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I bid you peace.

Je ne regrette pas la douleur, car il m'a fait plus forte

Saturday, August 27, 2016

When the Locusts attack

Following centuries
Of riots
Of wars
Earth was ripe with squalor
The human populace
Somehow survived
Although tasked
Hungered and bitter
The end was predicted
By the prophet's words
The scholars
Had all denied
The eventuality
That did come
The smoke rose so high
Above the fields
Empty of grain
Bereft of color
Many tried to run
Trying to escape
Never fast enough
To escape fate
The locusts were unleashed
Violence and terror their power
Messengers of the end
The appointed hour as ordained
By the prophet's words
Came without delay
The dead bodies remained
Exactly as they fell
We, the sheep, feared
Fled mindlessly
As the beasts of hell
Poured out their violent fire
The remnant survivors
Lives shattered
By the harvest
Great was the yield
With their bitter tears
They ran
Across the sparse fields
Destroyed by blight
The last paragraph
Of the final chapter
Of the eternal story
Was about to conclude
We were exhausted
No energy left
There was nothing
That gave the flesh
Anything inside
Left to flee
The famines
And plagues
And wars
Had all drained resistance
And hope
We hungered, yet
Could not be satiated
The hunger raged like cancer
A world exhausted of life
Cast out the human burden
The black clouds rose
Streaming upward
Cloaking the oncoming
Armageddon of violence
As it prepared to deliver
The remnant population's birthright
The locusts reacquired targets
Hovering loudly
Circling above the remnant few
The locusts held us prisoner
By their hateful flight

"And out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth
and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth."
Bible: Revelation 9-3

Friday, August 26, 2016

Rubber room confidential

Round room edges
Black light darkness
Strait jacket dinner
Jumping from ledges
A painter who is artless
Patron sainted sinner
Fallen angel love
Release the doves of war
Emptied account treasure trove
Come home my hated amour
Up is down
Left is right
Love is hate
War is peace
Welcome to my holy ground
Your love left scars
My love is au fait
Should you investigate
The claims will be unfounded

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bleeding room

Today I recognize
The absurdity that exists
My insanity is the only way
To feel, without sympathy
The world will not ask if you are feeling ok
It neither forgives, nor forgets
It remembers everything
Makes you regret
And those memories slay
Every hope you have
That could wipe the bleeding away
From your future
I am fleeing
Everything that gives chase
I am prey
And I pray not to fall

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dirty despite my efforts to scrub

I know
It was me
All my doing
I am covered by the flaws
And my sins are legion
So when a blindside assault
Led me to collapse
Despite my defenses
Being up
I had to go
Far away
Deep in hiding
Everything is my fault
Over time I've relapsed
Into a fool senseless
Dirty with sins
No matter how I scrub
I cannot make myself clean
Neither on the outside
Or within
My sorrow burns like gasoline
And my heart
Is made to freeze
Life is not for me
Time to leave
Endless are the echoes
Of the faithless cries
No one hears
When I scream

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Let me be

To be free was a simple request
Because to remain with them
Was a form of torture
To be me, when my life was a mess
Was to be condemned
Existence gave no quarter
I was an outcrop
Of sorrow
In a field
Of gluttony
I was a moment
Of pleasure
In a death camp
Where the harvest
Was abundantly
No leisure
Nor treasures
Just torment
And ferment
Disaster and catastrophe
My heart was severed
Put me out of my misery
I long to be freed
Of my captivity
If you see me there
Just let me go
Life isn't fair
But don't worry
About me
I am just a sheep

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ghosts of the Nephilum's Children

They were beautiful
But also different
Alien in look
Strong, agile and dangerous
In most imaginings
Humans feared them
They were bright
But had to devote their minds
To survival in savage times
For them
Fate was not kind
Ancient and distant
Far from our reach
Scholars and history
Doesn't remember them
But for their bones
Laying in shallow graves
They passed like the dust
Never knowing love
They were the broken
Far from being blessed
They were hated without a home
Upon earth's soil or in heaven above
They were damned by the path
That their ancestors had taken
The sins of their fathers
Repaid upon the generations
To follow
They accepted their misery
Rejecting redemption
Lingering in the echoes
Of their unfair destiny
They remain
In the wind
Falling like rain
When the waves crash
You can hear their cry
When the lightning flashes
You can see their sorrow
That never passes
They have accepted their chains
And will never flee
Simply singing
Their mysterious songs
That fall as rain
And catastrophes

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fleeting glimpse

I long for you but
Daylight is inopportune
I need you with me
So I wait for the moon

It was no coincidence
That we were to meet
It was no random chance
We kissed in my dream

I lived in the splendor
Of holding you tight
I offered you my surrender
On that moonless night

How am I to go on
For the rest of my life
Knowing I'll be without you
My soul bereft of your light

My love I am crushed
There is nothing to do
My world is empty
Now, here, without you

I can dream still
I am burning there in fire
Love you fulfills
Each of my desires

Farewell my love
I pray I will see you again
The morning approaches
My heart now enchained

I wait until sleep
Brings you back to me

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Your mercy, grace and love

On my knees
Exhausted of my body
There is nothing left
But to ask
Oh for the mercy
Your grace and love
I sing my, love
Forgive my weakness
Love my only love
Forgive my distractions
Accept my offer
Please, of this chalice
Of wine, from two vineyards
One eternal, one material
Both in unison
To cure us each
Of the madness
That breaks us
We call it everyday
Our world becomes a battleground
Our love is an asylum
But because of our pain
Our hearts are made a maze
Strewn with sorrow
Grieving over lost chances
Know, though, that
Love cannot be tamed
It is time to end this
Without shame
These are tears are joy
I long to be
At once with you
Drink of the wine
And let us love again
And together let us remain
One with another
Equals in love and souls
My dream become real
You are an angel
And the sight of you
Makes my breath quicken
My heart beat repeating
You are the truth
Love makes me complete
And my soul renews
For your touch

Friday, August 19, 2016

Confusion sets in

After a life
Of dialogues
I ask why
You ask how
We speak out
But we use
Different tongues
I am so confused
Fall down
If any thought
Is allowed
What if I mattered
Instead of
What I do now
What if you cared
Instead of
Wishing I would die
Is there anyone
Able to give me
More hope
Or is that disallowed
Does it matter
I just want
Someone to be
Able to show me
That it matters more to live
Than to have answers
To the questions that burn
Inside me that burn like cancer
To all my questions why
This existence
This presence in the stream
Is not enough
Not nearly enough
Are you
Able to feel my tears
Inside your heart
And tell me
Who am I?
Bleeding inside
From wounds unspoken
Broken outside
Causing people to
Pass me by
That is who I am
I don't matter
As if I ever could
It is out of my hands
As if it were ever in them

Thursday, August 18, 2016

in my arms you bled

I was told
To take your body
And dispose of it
How could I know
That it was empty
Of your spirit
You were condemned
Your flesh was vacant
And life had fled
I looked at the blood
That you shed
I put my finger there
Where the nails
Were punched through
You did not despair
And the crowd
Had dispersed
Without a sound
But grieving
Excepting those who
Haven't reverence
For the dead
From your thorn crown
Tears of red
Were pouring down
Where there was
The lance wound
In your side
That is
Where MY lance
I pierced your ribs
I cut into your viscera
I listened to your stopped heart
To make sure you were dead
They said
The tomb was emptied
And then
They said
You were seen
By those who
Were your disciples
I believe
And I have to ask
For forgiveness
For killing you
Because I know
That you must be
The son of God
I am less than a man
I am a sinner
My sins caused you to die
And you are alive
You are life

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


let the razor cut
across the vein
before I betray you
let my heart beat out
before I steal your trust
and lead you to hate
cement my lips shut
before I seal my own
by lying again
I'd rather
than remain
in the cesspool
of dishonesty
reveal the vain spew
coming out of this fool's
I am so
very sorry
for my stupidity
and the words
I said
these idiotic
things I say
ultimately will slay
this fool dead
I am empty
when I lie
let me die

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I am not perfect

None become perfected
Except for God
People will never become so
Nor should we expect
Such a fate
My flesh is flawed
Despite the design
My soul is broken
Despite it being eternal
My flesh is, in fact, a facade
A casing most carnal
I will find a way
Despite my limitations
To arrive in heaven
Due to the sweetest of mercy
And the most undeserved ever