Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When I am Zero, Will I see you waiting?

When my heart is broken and my tears stain my face
And I've not slept for days
In the morning
Will I see you there
When my life is beyond repair, fallen from the shelf
You've kept me upon
In the daylight
Will you be there
Waiting for me
When I have given up, I don't care, anymore
Weakness, sorrow and pain grieve me
In the evening darkness
Will you be there
Or am I alone
Like I have always been
Alone in the crowded room
Alone in standing room only arena
Waiting for you to see me
Screaming for you to take my hand
Begging for your attention
Daddy hold me
Take me away
From this world
Make it safe and beautiful
Like it never was
When I was a child
I never was before