Friday, December 31, 2010

Into my Hand

I take into my hand
A rose from a land
The Choctaw called
Red People
You come from a place
So much like you
So wild and untamed
I know you are beautiful
And do not know
Your name
The sorrow you have
Cannot be hidden
But it can be soothed
I beg you to stop
But you continue
The broken glass
Cuts you to ribbons
So why do you
Choose to crawl
Straight though
The future remains
Hope remains
Within reach
So why do you cry
Again and let your heart
Be maimed
Again and again
You offer yourself up
To be wounded
When you could just
Let it end
And begin again
With someone
Who’d love you

To Be In This Masquerade

Until forever comes
I am waiting
I long for her
My thirst unsaited
I long to kiss her
To hold her
To be with her
In the tall grass
To be in her presence
To be awash in her scent
To revel in her being
I long to be drenched
In her kisses
That pour from her soul
She is exquisite
Perfectly made
Who am I to ask
To be with her
Who am I to be a party
To such a grand masquerade
Where our flesh is mask to our soul
I am no one, no one at all
Just a man who burns
And knows to answer the call
Deep inside my being
For when I see her
I am made whole

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ghosts of Teutoburg Forest

3 Months after the disaster
They still walked
Scouting the wilds
Of Germania
Snows still fly
Over the frozen earth
Where was youth spent
Lives were bent
By the collision
Of Roman arms
And Barbarian guile

So many lost
Buried under leaves
Autumn then winter
The fallen
Kept in abject silence
For none tread the ground
Animal or human
Where the disaster occurred
In the horror of the battle
Both sides were found
By fates falling
Like snow
And bodies
Frozen in time
Their corpses
Except in memory


Before there were books
Before there was awareness
The world was beset
By floods
From Gilgamesh
To modern Bangladesh
We remain bereft
And vulnerable

Great Ra feared so
Goddess Hathor
His eye was sent
She killed
And so many
Blood, flowing
into the Nile River
Into the ocean
The first deluge destroyed
And left only few
But Ra no longer feared
So instead renewed the world

A small unimportant man
Who was reverent
Heard a god whispering
Utnapishtim built a boat
Gathered family
Some others and beasts
A terrible storm raged
Utnapishtim and wives
Become immortal
For being so obedient
And the Gods renewed the earth

Noah heard God speak
Both in the form of Angels
And visitations
Built an Ark
Gathered family
And beasts
For the world had to die
Due to human depravity
And God’s sorrow
For the world was broken
And to renew it
First it must be destroyed
The rains poured
And when the world awoke
God allowed the Ark to settle
Where people would thrive

9 years Gun tried
For nine years he attempted to dam
The destructive waters
That covered the land
Because he failed,
He brought dishonor
And the gods executed him
Gun's son, Yu
Took upon himself
The mantle of water lord
And he drained the floodwaters
Away through channels
And mechanisms
But also a winged dragon
Who showed him
Where to dig, where to stop the water
And for his glory
He was given honor
And given trust
And became emperor

Manu washed himself with water
Using a jar, that held a fish
Who asked the God Manu
To protect him
From the disaster approaching
From the coming flood
And so Manu did
When it had grown to enormous size
Manu released the fish
And the fish gave wisdom
And information to Manu
Who built a ship
And survived the flood
To then create the race
Of Man

We walk about
We work and function
But our footprints
Are a stain
Upon the world
We breath polluted air
That we poisoned
We drink water
That we have fouled
Everything we do
Has cost
And the flood approaching
Will see no survivors
For we are lost
And live upon the ship
That is meant
To save us

Friday, December 17, 2010

Storms never pass

Lost in the storms
The darkness falls
Faster than the raven
Can ever flee
The winds are strong
And prevent escape
Casting the bird
Into the trees
For the storms are
Ever powerful
And the raven is
Just one being
The storms will
Be here endlessly
And the raven
Can only see
That it is trapped
Earthbound ever so
For the storms
Will never pass
So instead of sorrow
Instead it laughs
For who would see
A walking raven
Or a world
Without tomorrows


You left me like a tree
Stripped bare in Autumn
Nude to the world
With just my body
To face the eyes
Of all who look
Or stare
With your lies
No disguise
Of your hate for me
You say you loved me
But you could never have
To have done such a thing
You drown me in such sorrow
Because my heart towards you
Was full
Of things like hope, faith and mercy
Filled with love and dreams of
But now
There is nothing
No hope inside
Farewell to my dreams
I’ll sleep until I desire
To finally wake
And that isn’t happening
Until the steps I cannot
I have the strength to take


She danced before me
And gave me hope
Her beauty alluring
Her eyes made me believe
That all was as it seemed
That her dance was a chance
To be
In her arms
In her wake
In her presence
To breathe in her scent
To hold her close
She thrilled my soul
And then
She walked off
The stage
And left
Her role
As the one in my eyes
Dancing before me
With such grace and beauty
And form
She moved
So movingly
She aroused me

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Am Surrounded

Surrounded in the fields
By the grains ready for harvest
Stunned by the beauty
The gifts from earth to yield
Your love we attest
You feed us
Clean us
Give us air to breathe
And on this earth we see
A treasure from above
Seed to eat
To save and plant beyond
We are one my lord
In need
In need of who you are
We are one, oh God
Your word
Gives this world life
And we plead
For your mercy
And we pray
For your saving grace
You are lord of all

My Love, I am Dying

I didn’t expect to die
Bleeding on some unnamed hill
For a country fighting
Against Franco
And all the fascists
While my heart
Was so grievously taken
By you
I should never have
Allowed it to start
This love inside
You couldn’t be mine
Couldn’t allow yourself to love
Daughter of Madrid elite
Trapped in such a war
Su familia
Suma importancia
I was just an American
Fighting for something
That I didn’t really understand
And I allowed myself
To fall
In a foreign land
So sad
To not be with you


Beneath the waves
Of oblivion
Lay Atlantis
To the daze
Of Babylon
In its sundry glories
Submerged beneath
Earthly clay
And mud
And tons of ocean
Waters clear blue

Covering the vast ruins
Of a continent
Lost to time
And tides
So deadly
So doomed
Darkened memories
Of a land

Where a people
Consumed by comforts
Finest silks
Unchecked lust
Desirous of leisure
Ignored warnings
As to their nature
As children of abundance

Meanwhile the beasts
Of the earth
Leaving the city state
So high and of great import
To drown
And its people bled
Into the blue
And disappearing for all existence

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My day is over
Led away
Hands tied
Looking up
Hope has died
The long path
Filled my life
But now its done
A wanted man
Wanted no more
And no one will cry
I rode the ridge
Flashed my guns
Stopped the wagons
Took their coins
Stole their pay pouch
Then rode like hell
A life too quickly over
Hell’s going to be paid
No grandchildren
No stories to tell
I am an outlaw
I’m to hang
The crowd is large
The time is now
The end is near
String me up
Let’s go
Eternity is here
No use waiting

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Holy presence
Life begun
Blessed creation
By the creator’s hand
We are woven
With such fascination
From love so holy
Let every child be held
With hands that will never fail
Let every spirit bless
Every parent
So that love prevails

So beautiful is the child

Happy Holidays, Whichever you celebrate

Monday, December 13, 2010


It is not written for the religious
They’d twist it
It is not found upon a rock
Nor visualized with a hieroglyph
The eternal does not desire
The tears of a sinner
Righteous tears
The regrets of a cheater
The sorrow over stain
The grieving over years
Lost to time

The eternal wishes
For humanity
To live
Without pain
Within each moment
In love
Without fear
For we were made
To fulfill our mission
To be joful

Made of flesh
Born of flesh
Poured into the clay
Every breath is a masterpiece
Of time and design
Every moment is a gift
If only we might see it
This is our world
Our only one
We seek perfection
But cannot be it
Only the eternal
Only the cosmic path
Is perfect
And we are fortunate
To be offered
To dance

A letter home

Early December, 1863
Union Army of Tennessee
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Johnny Reb doesn’t need the slaves
To do his work every day
Its an institution
That ain’t worth saving
Old Abe is determined
To save the Union
Johnny Reb, is fool to think
We will let them break away
From the nation
Our armies will collide
It is inevitable one will fail
I pray its them,
I pray that every day
My grandpa told me
About the time he rode
Against the Batallón de San Patricio
In the Mexico war
He said traitor Irishmen
Had left our side for the other
They fought against us
And when they were caught
They hung them up
That ain’t possible here
Too many against us
And not enough nooses
Not enough knots
Not enough gallows
There are too many
In rebel gray and butternut
To hang them all
When we see our brothers
Wearing blue
Laying in the fields
In the craters
And can’t be saved
Our resolve is hardened
We aim to make it right
The Union will be made safe
We fight for our homes
We fight for our country
We fight for Old Abe
And we pray
That God is on our side

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Leaf in a Gale Windstorm

As easily as she entered my life
She was gone
She moved me by her beauty
Moved me by her sorrow
Said I was the only one she loved
And then she was done
Her eyes were deep and endless
I was helpless in her sway
I never knew what happened
She was here, and gone the next day
She moved on to another love
So quickly
She taught me that I was worth loving
She allowed me a sense of worth
Where she went I cannot say
She made me better
Then she made me worse
I don’t know how to feel
Sad for the moment lost
Or grateful for the time spent
She was both blessing and curse
She made all my hidden things be revealed
She made all my miseries be concealed
When she was with me I believed
I miss her but I am letting her go
She won’t be back
That much I know
But she is a whim
A leaf in a gale windstorm
She is the chance
Taking it might do you harm
But she is worth it
Was worth it
She is gone

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beautiful Swan

Gentle and graceful
The maiden walked
Her beauty moved me
Her spirit talked
Without words
And like a hunter
With prey
I stalked
I believed her to be
A princess
In the mystic woods
I dare not approach
Not even as she stumbled
Going up the hill
And spilled her form
Across the ground
Even in that
So pristine
I watched
For my hope
My being
Lived to know her
And I was dirty
A man of arms
Never of words
A man of honor
A man of duty
Someone who was
Darkened of soul
However moral
For I knew
The tolls of battle
And it clouds
The joy of one
She ran then
But not out of fear
For she giggled
And carefree
Moved through
The woods
And then
And beckoned me
To come to her
I took off my helm
And looked upon her
She smiled
Laughed even
And changed
Before my eyes
Into a beautiful
And flew away
And I cried
For she was gone
Alone I am
I am undone

Friday, December 10, 2010

Undone and Done

Thorn in my side
That never leaves
I’m made aware
All the dreams have died
Never been so clear
You know I never recovered
From the day you said
I don’t love you
Like abandonment by a mother
Like war between brothers
The horror of the truth
Left me cold
It would have helped me to know
Much earlier
For I was your lover
And I adored you so
And you drank it in
And cast me aside
When I was dry
From where you poured me out
Upon the ground
The weight of your betrayal
Bleeds me to this day
Forever I’ve been lost
Since you left
Never to be found
Thorn that rips
Claws that twist
Dagger that turns
My bleeding never ebbs
The misery never ends
The pain still burns
Because I love forever
I still
And I am undone
And done

She May Not Be Innocent, But You are Guilty

The whore the whore of Babylon
Offers her self for you and me
She desires your soul and body
Oblivion and mastery
If you submit to her you are secure
In knowing your pleasures are saited
Despite lingering pains of birth
We have long awaited
The new you
Clay scuplted by her hands
No morals lingering within
Its your flesh that you command
Abandon it
You must be chained
Desire her
She must reign
Over you
The whore the whore of Babylon
Is innocent of most charges
In truth
You come to her for answers
Your guilt is enough proof
That you made her
You are responsible
For who she is
She’d not exist
But you insist
That she will accompany you

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Leaves fall in the wind
A breeze blows through
The branches
The birds sway
Huddle closer in
While perched
Thinking about
Autumn’s sun
and last chances
To glory
Before the snows fly
Before the sun is not warm
Just light
Breezes disappear
In favor of winds
Day surrenders to night
When winter is sleep
And the darkness grows
By the day
The birds watch
And wait
For the time
For one final repast
Before they fly away

City of Steel 1943

The city of steel
Stalin's own city
Attacked for the value
Of its name
Such a crossroad
Between hope
And none
Such a juncture
So few could see it

Sent to strangle the structure
Named for the leader
Hitler's men
Some in Black, others in Gray
Moved in mass numbers
Ready to destroy
Ready to consume
Ready to slay

Untold cataclysm
One army told to take and hold
The other told to take not one step back
Steel versus Iron
Blood on the Cross
Hammer and Star
Collide, attack

More than a million dead
Doesn't matter what uniform worn
In death, frozen and covered in snow
Bodies are bodies
The flesh is broken
Corrupted by lead
Bombs and fire
Declarations of strength
Don't limit
The length
Both sides resort towards
And nobody wins
Despite victory declared
Nobody lives
No one in the ghost town

Tragedy of Steel versus Iron
The frozen land unforgiving
So many dead
And the dead do not envy
The living
For the living
Returned in so few numbers
Starving and dying
For serving
The crooked Cross of Iron

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Howl to the Furthest Horizon

Howl into the winter wind
The sound carries
And the frozen world
Echoes the wail
Your pack is gone
Chased into the distance
To the furthest horizon
Where the winter sun
Doesn’t rise
And you long
For the others
In your tribe
But fates are not kind
And the path is
So very far to go
And the world
Around you
With the wind
Your voice echoes
Bouncing upon the snow
Covered hills
For you are
Without your kind
Alone in winter
Where is your tribe
They cannot hear you
Their path blanketed
By the snow
Your howls
Are unheard
And the sorrow sounds
All your own

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Composite

Composite form
Envelope burst
No record of removal
Death took their life
But the spirit's original
This is not a copy
The final repast a feast
The spirit is vacant
But instead of decay
Flesh birthed curse
Undying beast
Unmoved by death
Which is worse
Unliving life
Or never taking breath
Lightning lit spark
Moving dead limbs
He is child of Prometheus
Who made his quest for fire
And Godhood
Stolen and given
To man
Titan lost his mantle
Chained to the cliff wall
Beasts feeding
Upon his flesh
Horrible pain
His punishment
Seemingly unjust
But are humans able
To wield such power
Unknown and now
The composite form
Living without breath
Dead now sleeping
Not needing their viscera
Nor limbs, nor sight
Dreaming in the gray
Another has stolen
All the form
But not the spirit
A kind of Golem
But not filled with a spirit
Rather filled with energy
Stolen fire from Gods
Child of Prometheus
Now abandoned to living
Cannot find a legacy
For the flesh is dead
And there is no spirit
Cursed to walk the earth
Without ability to die
The fire stolen
Burns inside

“God help thee, old man, thy thoughts have created
a creature in thee; and he whose intense thinking
thus makes him a Prometheus; a vulture feeds
upon that heart for ever; that vulture the very creature
he creates.”

Herman Melville


Two nations, neighbors
Oft times friends
Soon to be enemies
Racist tidings
The message was sent


Weapons aimed
Men trained
Armies moving
Navies cruising


A nation sleeping
Dreaming of prosperity
Another creeping
To the edge of launch


Zeroes, Kates and Vals
Crashing down
Upon a sleeping fleet
Some men never waking
From the now
Eternal dream

Sounds of 50 caliber MGs
Flak being sent up
Without relief
December 7th, 1941
Air Raid Pearl Harbor This Is No Drill
All Hands, Battle Stations
All Hands Battle Stations


Monday, December 6, 2010


“In peace sons bury fathers, but in war fathers bury sons.”

490 BC
Running from Marathon plain
Pheidippides ran to Athens
25 miles To tell them
We have won
But before this
He ran 150 miles
To tell the Spartans
That a battle was waged
Between King Darius
And his Persian empire
And the Athenians
Who raged against the invader
For brother Greeks
And they were roused but
Came too slowly to help
The Athenians and Plataeans
Sought battle where
Darius had landed
And like a tiger fighting an elephant
The numbers did not favor
The defenders
But Greeks cherished their freedom
More than others
Cherish even their very lives
So Athenians
And their Hoplite valor,
Despite being swarmed
By greater numbers
Pushed back against the tide
Bled the Persians white
And then, by superior tactics
Pushed the Persians
To the shores
And cast them into the sea
For brother Greeks they fought
And for the future
Of this world
And democracy

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dreaming Dragon

Dragon sleeps soundly
Dreams of burning the town with
Fire and angry breath


Wolf in winter stands
Snow piled high, she stares away
Distant horizon


Sparrows in the tree
Looking over a small pond
Their wings make them free

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Lift Her Up

(I am asked often how I can write such deeply felt love poems, and be married. I think all I can say in response is, my wife Beth is my partner, and first loved me in this life. )

I lift her up
Both of my arms raised
She balances upon them
And deserves praise
For her isolation there
Is hard
And is so delicately placed
Upon the horizon between
Light and dark
Our dance is one
Where the end is not the point
But rather the place we arrive at
To let us know
The journey has changed
To begin anew
Together again
And I remain
At her side
I hold her up
So she will not be undone
By the damages of fate
And the pains that come
From life
Together or apart
She dwells in my heart
I lift her up
God hear my prayer