Saturday, February 24, 2018

Distant Kingdom

Eyes that see beyond the material realm
Thoughts that create new worlds
Hands that hold powers that condemn
Wisdom that divines swine from pearls
The cosmos shiver in tribulation
Upon words of this king
Knowledge born with the ancients
Warriors with armor ringed
Bow before the throne
Fall before the cosmic being
Who possesses power beyond imagination
All before him fall
Able to turn steel to rust
Able to turn dust to bone
Time is this king, king of all creation

Friday, February 23, 2018

No hope in Damnation

Damnation and doom
Offered no hope
But still
After death I assumed
Nothing was left
For me
In the world of the living
I saw the void
And stepped into oblivion
But I was not alone
The infinite expanse
Of eternity
Was not a final stop
It was not my home
It was the medium
For a tapestry
Of human lives
Woven together
In the celestial streams
And golden strands
Of forever
Until the creator
Births me into a new universe
I wait, patient, and happy
Because tomorrow
And forever
Are limitless

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Could have done better

I could have done better
By you
I could have tried
Given the full measure
I've been left bitter
By the truth
I should have died
Sold my soul to the highest bidder
And now
There is nothing left
Nothing matters
Any longer
I remember a time golden
A time so fine
But I'm not there
And that feels wrong
And the end is here
Capricious and wicked
I could have done better
I surely should

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Purest Truth

You called me from a sleep
A somnolence of my flesh
Cast deep into dream
Trapped in paradise
With you I am blessed
With you I rise
Ascension has no toll
Every moment I spend
Embraced by your soul
There is only bliss
I have spent this existence
Searching for heaven
And if I am fortunate
Eternity will capture me
Eternity will redeem
And I long to be
Swallowed whole
Love me
Hold me
Embrace this flesh
Love me
Love me
I long to take a breath
Of air your lungs have shared
Of love your heart has beat
I long for you
I want you
Your love is the purest truth

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Eyes of Oblivion

I see the survivors
They have eyes
Empty from the pain
They have seen oblivion
And returned
Curse to live a broken life
Avoiding again
The hunger
Of living without
Food or love
Safety or freedom
The hunger burns
The soul commits suicide
While the bodies
Never die
But become dust
And ash
The burning fires
Of modernity
Will destroy the world
Regardless of the innocence
Or the cause
Or smoke covering the earth
And in the sky
Like a curse
Worse than my very birth
Less a stain
More a violent death
And thought

Monday, February 19, 2018

Hope of the Elysian Fields

I grieve for the lost
For the never loved
For the ones who are hurt
And those without someone
Who can heal their wounds
Who can heal their soul
I grieve for the broken
I grieve for the never whole
I grieve for the crying
Who cannot be consoled
Because there is hope
There is a place
We all can be
There is a love
That can redeem
And I sorrow
I sorrow for the souls
Who have given in
Who have given up
With wounds within
And a bleeding
That can't be controlled
But there is a healer
There is a holy land
The fields of Elysium
Where I hold the creator's hand
And we walk
With gentle breeze
And sunlight
And peace

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cloaked in Sin

She was cloaked in the shadows
Her eyes, though, penetrated the dim
I saw her flesh beckoning
Spurred my yearning within
Her body was painted in glory
Her voice chimed with lust
I saw her there in that moment
And I learned why her name was sin

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Rebel

A rebel, he didn't fit
The government wanted him
But they were wrong
And he'd resist
It used to be
He'd say
A man could walk freely
Could raise a family
Could follow his own path
But now
He was seen as a criminal
For doing what his kin
Had always done
He rose his fist
Screamed his independence
And called for his people
To do the same
Soon he was shackled
Around the wrists
And walked to a gallows
For his fate
But at last
He was heard
The people would rise to fight
But he hung
At midnight
And into the wind
He would twist
And shake

Friday, February 16, 2018

Poured out

Under her watch
I was frozen in my step
I looked away in fear
My hope dislodged
From hiding in her web
My face covered in tears
I can't resist her power
She owns my breath
And I cannot portend
Her presence towers
I am now bereft
And I cannot pretend
My life is a stain
I will never rise
Despite their words
Again and again
They say remain
But my life's vigor
Has fled

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Lift up the voices

My ashes float
Upon the winds
As the flames burn my remains
Light the fire
Let the choirs sing
Around the pyre
Let my ashes rise
Lift me above the mire
And let me meet the king
After all
After this life's spirit
Has taken wing

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Across the Danube

Across the Danube a city slept
We were aware of her fate
For we soon would be her executioner
The few who walked the street walked quickly
For the night was both beautiful
And dangerous
But until we struck
In the dimlight of the moon
They never knew how dangerous
This night would become
We had come to punish them
To let them all know
That no one insults the Empire
No matter the distance away
Nor their pride
We were the arms of the Emperor
We were the venom of the snake
By using us in combat
No tribe could endure
No tribe could survive

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Along the Wall

My home was Germania
But I fought for the 9th
We fought in Caledonia
A land so fierce
A wall was built
To stop at least for a moment
The tide of the Picts
The Picts followed the signs
As read by a mystic leader
They were superstitious
They were wild
One dead or twenty
They never stopped
And in all of Albion
They were the only tribe
To kill a legion
Of the Emperor

Monday, February 12, 2018

Shadow Lingered

The shadow that lingered
             Promises to pass
The anticipation soon covers
A heart that was darkened
                With all hope smothered
Echoes of nothing lingering
There is only silence and quiet
           And we wait to harken
For the trumpet's call
Where after we rise
And enters the warrior messiah
All who looked become enthralled
For he is beautiful
His eyes are cosmic jewels
His strength is present
And none but fools
Dare oppose him
And with his arrival
I am content
That the evil that threatens
Will be tamed
Killed and damned
With a gesture of his hand
All sorrow is banished
And the grieving made whole
As the kingdom welcomes home
Her children

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Innocence lost

The end of the innocence
Began when we learned
With every two deaths
Three are born
If the dead met violence
It is applauded
As some kind of murder porn
We go to war
To entertain our deviance
We refuse to mourn
For the next war
Is just around the corner
We await the next bomb
Or terrorist strike
For life grows tedious
When the struggle is found
In the daily boredom
Of earning the wages
Of the day

Image from the movie Metropolis

Friday, February 9, 2018

Far Beneath Your Reach

I fell down
Far beneath your reach
And Lord help me please
I know that you couldn't
You couldn't know
The depth of corruption
Within my soul
Nothing could delay my destruction
My soul's abduction
The complete devastation in control
My being's entire consumption
By the fires of desire
By the chains of lust
My being will be spread to the winds
Ashes to ash, dust to dust

Thursday, February 8, 2018

That damn letter

When you sent me the letter
Explaining why I was not the one
Who would make you better
It crushed me in every way
Despite your gentle explanations
I stopped caring enough to play
Love's musical chairs
I stopped caring enough
To live knowing
You no longer loved
Well after
I'd seen the sun
And felt my spirit fly
You were my reason why
And nothing since could be done
To explain my resolve
Never to be in love
Or be loved

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A View

Looking to the past
Is like standing on a mountain's top
And realizing, how far it would be
To fall
So beautiful there
With thin air
And you can hear the call
Of your youth
Calling you to remember
Saying to keep your soul
And free
But youth is spent
Far too much
Upon the young
While the price of wisdom
Is so dear
You are willing just to be done
So long as there is no more pain
Of loss
The inevitable cost
Of being

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Drowning in tears

You wanted two hearts
To beat as one
But your math is wrong
I have only one half
Never able to regenerate
And heal
You tell me I need to start
But I long before had begun
The journey is so long
My life living in the aftermath
The cost of loss was too great
I can no longer feel
And will never
Love can cure all things
But if you are lose the one
Who gave you it
The reasons to live
Are gone

Monday, February 5, 2018

Watching a Swan

I watch as the beautiful swan
Swims in the nearby pond
It makes the only sound
And I hear its cry thereupon
Silently I abscond
Avoiding the very ground
You walked on
But why bother
You are a virus
I cannot recover from
I can't release you
I can't burn you out
I cannot escape
Your wrath is pious
Your hate is righteous
And I expect you'll smother
With shame and nonetheless
I know who I am
And ignoring my fate
Is better than any destiny
I could choose