Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Nothing exists on its own but the one
Nothing endures long beneath the sun
There is nothing wrong with admitting you are a fool
So long as you realize there is little you can do
So lay back, catch a ray, and relax in the moment
Like kittens in endless play, we have nothing but now
Nothing exists but torment and dust
Unless there is the moment of trust
Between us that allows us to be gentle, and hope
I will never forget the moment, because I will never leave
Join me?

Monday, December 29, 2008


I was a knight, of the high King of France, for a decade
I left my land in 1188, to serve during the Third Crusades
Amongst our tasks were now to wrest Jerusalem back
From Saladin, the Saracen king, the one righteous man
Amongst the pagan tribes of the Islamic lands
At the Horns of Hattin the flower of Crusader’s defense was slain
And I was amongst those sent, we were the next wave
To enter into that land, the East, of the exotic Mohammedan
And my ship was attacked, by Turks or Saracens,
Armor, chainmail is sturdy and stout in defensive fight
But being thrown overboard, I sank to the Aegean floor
Mykonos, the beautiful island paradise was my last sight
My sword settled in the mud, and I pulled my self to the shore
Nude as Lord God Jehovah made me, I turned to the brush for cover
And since that day I have made my life peaceful,
And worship God for saving my life, by giving me another
Wheat and fish are found here, and I am content and full
Somewhere the water dwelling nymphs may find my helm,
The devil fish may find my chainmail and shield,
And my sword may decorate a dark and beautiful sea floor realm
But I am alive, saved for this life, and to Jehovah’s call I will yield
They may display my arms and armor upon a central island for mocking,
Yet I am the one laughing, for I am still walking.

Going Away For A While

Thursday, December 25, 2008


When the end comes, time will no longer be so sweet
We will linger in anguish until the echoes of when our soul flies
The end will be done, with no equivocation or denial
The ravens will cry, the world will burn, good men will die
The whore of Babylon wearing jewels will ride
Upon a beast in leathery hide
Our days will be done upon this blue globe of beauty
No longer will it harvest, no longer will it stand
All of our black histories, our inane legacies remain
We will have left it, a smoking burning hole
And only we will pay for our acts
Yes the end will come, in a powerful wave of pain
Yes the end will come, and despite our desire none will maintain
All hail Armageddon, All hail Oblivion
Our days and lives before us are numbered
All hail Armageddon, All hail the Apocalypse
Our days upon earth have been counted.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Let me linger in your presence
Let me pour upon you love
Let me embrace your scent
Let me try to be worthy of
Your being,
So perfect, so magnificent and sweet
Let me be in your gaze
Let me fall at your feet
Sworn to your service,
Being always and ever amazed
Knowing that I was born
Exactly to be with you, so serene,
And to serve such a beautiful being
Make me see things I’ve never seen
I am so common, you are unique,
You share your essence
With all who desire
You are the comforter,
You are all that I seek
Let me be washed in your perfume
So that when apart you accompany me
I bow before your throne
Let me be yours endlessly.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tutankhamun, Carnarvon and Carter

Three men, three intertwined fates, destiny has its own way
Alone in a lifetime, like all men, to walk, to find their day,
In the mists of time to settle their legacies, to choose the words to sway
They met, the day would end, and the three would pass into the haze
Of theories and mysteries, of false curses and faith,
"Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturbs the peace of the King"
Three men, joined by death, discovery, the gold, the name
One a regal Emperor lost to history and then found in modernity
One a Lord, an adventurer, wounded but able to explore and find fame
One a scholar of a distant land that was remembered well
But could only be known through remains and stones
One died possessing the world before him
One died shortly after finding his treasure, his lost king
The last died remembering the scene he saw,
Of wonderful things.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Storm the walls of the enemy’s fortress
Tear them down and dismember the place
Destroy their symbols of demonic authority
And raise our own banners to replace
We cannot sit and watch them in silence
We cannot linger in our own fears
They will act without mercy, relentlessly
They will destroy what we love without remorse
We cannot stand and do nothing
We must never give up.

Monday, October 6, 2008


In the early morning, before the sun has burned off the mists
The ravens fly searching for food, in a land fallen and ruined
So many dead and dismembered, the viscera spills upon the land
Runic symbols of an age left behind, the end has come too soon
Crying out for the loss of hope, the ravens stare at the bones
Of a world ignorant and decayed, mankind’s excess has doomed
Remains and residue forgotten wastelands of humanity
Although once mighty now entombed

The curse of flesh, immortal flames
Humans seek to escape their chains
But never do so without a cost
And never realize that that dream is lost

Who are we to beckon the fate’s cruel hand
Who are we to loosen the bounds upon our soul
Who are we to fear the remnant truths ignored
Who are we to lay in torment, our nature unfit to console
Who are we to rise above, the wickedness prevails
Who are we to exist, when we’ve dug a very deep hole

All at once the ravens leave, offended by the scene
Of a world abundant and glorious, fouled by the human disease
Of greed, hatred, and war, memories of which now are just a stain
A world once green now so harsh gray, nothing beautiful remains

Friday, October 3, 2008

I am bleeding again

I am bleeding again from deep inside, with only a hint of suffering on the outside
I am crying for the loss of my sanity, crying for the loss of eternity,
I am chained to the wall and tortured until I break, breaking me again,
I am bathing in my pool of blood, swimming against the tide,
Becoming at last insane
For what remains behind, residue of eternity, rejected truth, endless days
End this day, summon the evening, bring upon the twilight,
For I am exhausted,
I will bay at the moon, I will be released, into the stream of life, let me be wild
Or let me die, for this life kills and destroys.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Questions and Answers

Bitter are the questions for they burn
The answers are the thing because if you
Take the spinal column out you will still have bone
Take the heart from its cage, you still spill blood
Lift your eyes to the horizon and you will see the sun
But when the night falls, the sun still spins about
Understanding the problem isn’t the same as an answer
Knowing what you want isn’t the same as having it
Stopping the smoking doesn’t kill the cancer
Too many fail to answer understand or know
Too many desire more than they fear
And where do we go when we never fear
But to a place where our hearts are burst
Our tears are bitter, and our backs are broken
And our life ends again and again.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Le Somme

((Click Image for clearer image and words))

The battle is best remembered for its first day, 1 July 1916, on which the British suffered 57,470 casualties, including 19,240 dead—the bloodiest day in the history of the British Army.

Friday, September 19, 2008

In the Church of the Blood Stained Glass

You were simply children with wonderful tools
Fools with technology you never understood but used
You said God was dead so go away
And then God left you to your own intelligent designs
And you screamed that you were adult and ready
But only objectionable crumbs were left behind
Nothing but dyslexic purple prose from the intellectual science
That struggle to define morals in a vacuum
Nothing is left so we have only to hide in our time
We are left with mania in the classrooms
With children who worship things unkind
Intertwined legacies, a fate left to chance
A romance so doomed the dance of amorality and mind
No drugs can create it, no drugs can remove it
No drugs can define these things that make us so unhappy
No drug can disguise the lies we live with
No drug can allow you to love after you’ve despised all you have
You question why God left you alone
When it was you who asked for it to happen?
So you wonder why you trust,
When you know you’ll be betrayed again
Wonder why you exhaust your effort
When the devastation in your heart grows
When suicide will end the noise, any day
Decide now for your children hinge upon your choice
And the world you leave behind will be lost
From the world you destroyed by the chances tossed
No one cares so why don’t you just throw your life away
Death is just death so why don’t you throw life away
Because it isn’t that easy, and the pain is evidence you are alive
Biding time until you die, time time time, ticks, time
Don’t throw away what you don’t understand
Make a stand and survive for now it is all you have
But one will come who will change your mind.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Highland conflict

The distant echoes of the pipes in the mists, the air impenetrably white,
The footsteps and heavy breathing from the march hang in the clouds
Too many dead in these highland wars, too many wounded souls
Clans line up and charge, leaving broken bodies and no sounds
But the shattering of shields, the crashing of bones, and mournful cries
The ever growing piles of the dead, stinking, while storm clouds approach
Surrounded by craven scavengers, above the field the clouds thunder
While looters of the bloody bodies desecrate the place,
Covered now with maggots and flies, bringing only misery
To the purpled host of the epic dying numbers.

Made of Flesh and Death

Sometimes I just want to live and face the crashing waves and tides
Sometimes I just wish to die, dive in, be sucked into the currents of time
Whatever I do is wrong, it makes no difference, it makes no sense
Whatever I say is criticized, called incompetent, under the microscope lens
My dreams are made irrelevant from my flaws
My fears overwhelm me no matter the cause
Sometimes I wish I could forget, hope is dismembered
Sometimes it hurts to remember, looking at nothing in the mirror- just regret
This life is worth living, I just cannot pay the cost
This life is worth having, but I cannot win for having lost.
I am a good son, all I do is pray, I am a good boy, I pray every day
I am a failure, all I do is prey, I am an idiot, will someday fall from grace.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Torrents of Hate

In the foundries of hell, the torrents of fire always pour,
Raking the coals of rage and jealousy, scorn and hate,
The chastisement leaves us weak, we cling to falsehood,
The burning goes on, endlessly churning, the fires grow fierce
The demons relish their duties, to inflict more pain upon the meek
We pray to be freed of the pit, grow insane, our will is pierced
But refuse to end our petty longings nor accept that our outlook is bleak

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Above the carnage and pyres

(It might be a scientific fact that Ravens do not fly in darkness, but I was imagining when I wrote this a moment when the battle is done and all that remains are the Ravens aloft watching, and perhaps the moment is unusual, and the Ravens are so enraptured that they do not realize the darkness of night. So if it bothers you to think of them doing what they might not do, then think of it as fiction, which of course, it is.)

in the snow, in the twilight

Saturday, August 16, 2008


The Istvacones tribe fell to our Legion
While supporting their Gaelic cousins
Running to the Rhenus to escape their pursuers
The wild children hunted by the dogs of Caesar
They fell but weren’t broken
For Germania awaits his children
The Legions dare not enter
Germania devours all who enter
Who remain not his kin
Germania tribes armed and angry
Have crushed all Legions marching for Rome’s honor
While in Germania the fatherland of war
You beckon across the Rhenus
You taunt the Legions who chase your children
We long only for home, and desire some sort of victory
But we cannot subdue the Germania nor its kin
My years in the Gaul never prepared me
To see or deal with the Germania
Legions worn to a man, with blood left upon the snows
Mixed now with the melt,
In the confluence
The flowing channels of the Rhenus
Germania bleeds but heals
We simply die, left to our fates
Forgotten at home
Ignored not by Germania
Where we are running and never reaching
Where we are failing and falling for the honor of Rome
Upon the Northern frontiers of the Empire
Upon our knees in despair and pained
While the Rhenus still flows
And Germania stands
Wounded, yes, bleeding, certain
But alive in testament that we’ve failed

Friday, August 15, 2008


Waiting for the moment
When my day will come
When all that is confused
Will come apart undone
Waiting for my time
When my words mean a thing
When they will be heard
When my words will sing
For I have been waiting
Waiting for the day
When all I’ve struggled with crumbles
When the hubris falls away
I mourn the loss of dreams
I mourn the failure of hope
I mourn the memories of pain
I mourn the scars upon my throat
From where I hung my body
Upon a noose in air
And I fell from that place
Due to my urgent prayer
Save me, save me, save me from this place
Save me, save me, save me from the distress
I cannot cope with this misery
I cannot survive in the demon’s glare
I cannot survive living in despair.

Monday, August 11, 2008


This world has died so many times, This ocean so wide has renewed,
The air so pure of smoke and fire, I cannot breathe it is true
No matter how many times I try I bring air in but cannot inhale
So polluted, so undeserving, this world will meet its fate
No matter how many times I try, it will retaliate
No matter how many times I try, it will kill

Thursday, August 7, 2008

You Should Know

Dropping from the roof of my mouth
Falling out of my lips
The words revealed so much
But they were like the iceberg's tip
Across the meadow I see you
I run to your embrace
It heals me to be with you
The look on my face says
I’d never lie to you, never leave you in pain
I’d never cheat you, never hurt you
I’d never leave you in the rain
But whatever I think it doesn’t matter
You read into my words what is not there
You always take control
You cannot escape your fears
That I would ever leave you
That I’d ever let you down
That I’d ever not be there for you
That someday I’d be gone
But I love you, I never didn’t
Without your love I’d drown
Without you I’d never see daylight
With you it is always dawn
Don’t leave me without knowing
That all you are to me is all
Let me show you I need you
Let me sing the lovers call
Let me pour out my heart
Let me show you all

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wolf Cub's First Winter

In the wood, the solemn place
Where the trees fallen don’t permit
Snowfall to get deep
The gentle moans of cub
Waking, from her sleep
Covered in a blanket
Of freshly fallen snow,
So cold, so pure,
Covers where she laid
She shakes her head
Sprays off the flakes
And hops across the floor
Of the forest white
And hunts for food
To celebrate the day.

Har Meggido

Please click the image, so the words can be read more easily. A mountain and pass, famous for ancient battles, gives its name to the end times, Armageddon.

Monday, August 4, 2008


This poem is the result of a work I did in prose where I tried to use a variety of different magic races from folklore to tell a modern story. I chose instead just to write a poem and junked the other work.

I guess I prefer poetry.
Big surprise.

The Monoliths of Mars

Someone asked me if this poem didn't have quite a few typos or errors, but they found out that rather, it has names they'd not heard of before.

The Winter Mists

I Fear Armageddon

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Towton Slaughter

The York longbows
Cast arrows after arrows
Plunging deep in the chest
Of the Lancasters
Slaughter without relent
The counting of the dead
An afterthought
The Lancasters of the Red
The Yorks of the White
Met at Towton
Though the Lancasters held the heights
A blizzard of snow
A mid Afternoon sun
The Red eyes became blind
And could not stand safely
Upon the ridge
They marched down
Where the Yorks stood
The day was March 29th
The year 1461
28,000 were to die
Snow turns red
The blinded Red
Entered defeat
Edward of the White
Henry of the Red
A White victory
Tactical collision
Crimson catastrophe
Axes and Longbows
Armor and shield
Soon the river nearby
With the currents
Carrying away
Melted snow
And lifeblood