Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sympathy for a kiss

Just a kiss?  No.
Something more
Something rarely given voice
Was it destiny or a choice
Was it an act of betrayal
Or an actor performing as directed
If the story was told and the play written
Was he fulfilling his role
Or was it the devil who had entered
Was he choosing to be or was he a puppet of fate
When Judas kissed Jesus
High Priest Caiaphas exulted
For his men had arrested one
Had taken the man causing the trouble
Who was this Jesus?
A teacher, perhaps an Essene
A rebel, a wolf in sheep's clothing
Caiaphas turned over this one
To suffer Prefect Pilate's whims
The Romans knew how to crush men
Knew how to wound the flesh
They were given this Lamb of God
To be offered to be a sacrifice
To push out his final breath
Under the yoke of Roman law
Judas kissed Jesus, called him teacher
Christ knew Judas would be the one
But was it betrayal or fate
Was Judas cursed to be the one?
Did he have faith, was he a traitor
Or did he do what he was born for