I am a poet who has both been published and self published. All work on this blog is all copyright Alex Ness. While I make very little money from my work I am technically a professional. Measuring by the hours I've written I am professional. My goal is to share my work with as many people that can read it, as far as the internet may reach with it. I hope if you are moved you will share this blog with others, and perhaps buy my books.

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I bid you peace.

Je ne regrette pas la douleur, car il m'a fait plus forte

Thursday, June 30, 2016


I was told that my words cut
But I've never been so cold
From the silence
Of another's love
As when you loved me
And I was numb
From the frozen quiet
My soul echoed
In the tombs of hope
Where nothing survives
But the pious
And the fearful
Who never dare
You loved me
With a love that surrounded me
With a cold embrace
And I
Refuse to be
Crushed again
A willing compliant

Monday, June 27, 2016

Heroes and Cowards

In the teeth of adversity
The heroes go forward
And the cowards flee
The Gods call
The heroes answer
And the cowards fall
Because that is
Their nature
And the nature of war
When battle happens
The best and worst
Of our human nature
Bubbles forth
And we become
Or animals
We are not in control
When the wild
Of warfare
Takes over
Some respond
With nobility
Some respond
With fear
And some
Leaving behind
Their comrades
Regardless of the cost

Sunday, June 26, 2016

blood petals

Blood spray
Stray flowers
Stems cause wounds
Thorns and petals
Beauty and danger
Every mystery still unsettled
Hearts perform a duty
To make certain
They are never a stranger
Until it knows
Whether to avoid
Or to indulge

Saturday, June 25, 2016

no more, no more

that's it
I give up
I surrender
I can't take any more
I don't want to remember
Why we even thought
we should be together
I don't believe in forever
I don't use magical thinking
when it comes to you and me
I refuse to poke at the embers
of a fire that died
I can't keep grieving
the loss of something you killed
I can't keep trying
to resurrect something
you want dead
I give in
the enemy is too strong
I can't fight alone in my own home
I thought we were right but you've told me
I am wrong
Every small moment of pleasure
Has been paid for
Even the tiniest of seconds of splendor
Had enormous cost
And I refuse
I refuse to go forward
This battle
has been lost

Friday, June 24, 2016

Consumed by fire

After life has ended upon the earth
The remains of artifacts will speak
Telling a tale of a people who desired
Disguised their hearts while being paralyzed
With lust, consumption, and burning fire
To have what they had not earned
To know, what they had not learned
They were not evil
Simply naive
And because they were never wise
Their world would burn

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Heroes and Beggars alike

Everyone dies, everybody knows
And pride goes before our fall
Heroes and beggars alike are called
Judged too, without prejudice
Judgment happens, caws from crows
Lives alone, unadorned and seen
Naked before eternity
Elysium awaits the heroes
The good, the brave, the kind
Who have lived and died
The world says goodbye with a flourish
But the time to forgive has passed
And dead is dead, let us remember
Celebrate the lives that were lived
Without meek pronouncements
Go to the gray
With courage

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

false thoughts

no one knows
how very much
I am
missing you
my mercurial other
you are
my every thought
you are
my ethereal lover
my mind cannot
quite reach you
I keep trying
you aren't there
I long for your touch
but I cannot feel
you beneath my fingers
or my lips
and my heart
is hollow
with grief
my eyes are swollen
from the crying
over a lover who is not
over a love that is
you are an illusion
that I fixate upon
why fill my mind
with distractions
that wound
why fill my heart
with false attraction
so that I become
by the day
more alone
with deeper wounds
empty dreams
still forsaken

in dreamland

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Stygian dreams

Why do we do it
Bow before the altar
And say a prayer
For all of us
The dead and dying
The living and crying
For those who know
And those who don't 
To spend the time
Finding out
What is worth your life
Or your soul inside
Why do we spend all this worry
And all the love
And care
Only to throw it all away
On things that do not matter
Memories scattered
Insignificant moments
That lead instead
To torrents of pain
That never leave
And grieving
That never stops
When our the hearts break
When our lives hurt
And we take
Our lives away
Into the black of oblivion
The bleeding begins
Our children fall away
This life is broken
Our mirror is shattered
Nothing remains
Our world becomes Stygian
And our lives
Simply thrown away

Monday, June 20, 2016

Her Screams were Ignored

Her screams ignored
Her resistance crushed
Her sorrow
My life
His anger
His lust
My entry
She still carried me
To the term
I had a gift
of life yet
I never knew her pain
I was born screaming
I announced my presence
My existence
When I was awakened
I came out of her womb
But not from her
She had unspoken wounds
Her dreams
They'd become a tomb
Because of the lust
Of a man
Who refused to accept
A woman's answer no
He showed her no mercy
And the world
Took her child
And forgave nothing
Envy, regret, anger
Sorrow hardens the heart
The world resists anything
Who longs to be whole
One who knew what was done
 Reached forth a hand
Something beautiful
Was begun
Of grace
Poured upon me
First by her
Then by the one
Who reached out his hand

Sunday, June 19, 2016

His name is Quinby

Recently, just over the gray seas
A Celtic warrior was taken
To the graylands of the dead
He was not a perfect specimen
Short, modest of build
But what a life he led
Head full of hair
Spring in his step
He was full of life
Full of love
Lived every day
To the fullest
And when he came
To the Gwyn Ap Nudd's domain
He told the lord of the land
His name
He said
I am Quinby
I am not going to be here long
I had my share of life down there
And when I've that here
I'll sing you a song
And head off to a new world
And have that new domain
As my own
As this one I did
I am Quinby
Remember me
I live my lives

Dedicated to my comrade Edmund Quinby, artist, friend

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Quest Knight

Hard riding all night
Both horse and rider
When the morning light
Burns my eyes
With glory
Night has fled
My life has bled
With stories
I will rise again
I will remember
Every thing I was told
Despite the sorrow
Because without
There is no context
Victory without struggle
Is empty
Bitter earned
I am alive still
Though humbled
Ego tempted
I rise
In victory

Friday, June 17, 2016

King of Fools

In a flash, and a crash
blowing with the winds
billowing black clouds
the orchestra plays
the brass and percussion
are ablaze
surrounding me
announcing me
declaring my election
to the throne
I am king
and my crown
I wear to show
reverence to the masses
who chose me
to represent them
as their beloved fool
and I wash my face
with bitterness and ashes