Thursday, August 16, 2012

Undone by you

I am so undone by you
So moved by you
Every time I see your form
Every time I hear your voice
I have no choice
When I see you I shiver
I never know what to say
Never know what to do
I surrender to my fate
Of loving you
Like a child in a candy filled room
Your scent stirs my senses
That scent more lovely than any perfume
Your beauty is so great
My mind reels in the surreal
You help me believe in eternity
By the words you share
By the love I feel
When you speak to me
When you touch me
When I am in your gaze
I belong to you
Always amazed
When you offer to me your hand
To be near one, to be loved
By a being more lovely
Than all that is true
I am undone