Saturday, July 28, 2012


My decision
Your chaos
My darkness
Your religion
My suffocation
Your obligation
My duty
Your faith
My hesitation
Your negation
My dharma
Your kharma
My confusion
Your illusion
Let this oblivion end
Let all oblivion end

Monday, July 23, 2012

Expectations of Perfection

In the end I was
Undone by expectations
That the others had for me
Of perfection so surreal
I regret my living
A life that wasn't fulfilled
I forget the many times
I was forgiven
For the trusts betrayed
I am dissected by the truth
My flesh is a puppet
Of the others controlling the wire
Of the others who guide the line
Putting the words in my mouth
Aiming my body towards the path
Trying to avert final judment
The creator has for me
Who am I to question
The others who wish perfection
The maker of this flesh
Must have been mistaken
For my flaws I've been forsaken
Why do I even bother
To wonder why
I've been left here
To die
Drowning in a desert
Burning in the cold
Freezing in the heat
Of humanity

Saturday, July 21, 2012


You make me wonder
Are you made of stars
You make me wish
To fly
More powerful than thunder
Your love heals my scars
You are a gift
You are the answer to why
Why go on?
What is there beyond this world
I might never know
But that I tasted of your being
Kissed your lips
Lets the grace and mercy flow
And knowing you
All the things that wound me

Friday, July 13, 2012


As this existence fades
Far away into the gray
Forever becomes a dream
By which we keep
The love we made
In this world
I cannot reveal the future
But to offer one thing
All we are is spirit
All our flesh is cage
This human life is temporal
And when we die
We'll see
A world far different
Than this one
For long ago
Eternity was begun
By one far beyond our seeing
To find that place is a goal
Few can ever reach

Monday, July 9, 2012


I walked a mile with a stone in my shoe
You slept in the hospital bed
I was numb to the pain
You would be screaming
If you weren't covered in tubes
My shoe covered in red
The socks were stained
I didn't what I'd do
With you gone
I'd have to start over
Live somewhere new
Find a new life
Or die myself
Before you
I had to choose
So I kept walking
Until I could think of a plan
That might work
But I'll have to keep walking
Because there is nothing good
Without you

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Until you Return, I will wait

Clouds of dread
Casting shadows
There is coming
Eternal night
But you said you'd return
So I wait
Without conditions
Despite annihilation
The world turns
All around me
I have faith
That you will be back
While the fires of Armageddon burn
I wait
For your appearance
To reconcile my soul
With redemption
But my heart turns black
In sorrow
For the time it has taken
Watching the world fall apart
So shallow and empty
I wait

Modern Living

Empty like the dreams they had
Their lives crushed beneath the steel
And concrete
They are now dust in a world modern and surreal
Overgrown with tangle and brush
The earth reclaims its own
Without regret
The lives lived there faded
Flesh passes into the gray zone
Spiral staircase follows downward
Collapsed and broken silent since
The uncertainty
No words can relate
The level of emptiness
Of modernity

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Torch Turned Upside Down

Though the torch is turned
Upside down
And life is extinguished for now
The angel of death victorious
Does not celebrate
She weeps
For another opportunity to succeed
Drowned in the failures of flesh
Another life sent off to dream
And sleep
While a new life draws first breath