Monday, November 22, 2010

Kingdom End

A King being lauded by the people
In the open air
His knights behind him
And to the sides
Brave to the dangers
That such freedom would offer
A single attack from a distance
From a stranger
Would end his reign
But the king's act was one
Of trust in a golden era

Bestrode by admirers
At a distance jeered by his foes
The moment was pristine
But forebode woe
Despite the seeming gild
Despite the holy fire
Accompanied by a quest
To take the kingdom higher
From a distance
An assassin reached out
Firing at the king
With deadly accuracy
Destroying the legacy
Consuming the fire
Of a golden age
Consuming the desire
To be more

An assassin's victory
Robbed a kingdom
Of its king
Of its being

And ill came to the one
However and whoever led
But it brought no justice
Only one more dead