I am a poet who has both been published and self published. All work on this blog is all copyright Alex Ness. While I make very little money from my work I am technically a professional. Measuring by the hours I've written I am professional. My goal is to share my work with as many people that can read it, as far as the internet may reach with it. I hope if you are moved you will share this blog with others, and perhaps buy my books.

Whatever the result, thank you for viewing this blog. I cannot express how greatly I appreciate the many people, from many places upon the earth, who have visited.

I bid you peace.

Je ne regrette pas la douleur, il a m'a rendu plus fort.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The End

Je ne regrette rien. Je offert mon âme, nu, et si les autres se soucient ou non, j'ai dû m'exprimer.

To survive, to suffer but live, is not a great big deal.  To live life without regrets, that, is very much a big deal.

I care not for your pity, I care not for your money.  I simply wish I was able to endure, for your pleasure, of course. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Barefoot upon broken glass

Despite the pain
I walked one million miles
Barefoot upon broken glass
My flesh shredded to ribbons
But on I went
Kept going
Because I knew
Were where I'd end my path
The winds swirl
But in your arms
I am comforted
In a frozen hearted world
The storms can last
Forever if they like
But here
There is nothing
But you
And here
Your love is true

Friday, September 12, 2014

Nothing left, so it seems

A mockery of opportunity
We walk alone
From the garden we've been cast
The hunger for meaning
Continues forward
While we try to ignore
The past devastation
Of innocence
Childhood slashed
Forgive the stolen moments
The small torments
That color our memory
Existence is balanced
With the future's hope
And the tragedies of the past

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Forgotten Warriors

In his day
He'd done great things
Traveled the world
Fought for the King
Won battles
None could have dreamed possible
But he was unconcerned
Never felt alone
Never loved a girl
Never worried for his future
He knew he had family
Within his unit
Closer than brothers he said
He'd be fine, taken care of
When the time came
He was in the moment
He was everything
He ever wanted to be
But some of his brothers
Were now dead
But that was part of life
Soldiers pass on
He never needed medals
Or thanks
From his country
But now
His time was ending
Upon the earth
Age and wounds
Took their toll
Soon he'd die
His spirit would be free
Until then he suffered
For despite his life
Given for the state
He was forgotten
By king and country
And it was the epitome
Of shame


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Service To The King

I never lost purpose
I was devoted and true
But I am tired
I obeyed every command
With distant memories
Of a young man’s dreams
With a constant awareness
Of the need for purity
I did not partake
In pleasures of the flesh
And I have grown weary
And old
With long lost desires
For complete victory
My quest is over
A knight in a lawless land
I am the last of my kind
A remnant of a fallen era
My world survives
But I surrender
My life has reached an end
My flesh is broken
Without hope I cannot endure
My being is worn
Je suis fini
My body will never mend
I cannot exist this way
And I shall pass
Into the grey
For my flesh is weak
My mind is tortured
My spirit is bound in pain
I am a tapestry in tatters
There is no future
For me
But I do trust
And I do believe
In the mission
I performed
And for those who remain
Will thrive
For the High King is worthy
And he shows mercy
To all who ask
I have served
And I am finished
But I was blessed
To perform the task
To live for the King
When nothing else mattered
I have his blessing
And his thanks
For a job well done

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Burning Fields

A future form of torture
Will see my thoughts
Published as words
To my horror
My world will be upturned
When the world learns
I am waiting for your call
After all this time
I have not moved forward
The world knows my fortunes
I never give up
Because I have nothing
That is of worth
To anybody
Not even me
Don't you see
I am here still
I was left behind
And there is nothing left
But the words I think
Being read by everyone will reveal
The truth
I am nobody
I am nothing
There is nothing good
Any longer
Take a walk in my field
The grass is burned
The drought surreal
And you never returned
To harvest my heart
You never returned
To reap my soul
The seeds were planted
And left to die
But the world still eats
There is no famine
Only one person is damaged
That is me

Monday, September 8, 2014

Clouds Or Smoke

Upon the horizon I see 
Clouds dark
But without relief
I never knew sorrow, so sweet
Never had a wound, like this
Every day I see your photo
I hold back the tears, of the years
Because I know, I lost you
To the call of another
Who does all
That I cannot
I see the clouds in the sky
But they look more like smoke
Black clouds with a sheen 
That comes from being alight
My life is on fire
And there is burning
Inside my viscera
My life has been
Burned away
As if by match
And kerosene
And all I can do
Is watch
As the smoke rises
As my memories burn
So serenely

Sunday, September 7, 2014


The Angel of Death
Brings the harvest
Of the field of life
But it brings
Plagues of woe
Upon sorrow's memory
Shameful misery
She left me
Without warning
Destroying me
Cutting without a knife
She was lost
Upon a sea of dementia
Wasting her precious moments
Crushing her history
Collective humanity
An arcane mystery
Now just simple flesh
Without context
And I miss who she was
But not who she became
Did the pointed finger
Of the Angel of Death
Somehow redeem?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

When Gods dream

She never notices
Mischief's teasing
Repose is sleeping
Red hair outspread
Like silk sheets upon the floor
Following carnality
Her beauty is a symphony
Poured upon the marble
Laying upon the tiger's hide
Dreaming intoxicate
Fantasies fill her mind
She travels without ever leaving
And is stone still, ever quiet
Her flesh milky white and soft
She is silent
But for moments of breath
She dreams of a place
More perfect
Than the heavens are described
For one so beautiful is able
To see things from the tallest peaks
While those who only aspire
To such heights are limited
To those things they know
Or desire
Even in the dreams of sleep

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Moment I Saw You

The moment I saw you
For the first time
I bit my lip to keep from saying
God have mercy upon me
I had been upon my knees
For a vision
And you were that and more
Your beauty was stunning
Beyond the reach
Of my prayer
Your mind a challenge
A mystery of grace
Filled with knowledge
And strength
I knew the moment
I saw you
That I was condemned
To forever want
What I cannot have
An irredeemable desire
A flood that could not be stemmed
That single moment
I stood
Alive for the first time
About to be crushed
By a wave
Of desire
To reach an unreachable height
In unquenchable fire

Thursday, September 4, 2014

God and Swan

He saw her from a distance
He wanted her
She was seeking solace
She was uncovered
Nude but for the foiliage
Around the pond
While others watched
Upon far Olympus
The gods and goddesses
Found spectacle
Found sport
In the interaction
Of these two beings
One of their own
From Olympus
Would fail, spectacularly
Despite their outwardly human form
They were not
She was a queen
Of her elvish race
He was a god
A warrior
A king
She was unmoved by his form
He was very aware
Of her, her scent
Her black hair
Her white skin
He quickened
She felt fear
She ran from him
He pursued
Desperate to escape
She transformed from nymph to swan
He stopped in his tracks
The black swan quickly leaped to the air
With a wild flapping of wings
The warrior god stared as she rose
He knew he could call upon the thunder
Or the rain, to slow her escape
But he didn't lust her
Any longer
He simply was bemused
That she was unique
Different than any other being
What other magic did she possess
Her mysterious being was so alluring
Her difference more beautiful
Than her beauty
To the god who watched

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The Bones of the Necropolis

Ignorant of the prophet's words
Most barely read let alone 
To realize what was said
Ancient metropolis, emptied of life and lust
Modern necropolis, tombs and ossuaries
Bones left in the dust
The children sing odes to the dead
Future society without conscience
Lives lived without fear of consequence
A populous that died for their opulence  
But none worry, nor care
The dead take care of their own
The world painted gray and red
Nothing lives in the zone
Nothing exists all alone
The world collapsed
Upon itself
Ancient bones of steel
Concrete and plastic
Wood burned away
Nothing is left
Neither memories
Nor legacies