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I bid you peace.

Je ne regrette pas la douleur, car il m'a fait plus forte

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Between the eternal and temporal
We have choices to determine
As children with lives ephemeral
Or older than our time bearing burdens

salvum me fac

Ego non potestis salvi fieri

Do we live in our flesh desiring to be immortal
Or do we wear a cloak of meat knowing it won't last
Aware of our sins, living out our days remorseful
Or feeling no guilt for anything, unworried if outcast

salvum me fac

Ego non potestis salvi fieri

This world offers no guidance, no signs, only questions
We are living in absurdity, our fate sealed with no answers
Do we rise and accept our fate, or is our fate regression
Do we wallow in misery, asking what has happened only after

salvum me fac

Ego non potestis salvi fieri

Who are we
Why are we here
What is our purpose
When will it be clear?

Because, after all, even the Angel of Death has a purpose.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Can you hear me calling?

Can you hear me
Wake me up
From this slumber
My heart is cold
My spirit has frozen
Frozen water falling
Like a river in winter
Like the ice capped ocean
I am so cold I can't feel
The world has splintered
My heart is broken
Wake me up
I am begging you
This world is dying of erosion
My heart is stopped with no emotion
And all I can do
Is beg you
To please
Wake me
Wake me
Wake me

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Holding his bleeding head

In a fit of rage
I reached out
And struck him
I am in a cage
Of flaming doubt
And raging sin
How can I stop myself
I can't be here like this
With nothing left
In my self created abyss
My sanity is cracked
Who am I
Why did I act
When did I change
I did something I can't take back
And I am left
In my darkness
Of my own design
My soul ransacked
By my demons
Let loose
And my chains
Hell is endless

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Across the top of the world, they strode

They were unique
Forged by their environment
Without fear of any enemies
They flew across the seas
With absolute mastery
Took what they wanted
Landing their dragon ships
Raged forward with
A horrific visage
Broadswords and axes
Left behind burning villages
Made certain their own survival
Becoming the apex predator
Through battle and pillage
The world around them
Tried to understand
What was going on
Without success
There was a message
Being delivered
We will not go away
We will not be turned away
Until the world is ours
Until we are completely slain

Read more about the wildmen of the North
In The Ravens of Odin by Ed Quinby and Alex Ness

Friday, January 29, 2016

Boudica's Revenge

In an age of Roman expansion
The king of the Iceni tribe died
And what had been promised
To him in life
Was stolen away
Soon after his death
His daughters were raped
His wife tortured
And his tribe placed into subjugation
Die free, or live in slavery
The choice was clear
And Queen Boudica led a revolt
To send a message
To the invader Romans
That the Iceni and other Britons
Would not flee or surrender
They were defending their home
Boudica went into battle
Driving her people into frenzy
Burning Camulodunum
Destroying Londinium,
Destroying Verulamium
The Romans sent the IX Legion
To quell the rebellion
And the professional troops
Did indeed succeed
But that same Legion IX disappeared
100 years later
Still bleeding and in disorder
From the battles before

READ in detail the story of
Boudica and the Romans versus the Celts
in SACRED GROUND  by Ed Quinby and Alex Ness

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Protector of his Keep

He always wished to be
The protector of his keep
His domain was his passion
And yet he was tired
Even should he sleep
Beautiful velvet dreams
Could never satisfy
The Dragon
He'd rather defeat the enemy
Kill every assassin
But he slept
Deep in the black thick forest
The faeries of the wood
Shared with butterflies
The wonder of the beauty
Of such a wild, untamed place
Could be summed up
With the look upon
The dragon's face
When he saw the joy
Of the dance
At midnight
In the moonlight
By the faeries and their kin

“Beware the sleeping dragon. For when she awakes the Earth will shake."

Winston Churchill

I wrote a book about Faeries
Find it HERE

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

When the solitude strikes

I cannot exist
Alone again
My eyes refuse to see
the scenes of pain
I am unable to resist
In the wind I am hanging
My feet and arms dangle
Like a mad man in a fit
I turn and twist
With every breeze
Blowing my body about
There is nothing left
My body be cut down
From the tree
Come noose
Begin the harvest
Let the noose fit only me
Let loose the Apocalypse
I embrace it
Dive into the abyss
Ready for my darkness

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Black Smoke Never Stopped

The beast has a hunger
An appetite for the innocent
There must be a feast
For its sucklings to grow
The chosen are gathered
They have been scorned
Torn from their homes
They are slaughtered
Bodies torn, crushed lives
But there is no pyre
This is no sacrifice
This is annihilation
The beast never stops
His hunger never ends
With ovens then
The dead are burned
Completely consumed
The fires never stop
The ovens are fed
They never end
With black smoke rising
The morning isn't coming soon
The crows refuse to caw
For the end is found
Only by dying
The beast still hungers
New trains come in
Emptying the chosen
For slaughter
To feed the fires again

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Filled with fear

They hunt me down
I am
Uniquely filled with fear
And scarred and impure
I can't move on
They have many ways to learn
They'll find out
That I live in fear of the world
Finding out that I
Am naive, I still believe
In love and kindness
That every birth means
We might find the answer
With the genius
Of these boys and girls

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I couldn't answer

I am so sorry
I couldn't answer 
Not that question
It ripped me open
I always worry
You won't love me
If you knew
And now
I fulfilled that prediction
By not giving you
A chance to judge
By refusing to answer
It burns
Like cancer
Like kerosene
Bathing flames
Across my raw skin
Now I am lower
Than shit or dirt
I am sacrificed
For all of my sins
I deserve it
But still
It hurts
You know it does
I can't give in
Or I will
To my original state
That of 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Soar with me!

My soul grants consent
For you to take my hand
Join me in forever
Where we can be
I dreamed I saw you
Before we ever met
You were heaven sent
All I wished for
When I met you in this life
I no longer had to seek you
In my sleep and dreams
I awoke to your call
You are amazing
More beautiful
Than I've ever dreamt
I felt your presence
As you walked in the room
I immediately picked up
Your chosen scent
Orange blossoms
So much sexier
Than any perfume
My heart beats in ascent
Soon I will be flying
My body feels electric
Let us have one heart
Between us
Your eyes are so blue
So majestic
I want you to take me
So far from here
Let us soar, soar together
Our destination is anywhere
So long as you are near

Monday, January 18, 2016


"In vino veritas."  Plato

We send our youth to war
For our imperial designs
They return broken
Their wounds unrecognized
Their sorrows unspoken
We as much take the gift from the vine
The finest vintage year
The most prized creation
And pour it out 
Upon the floor
Ridding ourselves
Of the finest vintage
The abomination is
We've wasted it
Treated it with foolishness
The most cherished wine
Ignored, untasted
The chosen generation
Broken and wasted

In wine there is truth
Let us not waste that truth