Friday, October 25, 2013

This final rain

40 days it rained
And still
The wicked roam the lands
The desert lands
Of our souls
Denied hope
Denied dreams
40 days
More rain
Still the evil reigned
For the wicked seed
Took deep root
In our hearts
Without hope
For jubilee
Or redemption
40 days more rain
Upon our knees
Without sweet nectar
Of the lips of forgiveness
Kissing our lips
Our drowning throats
Beg for mercy
Because the rain falls
In the desert of our hearts
And it has never rained so hard
And now the floods come
Pouring down
Finally washing our soul
Given meaning
The dying need
To be made whole

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I Long For You, Again and Again

Your beauty leaves me amazed
And I keep wondering
Are you still mine
Because I am weak
I need to know you remain
Whether night or in the day
I long to be where you are
I long to hear you call my name
I want to see your face
I want to be near you again
I need to know you are here
I need to breathe the air
That you have breathed
I need to hear your voice
I need to know you still reign
Over my heart
Over my soul
You are my only love
You are the only one
In my eyes
You are my queen
And I bow before you
Giving you all I am
And everything that I have
So that I might be yours
I long for you
Again and again