Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finer than Lavender

You fill my senses
My being is awash in you
Within the moment is sublime
But even within your presence
I know
I will dream of you
Later this night in my sleep
Your beauty is exquisite
Your spirit is a nectar 
There is no other
Who might compare
Your scent is finer than lavender
Your voice is gentle and sweet
Your skin is softer than silk
Fair love
Fairest one
I am yours
So deep

Monday, August 20, 2012

Walk Away From Me

I've had enough
So broken
In pieces
My heart fallen
Fate teases
Faith promises
But I am undone
Walk away from me
My love
Turn away from me
And walk
I am not the one
Who can save you
From the wounds
That you inflict
Sip by sip
On yourself
The bottle is your best friend
And I can't get in the way
Of that friendship

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Moving silently

Your love isn't loud
It isn't a voice
It isn't a sound
That rises above the din
It is rather a powerful movement
There in my being
Buried deep within my heart

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Undone by you

I am so undone by you
So moved by you
Every time I see your form
Every time I hear your voice
I have no choice
When I see you I shiver
I never know what to say
Never know what to do
I surrender to my fate
Of loving you
Like a child in a candy filled room
Your scent stirs my senses
That scent more lovely than any perfume
Your beauty is so great
My mind reels in the surreal
You help me believe in eternity
By the words you share
By the love I feel
When you speak to me
When you touch me
When I am in your gaze
I belong to you
Always amazed
When you offer to me your hand
To be near one, to be loved
By a being more lovely
Than all that is true
I am undone

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I smell rain on the desert's horizon

In the drought plagued lands
The dust so thick it chokes
I smell a coming storm
Where the earth will renew
Joy will emerge from behind the cloak
The veil pulled back demure
Revealing the plague's harm
Skin cracked not smooth
The dreams of paradise lure
Sleep from the sleepless
The storm rises
The rain falls
Upon the floor
Of the desert
Where the world once laid
Green and abundant


I believe in you
I know your spirit is divine
I long to be yours
Your beauty is sublime
I love you
I always will
I always have
Forever exists
I feel it to my core
But there is no time
For me to conquer
All the demons that haunt  you
That devastate your mind
I can never be yours
You made that clear
I can never be the one
Who you want
Who you desire to hold you
When you are crying and suffering
And you want to have near
Love does not require acceptance
Doesn't need to be requited
All it needs is to be held
Inside my heart
And I hold it dear
For it is all I have of you
Until the final dance
When oblivion takes hold
I will be in love
With your soul

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Path

A life is given to be taken away
My soul is eternal but my flesh is not
This existence is temporary
My soul will dance
Long after my flesh has turned to rot
My flesh will betray
I am lost to my lust and temptations
They lure me from the path
I learned my life could never be kept
So it was given to me to give to others
The first will be last in the upside down kingdom
I surrendered my will to that of my great king
But I am exhausted
My flesh is tired and I sorrow my failings
I have yet to find that city upon a hill
I have sought truth and have walked forever
I will continue seeking
I long to know the proper way
I am broken but I am ready
To surrender all I have
Even if I have nothing worth keeping
The journey has taught me to endure

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sympathy for a kiss

Just a kiss?  No.
Something more
Something rarely given voice
Was it destiny or a choice
Was it an act of betrayal
Or an actor performing as directed
If the story was told and the play written
Was he fulfilling his role
Or was it the devil who had entered
Was he choosing to be or was he a puppet of fate
When Judas kissed Jesus
High Priest Caiaphas exulted
For his men had arrested one
Had taken the man causing the trouble
Who was this Jesus?
A teacher, perhaps an Essene
A rebel, a wolf in sheep's clothing
Caiaphas turned over this one
To suffer Prefect Pilate's whims
The Romans knew how to crush men
Knew how to wound the flesh
They were given this Lamb of God
To be offered to be a sacrifice
To push out his final breath
Under the yoke of Roman law
Judas kissed Jesus, called him teacher
Christ knew Judas would be the one
But was it betrayal or fate
Was Judas cursed to be the one?
Did he have faith, was he a traitor
Or did he do what he was born for

Monday, August 6, 2012

Black Rose of Sorrow

I fell from the greatest heights
I could never express
The sorrow of my loss
So darkened the day's light
The sun fled
My grieving knew no end
I lost the one I loved
Leaving me forever
I gave her my heart
She gave me a black rose
The beauty was dark
The thorns of the stem
Pierced my side
Black blood did bleed
Into nothing but emptiness
Where once my heart
Did beat