Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let Me Enter the Veil

Your beauty is surreal
And I am moved but I must relent
For it is coming
The gossamer mist
That closes the door
Kiss my lips then go
Shake me to my core

Escape through the veil
Run before I change my mind
Like every other time
As if I shouldn’t resist
So go before it arrives
Although I long for more

Let this moment be gone
As if never been
Let the torment begin
Again Again Again
I welcome the pain
I welcome the rain
Pouring down spit
Upon my remains

Because this is where it ends
I love you but if you are a dream
I cannot have you in this life
If only at night
If only when I sleep

So world let me go
Where I can sleep
Forever without waking
I don’t care how it happens
I don’t care what is taken
Just let me be released

Love take my hand then
Let me walk those gray lands
Where you are and I believe
That I’d give anything
To be with you including
This living flesh
My last breath
My being