Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Path

A life is given to be taken away
My soul is eternal but my flesh is not
This existence is temporary
My soul will dance
Long after my flesh has turned to rot
My flesh will betray
I am lost to my lust and temptations
They lure me from the path
I learned my life could never be kept
So it was given to me to give to others
The first will be last in the upside down kingdom
I surrendered my will to that of my great king
But I am exhausted
My flesh is tired and I sorrow my failings
I have yet to find that city upon a hill
I have sought truth and have walked forever
I will continue seeking
I long to know the proper way
I am broken but I am ready
To surrender all I have
Even if I have nothing worth keeping
The journey has taught me to endure