Thursday, May 29, 2014

Forsaken Memories Haunting Me

Falling further from
The unknown consequence
Of the failing hours
My conscience is a fortress
My memory towers
Above the wasteland
Echoes of my collapse
Of forbidden love
My conscious act
To give up the one
Thing that I held dear
Escape the womb and run
My legacies linger inside
Holding me in
Holding me back
Offered up as a sacrifice
The end is now begun

Monday, May 26, 2014


The light that gives you hope to persevere

Not a saint nor a hero
Not a knight, with land
Just a foot soldier for the king
I speak of this to remember
Because others will forget
In the 8th year of the 2nd age
I was exhausted and nearly dead
From the battles I had fought
For the kingdom and for kin
I'd laid down my body
I asked for rest
And received
I labored still trying
To pay the cost
When in the midst of it all
She appeared
From the depth of the darkness
Just in time
Surrounding me
A light flying across my path
That nearly left me blind
I might have expected to die
I might have expected no mercy
But what I found was grace
Gentle as rain
And sweet love
That renewed me inside
And as quickly as it appeared
The light was gone again
But I knew it existed
Enough to persevere

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Past Doesn't Forgive, But I Do

Yes it hurts
Whatever there is
Please remember, my love
That the so-called past
No one
Forgives nothing
Forgets no one
Because it is gone
Doesn't exist
Once it happens
It is done
And gone forever
Consequences be damned
The past doesn't exist
There is only now
And tomorrow to plan
Don't let our past torture us
When the moment is here
Days before us beckon
With promise and love
The past is a memory
We can forget
If we try
If we kiss
If we try to exist
Into the ever
Into the mists
Of forever

Public domain photo taken by Simon Greyling

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Well of Sorrow, Chalice of Tears

No one has ever longed to
Sip from the chalice
Of tears
Drawn from the well
Of sorrow
Poured into the mouth
Without fear
Yet my very own actions
Left me hollowed
Long before I could decide
I made that choice
Upon my birth I did so
It was bitter but I drained it
Allowed me no conceit 
The silence of birth was shattered
By my screams and that of my mother
She left me to scream for her touch
My life essence was pain
And only when the circle became complete
Did I ever feel the touch of another again

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Elysium is Calling

I was raised in the east a farmer's child
I was young and strong and full of fire
I had fought in the wars of the Empire
Under the Roman Eagle I had marched
I was a veteran who had won his time
To be older, and live with his family
My life was settled upon an answer
Given a meaning, labor in the sun
Draw life from the earth, eat from the harvest
And never would my dreams perish
For there was only my life
Living now, rather than the here and after
The meaning from the land
The cycles of the season have their rhythm
You plant, you toil, they grow
They cannot grow any faster
You watch as your children become adults
There is no mystery
There is no wonder
There is nothing to be curious about
Life was glorious and happy
But also hard
My wife died of cancer
I lingered in the loneliness
Of knowing
That Elysium was waiting
But was it waiting for me
The mystery
For me
Was calling
Because there was no longer
A reason to be

Monday, May 5, 2014

Begging Please

On my knees
Stop teasing me please
I've given everything
And you
As if you were some God
Sacrificing my joy
For your pleasure
As if it were
Your treasure
I have been wounded
Sorely torn
In two
Into pieces
My hope muted
I long only to sleep
But you keep offering more
And there is nothing there
For me

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Torment twisting

The long road to insanity begins
When my dream becomes a nightmare
When my scream becomes silence
The voice in me dies
Darkness wins
And tragedy triumphs


Upon an altar of unevened stone
I am laid down to be a sacrifice
When my life twists in agony
When my sleep turns to screams
I am undone by the fears
I am destroyed by the mania
I am alone
In corrupted memories

Laid upon my exposed chest
A demon feasts upon my viscera
Ripping as he goes
Alone I fall deeper
Into a place of misery
Beyond the reach of help
I dance upon the borders
Of Hell