Friday, January 31, 2014

Your accusations wound me not

Remember when you raised the question
Of why could I do what I did
I apologize for my mistakes
My transgressions
But I never ever did that thing
You blame on me
So go ahead with your inquisition
Go ahead and blame me for whatever you like
But I am honest and I never lied
About it
So your insistence that I was the one
Who broke you and wounded you
Fails to wound my conscience
But my denial is inconsequential
So long as you keep this bitter seed
Burning inside your heart
I am not perfect
I am flawed to the bone
But I can sleep and dream with no problems
My conscience does not bother me
I sleep deeply
But you have to live with the truth
That I never loved you
Nor gave you hope
I was never the one
And you blamed me for things
I'd never do
Nor would ever have done

Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Elizabeth, My Angel

She is human
But could well have been an angel
Heaven sent
In the deepest hours of my suffering
She offered me solace and respite
My torment would have been unending
Without her care and charity
The endless fight
The sorrow of my flesh
Could have broken me
In this slight convalescence 
But for her love
She offered me her being
To comfort me during my throes
And I lingered in her presence
Gratefully supping
Upon her offerings
Bel amour
My love
Doorway to heaven
My beautiful love
You allowed me to deny
The end's beckon
And now I endure

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Before Badon

Ambrosius Aurelianus was the war king
A man who accepted his fate
To defend Britainnia from the Saxons
And restore the banner of Rome
Over the island
And make the land safe
His father Vortigern was inconsolate
Having lost Essex and Sussex
And his other son
Ambrosius was the last hope
The Last Roman to some
To restore the land
And banner for the king
No one saw the flood approaching
The Anglo Saxon warriors hungered
But one stood against the flow
His sword and cavalry thundered
Across the land
And raised the banner
Until Arthur was born
And ready to lead
And make Britannia free

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Monday, January 13, 2014

We Fought For Our Lord, and Died by our Sword

Given a choice to surrender, or die
The Templar has not been given a choice
No Surrender
We have given our oath
We have defended our faith
We have spoken without our voice
But by our actions
So kill us with your arrows
Slay us with your lance
Our bodies will not die
For we are a body as one
We may fall
But our brothers will still come
We fight in unison
We may hold the banner while dying
But that banner is our code
Never surrender
Defend the faith
Know what is better
And live for the day
When our king returns
The only king
The one for whom our flesh will die
And it will be amazing

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Short explaination

I was asked about the meaning of some poems of mine about love, and lost love.   I am a poet, and I use the hurt and joys of my life to inform my work.   I am not speaking as me, Alex Ness, when I write about lost love, and perhaps not always writing as me, Alex Ness, when I write about someone I love.    The voice is that of the speaker of the work.

So for those keeping score:
I am in love with my wife Beth, and she is my only love, romantically speaking.

If you read that I've a broken heart, I might have one, or it might be fiction.   It isn't a good idea to explain every poem, because in the end, the universal emotions I express become limited should I explain them.

For the record also:
I love my son, more than anything in the world.
My two cats are angels in the guise of animals.

I have no money.  No one buys my work.
But I am rich for the love in my life.

The end.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Cast Down from the Sky

What becomes my world
Should it be cast from the sky
What becomes my eyes
Should I be driven blind
By the lack of compassion
By the lack of tears
Who am I to question my place
Amongst the world of lies
Fears and hate
Why should I try
It ill becomes my soul
To walk when I was born
To fly
So I am condemned
Now to crawl
And that is more than all
The tears gathered in one cup
For my place at the table
Of mankind

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


If there is sorrow in my heart
It is for the love I have not shared
If there is sorrow in my body
It is for the love I have lost
I am not aware
Of the life I've lived
Only that which passed before me
Only without a cost
Call my name
Lift me out of this pit
Call my name my God
And carry me from this place
I am not worthy
Of salvation
Only by grace can I be saved
I am not worthy
Of your mercy
But save me from the grave

I am Icarus

I have flown to the ceiling of the atmosphere
Only to have my wings fall off melting
And I have crashed to the sea
Life stealing
And am no longer able to fly
Only scream
In fear