Thursday, May 30, 2013

Despite the Times we live in

In the shadows cast by the light of the moon
The darkness falls upon the dark
I stumble while we walk
Amongst the ruins of the landscape
Of the city now gone
Dust and rubble
Of a land destroyed
By war and catastrophe
The midnight moon though bright
Casts shadows below
And though it covers her in dark
Her face is hidden by the night's mask
I can see the tears that she has cried
About things I don't understand
About the things that are out of my hands
She thinks that I don't love her
But it my love for her that keeps me alive
When there is only darkness
She is unable to see
How someone could love her
But I do
She make me glad
Even in such sorrowful times
When the world crumbles
And ghosts of my failures creep and haunt
I hope that she can trust me
That that love is all I have
And that it is all I want

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh this Foolish Heart

I don't mind that you don't care
I don't care that you don't mind
That I am bleeding inside
From the love that isn't there
I know what I feel
Not responsible
For anyone else
I can't wait forever
Not going to take your pulse
To see if your heart beats for me
I know it doesn't
I won't deceive myself
I can't fake my belief
I don't mind that you don't care
Because you never did

But I do


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Green Christ

Hold your faith banner
Hold it up with pride
Know that you are a good man
Know that you are good inside
Here he is Our savior
Made of God flesh
Or made of man?
Up lift then our beliefs
Display them for parade
Place them all upon a crucifix
And Praise him
Oh Praise him
Raise him up before you
Stare at the symbol
And bow down
Before the Green Christ
The Elvis Christ
Conspiracy Christ
Commercial Christ
Industrial Christ
Every Christ
Of our imaginations
Ignore the living word
Trust in your vanity
Trust in your self deceit
Worship what was made
Instead of the maker
Inviting your doom
Oh idolatrous nation
Sheep to the slaughter
Wie Schafe zur Schlachtbank geführt

A slaughter that will come
Any day now
It will come
Very soon

Wie Schafe zur Schlachtbank geführt

Friday, May 24, 2013

Just saying...

Many people criticize creative people, and that is fine, but remember this...

I am not for everyone.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Masquerade's End

Wore a mask
Changed your name
Asked me in
And then
You played your game
Said you need me
Said you love me
You might deny
But you know you did
I tried to love you
I tried to help
Even when I knew
I would lose
In the end
I would lose
And you would win
Now that fucking door is closed
After you moved back in
The masquerade's end
The party fades
You changed your name
Your mask went on
For another round
With another love
With another heart to break
Without the shame
Without the risk
Hide your heart for another
And invite him in to find it

Sunday, May 12, 2013

When the Wind

When the wind stops blowing
When the sun stops burning
When my heart stops beating
When my blood turns cold
When the world stops turning
When all the oceans stop churning
When my eyes turn empty
When I flee with my soul
This earth may die
All the flesh will grow old
This world will pass from view
I will never bid you adieu
I will never say goodbye
For you are my love
You are my life
You are the truth
That fills me inside
You are the one
That my heart burns for
You are the one
Who brings me alive
When the world stops living
I will still be alive
And I will always desire
To be with you more
You are my love

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Simple Girl named Joan

In her heart burned sorrow for her country
Her king was tested by the English
She was unable to speak what she felt
But had visions inside
They forced her to act
To be reviled as a fool
The visions would surface
And she would be received
By the king
Lead the armies
Break the siege
Around Orleans
A girl who dressed like a boy
Prayed like a monk
Made war like a general
Led a people to arms
Broke the siege
Around the city
Even as the English taunted
For how could a girl
Lead an army of men in war
She was called many things
A prostitute
A bitch
A slut
An apostate
A whore
A witch
But what she was
Was a woman
Blessed with a vision
Remembered for
Leading her country
From another country's grip
To freedom
To greatness
Betrayed and dying a martyr

Jeanne d'Arc

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bast, God, and the Gift

You are welcome to believe
What you wish about God
Gods and Goddesses
I believe in the creator
With ever fiber of my soul
And I believe God's message
Is love, eternal love
I sorrow the lost opportunities
That I had
But I give God all praise
For the blessings he has given me
And the reminders of his love
That have shown me his grace
Blessings that others might not see
But they remind me
Comfort me
Are proof to me
Of their divinity
Of his love
Of the love for my being

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Proxy photo for my Mischa
( photo credit )

Proxy photo for my Simone
(photo credit)

My Sophia

My Katya

Thursday, May 2, 2013


I am often asked why I don't make more books of "pure" poetry, rather than epic and genre poetry.  Fantasy or science fiction poetry might not appeal to many readers.

That might be true.   However, I grew up reading Beowulf, The Song of Roland, Le Morte D'Arthur and more.   Epic poems, however archaic, for me are in my blood.  So I will never stop writing them myself.

I did write a series of autobiographical poems and mixed in them a series of semi autobiographical poems I wrote about the world I saw with the birth of and growing up of my son.

When I contacted artist Simon Huelsbeck of about working together on something he wanted to do something with poetry, and something serious.   His work is speechlessly beautiful, beyond description.   This poem series fit his work, and we named it Winter Kill.   My cousin and talented artist Mark Orluck impressed me with his ability to show a certain spirit through his work that I thought would be useful as a point to make at the end of the book, and he provided some beautiful images too.

The end result is a somber work, and one all the people asking me for a serious work should enjoy. 


I am asking for your support, of course, but this work is special, you see, it is an autobiographical poetry work, with beautiful paintings, and pen and ink drawings, for a very inexpensive price.   We are offering it after what has been a very long winter, and we've all seen acts that have caused horrible sorrow in the recent days.   Winter is long.   Let us rise up, and over come the cycle of the seasons, and find permanent joy.