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I bid you peace.

Je ne regrette pas la douleur, car il m'a fait plus forte

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Friday, March 31, 2017




A large book, with essays, poems and a long interview explaining what it means to be a poet.  Published through the most excellent hands of UFF-DA press.  (Josh Brown)


A collection of poetic thoughts about the human practice of war.  Edited and formatted by Russ Stewart, my lifelong best friend.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ecstasy's Kiss

In my sleep I dreamt
A heavenly place
Echoing in jasmine scent
Beautiful mercy
Sublime grace
In the mid morning
Exhausted from the labors
Of the day before
I open my eyes
Gazing upon this world
Looking around
I play demure
As I see
Last night's footprints
And in the shadows
My fire within
Alone walking
Beneath the moon's shine
All alone beneath midnight sky
I fell to sleep in a trance
In the tall grass meadows
I woke hours laters
Laying with a beautiful person
A fae
Nearly naked
But innocent
So precious and perfect
I felt no shame
The world comes alive
When lovers entwine
Engaged in embrace
Where can I go now
That I've tasted this
How can I live
After ecstasy's kiss

Saturday, March 4, 2017


Consumed in wrath and pity
Crushed by worries of eternity
Waves of fear begin to bury my heart
Then this plague of sorrows
Promises to start
And to ever last
This die is cast

T'is folly to trust in fools
I drank the nectar of my youth
Woke to find tomorrow gone
Worse to know that you're wrong
Over and over I have cried
Stop this toxic suicide

But I can't tomorrow happened
And today hope's abandoned
Never follow dreams of a fool
Never believe a heart so cruel
Life and love are lost to me
I have fallen in misery

Ashes cover my burnt remains
And my folly begins again
For which there is no escape
There is only shame

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Time is up

The end approaches
Running out of time
The portal is open
Lives broken
The wine poured out

We knew this was happening
The signs and portents easily seen
No fear of the unknown
We are drunk
Upon our doubts

Above in the sky are the locusts
Upon the ground fire
Chased by hounds
Unleashed and hungry
The riders have come

They are named

The victims have long known
Time was short
Their lives in jeopardy
They had plenty of warnings
There was no treachery

The world is dead
The funeral is ongoing
We are forsaken
Drunk upon fear
Wrath overflowing

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Broken Since You Left

I keep pacing
Wearing away a trail
Inside this room
I've been broken apart
And trapped inside
These four walls are my prison
Soon will be my tomb
There's a stone inside my heart
Since you called
When I remember the day you left
It ached inside from my soul
To deep in my womb
I saw your bus
Disappear from the horizon
I knew I'd never be the same
I waited
From winter through to fall
To see you again
Oh my soldier boy
My hero
Come back and make me alive
Oh my son
I ache to see you again
And I can't endure
This pain
Since you've been gone
So very long

Monday, February 27, 2017

to grieve a life

is the loudest sound
body broken
eyes averted
leading up
absolutely gone
deeply fearing
unknown loss
life long wounds
never healing
burning flesh
pain searing
why exist
why survive
when there is only
wounds and

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Generational decay

Time becomes a flood
Washing away memories
Of the days that became
Hallowed by blood
Now abandoned
As their children become vain
Valor forgotten is courage lost
The machine grinds
As culture sleeps
Generations distant
Ignorant of the blood cost
Of being free
Live for pleause
For sensual reward
They live
Callow lives
With hollow dreams
Lives are emptiness
We've become as sheep
To the slaughter
Culture regresses
With no knowledge
Of the impending fate
Nor of the past
Their minds inside
Are lied to, and misled
They could still thrive
Could instead fly
Rather than become insensate
From the constant din
From the hum
Among the rest of the hive
We are not drones
We are not empty of thought
But conformity and pain
Lead to nothingness
We lose greatness
Lives of worth
That courage
And genius wrought

Saturday, February 25, 2017


In the burning furnaces of hell
Fetid, fecund demons
Swarm around a pulsing mass
Where the chained souls of the damned
Wiggle and move about to escape
They scream for help
Condemned by their treasons
They have no names
Lost in the depths
Of the burning fires of hate
No fire can purify by flame
The sins of the guilty

Friday, February 24, 2017


a small catastrophe
he sleeps beneath
dead branches
stone cross
thorns growing
others live
Life continues
despite the loss
of one
the worms live
even thrive
none aware
of the circumstances
of the tragedy
yet life goes on
against all chance
time is a river
and death is a journey
once begun
there is no coming back
and for some
there is no good reason
to desire that

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Broken God

One less prayer to give
One less god to beg
One less god to show me mercy
Fist smashing glass
Bleeding me
Covering me
In a shroud of crimson
In some fucking baptism
I looked in the cracked mirror
and saw I'd become almighty
God of my heart
Believing myself holy
In some false catechism
My world opened
By the fires that burn
In the cataclysms
Of my false holiness
of my false heart
I stare in the mirror
and the gaze that is returned
is covered in blood
of the beast who burns
I am the last
of the unknowing
I am the final seal unbroken
And it is what I deserve
I gaze into the abyss
It looks back
And calls me
To be broken indeed
By my demons

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Farewell my love
I cannot begin
To explain
How much I miss
You being here
How did I survive
Before you entered
My life
How did I exist
Let alone thrive
Without your breath
In my chest
Why did I not understand
How fortunate I was
Instead I linger in regret
That cannot be assuaged
By anything
Only my heart screams
Where are you
Farewell again
How your love
Reminded me
Of my great
To have dreamed
With you in my bed
To have loved
With you as my heart
My home
My life

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

doesn't matter

it doesn't matter she said
you never cared
he was wordless
he felt dead
but she was wrong
and couldn't know
for his despair
how wrong
she made a career
of running
and she ran from him
far enough away
he could scream
and no one would hear
but he was sure
some day
someone would
and then
the echoes
against the empty walls
would drive him
and that was all
he could handle
without disintegrating
losing his mind