September 2, 2017


We invite it into our abode
Endless war
Bestial slaughter
Depredation and famine
Catastrophe and disaster
It is in our nature
We give all modern worship
To the gods, Ares and Mammon
We make great statements
Place our hand to our heart
We promise
Never to do what we do
Then in different forms
We do the same
We are counterfeiters 
With absolute self righteous glee
We make our bent nature
Celebrated as a sacrament
A holy writ
Our lie
Our deceit
And our fallen nature
Only makes more plain
More obvious
The difference between
The creations of men
And the creation of gods

Friday, September 1, 2017

Damnation's Rage

Desolation damnation
Isolation antinatalism
We have no excuse
We've broken out the fuel
For a planet of fools
Light the match
Stand looking
The planet is afire
Human castration
Death of the flesh
Shame of our kind
Fear induced abortions
We are dying
By their own hand
Visiting the funeral caisson
Carrying the corporate carcass
We are now carrying the torch
To light the final path
Because this is the end
Enter the world of wrath