Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rainy eyes

I saw her face
Touched her eyes
Melted into her
Waiting lips
And fell away crying so
Crushed again
My heart was ripped
For she was just a dancer
In the memory of fate
She beckoned me
To taste
And I wonder
In the moment
What was there to know
In the first place
Longing and desperation
Unrequited need and hope
Emotional starvation
I saw her face
And I was healed
There was hope
We'd embrace
and I would know
Redeem me
Like a drought by rain
Redeem me
Breathe in me
Let me be consumed
And let me believe

Friday, May 28, 2010

my heart will still say I love you

there is nothing left in my heart
from where you began
nothing worth having at all
I wish that you didn’t even start
you know what you did
knowing it was the end
For me that last drink with you
was like drinking poison
because I’d rather have died
than to ever see you cry
breathing you out and in
was all I wanted to do
to be with you
but you didn’t last
couldn't see past the dreams I had
that we’d be together
never stopped loving you
its true
and if you need proof
that I was true to you
even in the end
look at that heart in your hands
it was mine
it might even shed a few beats
now and again
with a sigh
it will say
I love you
in every beat,
every breath I take
because I do
still I do

Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is a poem from my book Arthur, the sequel to Lancelot... News to come as to the date it will be out.

In the last dregs of winter
In the forest there was no sound
Just a recently thawed creek
And a hart, taking a drink
Legs sinking
Into the mud freshly soft
The white hart, a beautiful wild beast
Caught the eye, of Arthur’s party
As they set to hunt about the vast grounds
Of Camelot’s lay
As the hart darted away there wasn’t a sound
The hart leapt all obstacles
So graceful and lithe
It moved without effort
So beautiful it escaped time
So many desired in the party
Deigned to be with the king
His company was genuine and kind
He was a joyful companion
As were those with him
But he alone spurred his charger to action
And gave chase into the wood
The hart was quicker than fast
But nonetheless it could move
Agile and without sound
Unlike the war horse hooves
Arthur spied the hart
And for a moment notched an arrow
But unlike for so many prey
He set down his bow
So rare did he see such a creature
Perfect but for its presence here
Upon the earth
A single tear trickled down
And he rode from the hart
Wondering for his courage
But knowing deep within
It was no sin to have compassion
For the innocent

Thursday, May 20, 2010


The echoes of the love
Haunt me like a ghost
Passing before me
But still there, fading
She left and still
Its there, betraying
Laying in shreds
But still displays
The body of our love
The haunting goes on
Leaves me in disarray
Because I still believe
Yet it decays
Falling into a crevice
The deepest darkest hole
Found within my heart
Crushing my soul
Oh my Lord I sing
Let me die
For the being before me
Steals my hope
Crushes my dreams
Makes me cry
Slaughters my esteem
And if it were to ask
To hold my hand
I would surely say yes
For love demands
Love demands

Saturday, May 8, 2010

nothing to hold

the devastating ennui of existence
when you realize it is all nuance and naivety
nobody knows anything, not reality
God pour down mercy and grace
for there is nothing here I can embrace
it is torture, knowing but unable
dissonance in this lonely existence
my resistance is untenable
blue skies above
gray clouds below
why am I here
in this obsidian hole
why am I here
infinite in depth
yet no room to grow
I surrender all
yet have nothing to hold

Thursday, May 6, 2010

In the tall grass

I hold her hand as we walk
Through fields woven in tall grass
The low sun of Autumn still warm
Our passions pour out fast
Like we are a raging storm
We love like it won’t last
And we hunger for the other
Her lips reach mine
I drink her spirit in
Oh I love her, I love her
It is she who I adore
She is finer than wine
Upon my tongue
And in her love I transform
From broken hearted sadness
To hope, beyond hope
There is no scorn
No transgressions
Simply love
With her I am

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Dominion of Death

Make no mistake, the angel Azrael will visit you. He visits everyone.

There will be an end to all things as sure as Night closes Day, while the spectre of death will haunt and the angel of death will slay, Every moment wasted is a greater death to face for the seconds that pass will never come again, no matter the words of or manner of the things you pray.

The plagues you hold close to your heart will wound you for the sins you act upon will not soothe or help you in the quest to learn the truth, there is no answer for your acts, no easy solutions to the pain, but these attacks, will surely drive you insane.

Death will come,
The plague doctor cannot stop it
Death will be here soon
You cannot pay its cost

"Death most resembles a prophet who is without honor in his own land or a poet who is a stranger among his people." Kahlil Gibran