Saturday, April 27, 2013

Love in Ruins

Only tenderness is wrought
By the acts of love
Even when the world is in ruins
All around us
No battles need be fought
No battles to be won
No rebirth from the womb
Only Justice
When there is love
In a world shaken to its roots
Buildings fallen
Torrential rain pouring down
There still can be good
With love in the ruins
Simple love

Monday, April 22, 2013

Beauty in the Grass

After my Lord's army
Had all but vanquished the foe
We had entered a period of rest
I'd then dreamed of solace from war
I had been tempted by my weakness
To waver from my quest
I'd given up all my belongings
I'd sworn off all pleasures of the flesh
I'd forsaken all treasures for HIM
And now in the lull of battle
When my body was weakened
I stepped into the garden for air
And saw her reclining
In perfect splendor
Beauty in the grass
I gave in to despair
Tears flowed down
For here she was
I wanted her so
I lusted her flesh indeed
And turned from her beauty
As if it were ugliness
And rejected my sins
Embarrassed and ashamed
That inside at least
I'd allowed my self
To shame my creed
So I went back into the battle

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Warrior, My Elizabeth

So tired from her passionate fight
Justice doesn't wait
But she is tired and sleep calls
So lays in abject glory
So pure in her beauty
Dreaming of soaring
In silvery skies
Wanting only joyous thoughts
Revels in purity
She is lovely
She is my heart's only desire
Laying there
My Elizabeth
Quiet so quiet
Peacefully dreaming
But her heart is afire
With knowing
She is held in place
By angel wings
And warrior's fire
She knows I wait
Forever if needed
So she sleeps
And I am here
When she breathes
I hear
She dreams
I am near
She sighs in her sleep
She is my dear
My Elizabeth
My loved one
My only love
My only
When you awake soon
I will be here

(art by Jeffery Catherine Jones)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just a kiss, just a kiss?

Your lips drive me mad
Tease me into believing
That dreams can be had
With you
Your kiss
Makes me miss
The days of innocence
I once knew
But no longer do
Once I walked
Through hellsfire
To reach this place
Sulfur burning
The wounded suffer
But it isn't hell
Nor heaven
Neither destiny
Nor fate
That drove me here
Only your lips
Your kiss
The perfume of
Your luxurious love
The glories of
Your treasures beckon
I stand awake from the tomb
I leave aside and behind me
The prophet's call of doom
For you are love
And your lips are my hope
My passion
My desire

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You Left Me Behind

I can't sleep without dreaming
But with you gone forever
I can't dream any more
I can't breathe without thinking
What will I do without you
Since you shut the door
When you went away
Since you took my heart
On that cold day
You left me behind
Knowing that I
Would never wake up
From this coma
That you left me in
Since the sleep won't come
Without the dream
That you took from me

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When I am Zero, Will I see you waiting?

When my heart is broken and my tears stain my face
And I've not slept for days
In the morning
Will I see you there
When my life is beyond repair, fallen from the shelf
You've kept me upon
In the daylight
Will you be there
Waiting for me
When I have given up, I don't care, anymore
Weakness, sorrow and pain grieve me
In the evening darkness
Will you be there
Or am I alone
Like I have always been
Alone in the crowded room
Alone in standing room only arena
Waiting for you to see me
Screaming for you to take my hand
Begging for your attention
Daddy hold me
Take me away
From this world
Make it safe and beautiful
Like it never was
When I was a child
I never was before

Monday, April 8, 2013

Burning Memories

In feigned glory of democracy and free speech
Some believe in, and, others allow -- denial
But the truth exists in the evidence of the past
All it takes is eyes to see
A nose to smell the burnt offerings
And a heart to hear the screams

Friday, April 5, 2013

Où est la justice?

Il n'est pas autorisé à travailler parce qu'il est noir
Il doit fermer la clef la porte chaque soir
Il est mort, parce que c'est peaux n'etait pas blanche
Mais, il a vecu pour la justice et la savoir

( for those interested in a translation, click here )