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I bid you peace.

Je ne regrette pas la douleur, car il m'a fait plus forte

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Friday, March 31, 2017




A large book, with essays, poems and a long interview explaining what it means to be a poet.  Published through the most excellent hands of UFF-DA press.  (Josh Brown)


A collection of poetic thoughts about the human practice of war.  Edited and formatted by Russ Stewart, my lifelong best friend.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hammer and Voice

When I am free
And travel to you
Please, lover of my soul
Do not tell me
When I arrive there
That you never knew me
Or that you don't care
You who made the heavens
Surely made my flaws
I've bled this flawed existence
Made mistakes
Went wrong
All along
All hope gone
But for one
To be your son
To bear your banner
To become useful
As your messenger
As your voice
To be your hammer
When it has ended
I long to be
I have sought to be
Your redeemed

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Murdererous War

The day was lost
Before it was wrought
But the day was but one
And the losses were many
The aftermath was bloody
And the battle was lost
Before it was fought
Before the final battle
The kings of the chamber
Had lost the war
They bore the fears of losing
Inside their hearts
Thereafter being  paralyzed
Within their souls
Within their minds
And there were scars
No healing could change
No fighting man could win
The war boiling inside
For such a war had a toll
All hope was left behind
Destroyed families
The fields burned
The land charred 
Too many dead friends
This war was murder
From the start

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Beast Inside

The forgetful mind of humans
Is the enabler of the beast
Inside every man
Who wishes to punish
The ghosts inside
That he fears
He hates without remorse
Gathering those he hates
They who feast upon the weak
Are weeks from being
Gentle children
Who play
And the slaves of the empire
Are fodder for the oven
The burning black clouds
Churn upward every day

Who remembers the fallen
When the fallen are without defenders
Who will answer the call
To protect the world
From the beast that exists
In the heart of every man
The citizens of the empire in thrall
Of the leader's voice
Who had promised splendor
Instead hell on earth prevails
And only surrender
Will still the work
To burn the bodies
Of the dead
Victims of the empire
Who set the world

Thursday, March 23, 2017


because you decided
that I am not worth
the time you have spent
trying to make me be
more misguided
and fully cursed
my heart is bent
my soul is no longer free
because of you
my being is divided
and there is nothing worse
than missing the message sent
And you knew
was on the way
but life just had to make you pay

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


my life dissected
tissues infection
     deep down
not much more to do
so I thought I should
write this to you 
the first time
called my name
I thought I was
losing my mind
     never thought
 would ever find
     someone who could
be inside
my heart
inside my
kissing me
pushing me
into some kind of
you held tight
in the
where I hide
I am alone
the memories
keep me warm
and I
I am still high
from the thought
someone like
you had ever
said let's go for a ride
with top down
in a rain storm
cannot lie
I felt like
nobody would understand
I'd cry
because I knew
I know
   my life
not wasted upon
foolish things
like games people
play instead
of love
of being kind
and I
hope you are well
my life
is so much better
for the time
you gave me
for the future
I could be free
you allowed me to live
you were
someone so much
better than me
and you did
give me love
your touch
your kiss
led me to heaven
and I am never leaving
for I know what
I've been given

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Broken and tangled
         my life in shambles
I waited for you
         but you weren't true
Did you picture us together
         loving the other forever
If you did, I can't say
         but I won't live another day
Because you lied
        I refuse to cry
I was hope filled
        my heart was killed
Now my life is bent
         and this world will end
Because you refuse to be
         one who redeems me
With love
Or anything
With anyone
With passionate care
      You don't listen
This isn't fair
The end has begun

Monday, March 20, 2017

words of fire

the words of fire are clear
live life fully and lust for truth
there is no dying without tears
be wise
yet enjoy your youth
breathe and live
learn to trust
you need to forgive
because in the end,
we all become dust
be bold, and brook no fear
allow no abuse
of your heart or mind
spend your youth
with generosity
live without cynicism
find knowledge
have curiosity
but most of all
learn to be patient
find wisdom

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pax Arthur

The empire gave up
Without saying why
The emperor was calling
A cauldron of boiling rebellion
Roman Britain was ready to die
The throes of pain and fear
Allowed no hope
Only battle or death
The moment was ripe
Ready to be
Either catastrophic
Or miraculous
Prophets offered
No vision of the future
Though the world
Was ready for dying
And prophets
Predicted no savior
No matter the darkness
One man stood
And was welcomed
By myth and legend
Son of Uther
Grabbed fate by the throat
And cast out the enemy
Pushed back the Saxons
No more oppression
Who had driven the Romans
From Albion
Under Arthur there was now
No more sorrow
No more skies blackened
By the smoke from the fires
Of raiders and Saxons
King of the present
A promise to the future
Would destroy the chaos
As it should be
For there was only one
One with blood of Pendragon
Who was born to be
King forever
Arthur Rex

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Consumed in wrath and pity
Crushed by worries of eternity
Waves of fear begin to bury my heart
Then this plague of sorrows
Promises to start
And to ever last
This die is cast

T'is folly to trust in fools
I drank the nectar of my youth
Woke to find tomorrow gone
Worse to know that you're wrong
Over and over I have cried
Stop this toxic suicide

But I can't tomorrow happened
And today hope's abandoned
Never follow dreams of a fool
Never believe a heart so cruel
Life and love are lost to me
I have fallen in misery

Ashes cover my burnt remains
And my folly begins again
For which there is no escape
There is only shame

Friday, March 17, 2017

Dear DNA Mom

As a child I longed for you
to hold me
As a young man I was angry
  that you could never see
Who I became
Or know my name
As a man, of growing age
   I miss what I could have known
By being yours
Once and forever
And what you could have shown me
But you left me
To be held by others
You took a knife and severed
All that I could have learned
All that I longed to be completed
Because you couldn't
And I miss you
Despite never knowing you
Or ever seeing your face
And now
As a man who has seen more life
Than remains
I know how
It must have felt
To have a child
Who is going away
Out of your sight
Out of your reach
Who has become an age
Who will never feel the shame
Of the night
I was created
By the lust and rage
  And I cannot imagine
What you went through
But you
Helped create
Who I am
And ever will be
By your considerate act
Of never killing me
To save yourself
And your future
Because you knew that I was
Not simple flesh
Nor a tumor
I was life

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The path to living

This day I become immortal
My flesh will fall from the bones
I will walk the path of righteousness
There is no beginning point of a circle
My path will end up at the throne
The accuser's words will be libelous
This world is dying, its land infertile
But those who walk
And seek and find
Will be alive