Dragon Ships Away

Our mighty dragon
Carries us over the ocean
The prow of our ship
Cuts through the waves
We live with passion
We are Odin's chosen
His word is in our hearts knit
Life is short, long is the grave
So let us live like fire burns
Like shark tears flesh
For conquest
Our hearts yearn
Odin's children
Living for the moment
We are his own
Refusing to die
Called home
Should we reach Valhalla

Artifacts of Existence

Time wears away
Our very resistance
We fall in the embrace
Of our decay
Our bones are the artifacts
Of this existence
The next wave
Will never replace
Our legacies
Our dreams
Our ways
As our civilization fades
The temples where we worship
And our bones are scattered
And crows dance
Upon our ashes

melt like wet clay

like it is woven
inside my mind
I can never forget
your kiss upon my lips
compliments the scent
Upon the wind
I catch when you are gone
you never walk
without the gaze
of the gods
and all of the men
who catch sight of you
become soft clay
that melts in the haze
of your aura
I am tattered threads
after being
in your sway
who can I call to
if you are not there
too busy, I guess
answering the many gentlemen
who seek your gift
but they will fade
in time
I am certain
and I remain
in your orbit
even should I disappear
or fail
to appear
when you call


She dances agilely
Without a sound
Tempted into the dawn
She stretches toward the sun
As a creature of the night
Twilight is her canopy
And when she has fun
But she warms by the rays
And nothing from the world
Can take her joy
She is familiar with audactiy
For there is nothing else
For one who lives
For the moment
She never turns back
To the world waking
For they have no idea
What is joy or shame
But societal constructs
And failed attempts
At conforming
Everyone who lives
In the sun

empty cup

She said
I would never know
How to love her
But that wasn't really true
I can love anyone
With most things I am unsure
With anything but love
My view remains askew
So like an ocean tide
Without a shore
Loves remains unfulfilled 
So I told her, slowly, deliberately
I am able but you aren't willing
For union two must agree
Or it will be one
Serving and filling
The cup of the other
Asking for more
Without response
Without intimacy
My cup is empty
However much
I am willing to pour

Postcard: When the Ravens Grieve


Black Sails, Poisoned Arrows

After it was begun
We were forced
To learn fear and despair
When the tides of the ocean
Brought black sailed vessels
Filled with wild men
Who were born to fight
To become one with warfare
We saw our warriors die
They used poisoned arrows
They fought without honor
We were undone after they came
After the invasion had come
Kublai Khan was powerful
Khan of the steppes
His riders were evil
The Devil's Horsemen
They were called
We were fighting
To defend our land and kin
We learned who was mighty
Not the sailors of China
The builders of Korea
Nor the Devil's Horsemen
Our numbers thinned
We had no hope
But we had one last weapon
It was called prayer
Mighty was our god
Who destroyed the fleets
Of black sailed ships
And they were shattered
And we were saved
By the mighty and Divine wind

How dare you love me

I was asleep to life
Barely alive in my flesh
I was bleeding inside
Sorrow smothered
When the storm came
Stealing every breath
I considered suicide
But why bother
I was living death
She held out her hand
Asked why I was alone
I should have run
But I was lost
A deer in headlights
And the end had begun
I was burned
Not seeing the flame
Drawn to the light
I was lost
How dare you love me
When I hate myself
How dare you care
When I live in Hell

Sleeps the King

The king sleeps
To awake when needed
His legends keep
In hearts bleeding
The one god
Gives back life
To the bearer of fire
When the time is rife
With sorrow
Greatest fear
And no hope
Only strife
The king who sleeps
Is our Arthur
Bearer of the Pendragon's blood
Encased in armour
We wait for his return
Our sorrows inside burn
He will be back
When our sorrows flood
And he is called
From Heaven's hold
Our love will adorn
His kingship
We are his servants
And refused to mourn
Because he'd come back
When the need
Was enough
For the one God
To be moved
To share him
With his people

Autumn's Freeze

In this cold Autumn
I've been haunted
Grieved your loss
I have cried
You left this world
And I died inside
I mourned the cost
Of your life
But cost was something
You never counted
But it added up
In the end
There was a reckoning
You laid beneath the ground
The world was silent for you
Not a single sound
And now I want that too
Never want to wake up again
Never want to be without you
This is a nightmare, not a dream
I want to close my eyes
I want to fall asleep
Never wake up
Never wake up
Unliving is dying
And I can't go on
Without you in my life
Any longer

The Spectacle


The Dark Lord Screams

No one dreams of dying
With a hope to travel
To the worst place
Of all
The floor of the destination
Entered by a long lonely hall
With steps ever going down
One arrives upon the banks
Of the river of flame
And then into the domain
Ruled by the King of Lying
Of Tartarus and the Styx
All the demons and devils
Serve in the thrall
Of the Father of Darkness
The bright morning star
He screams in anger
Pain is his curse
His hold over the earth
Fails to dominate
While the world
Debates his existence
Not imagining
He was real
And was the master
Of the dark forces
Our lives unraveling
Unseen forces hold
So very tight
Nearly strangling
Our lives
Every day
Every night

For my King

When I bow before this king
There is nowhere I'd rather be
Tears roll as I touch down
And the anthem choirs sing
To be here is to be seen
As one who serves the crown
My emotions flail about
As I consider this quest
My sword raised in honor
I've never had doubts
My soul is ready for the test
For you I go and conquer
I am ready
Send me out


I have a spine
And self esteem
I am confident
And secure
But for you
Yes I will
Any task
You'll see
If anyone else asked
--That --
The answer would be
A question
Followed by a smirk
And an air of disgust
But when I see your eyes
I am compelled to be
The one who says
Yes, please
Let it be me
Only for you
Because I
Can never say no
Because I
Cannot imagine
Not being with
The one who makes
My heart yearn
The one who makes
My soul burn
In love
Not to mention lust
I gave you my heart
In you I trust

ignore us

please ignore the poor
they just want more
silence the hurting
move forward, no reverting
we are the lost
the bearers of the cost
No more dreams
No more sleep
all of our  fears
in the tears
of others

Postcard: Ancient Dead


Postcard: Eternity's Gate


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The Raven's Legion


A Princess Who Dreamed

She was an inferno
Pure emotion
Red fire
Hair of crimson
Her porcelain skin
Velvet soft
Somewhat thin
Looking fragile
Until her mouth
Let you see
She was a rascal
Her spirit
A princess
Of great beauty
Fire of spirit
A mind unique
And bright
Had slept
For decades
She lay there
In deep repose
In her dreams
She was dreaming life
Alive with her mind
She was more than beautiful
She was beyond moving
And she had lived
In the Dreamlands
Far far away
Where the land awakens
While we sleep
A place of passions
Filling our world
With wild beauty
No night
Only golden light
Of an eternal sun