Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Ring

I lost my heart
You lost yours to doubt
I don’t need anything more to know
I don’t need your voice to tell me I’m wrong
I don’t need to see the empty house
to understand that you’ve gone
I could see it in your eyes
You stopped loving me long ago
I’d have committed suicide of my ego
To keep you here
I’ve been undone by you, undone by love
Made myself a fool
But I will endure this
I will have faith
For my hand still bears your ring

Love is like riding a tiger

You don't choose love
It chooses you
You may walk into it
But you don't ask to enter
You can't force your way out
When one climbs upon
the back of a tiger
One does not thereafter
get to choose
When and where to dismount

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gettin' out of Texas

The dust storm followed me like it was an escort
With wings and a black flowing cloak
I hit the gas and flew through the panhandle
I wasn't lingering or worried
Stopping only to piss and smoke
I'd had enough of bad harvest and no work
So I took my car and bedroll
And drove til I ran out of gas in Oklahoma
Stopped there for a while
Drank the diner out of coffee
And smoked cigarettes until I choked

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Before her

(Meteor Shower photo by Nilo Merino Recalde)

A universe and its contents
The planets and the moons
Stars and more
Before her all stand still
Her beautiful manner
Her eyes and lips
She is about to dance
And the universe pauses
For to embrace her is all
They can think to do

Her figure is liquid
Her form is perfect
And her moves remind it
Of just one thing
That the original dance
Was done just so
And with it
The universe
Came into being

(photo of Saroya Poirier)


If there is something called Karma
If “what comes around goes around,”
Then we are all well and truly screwed
If we believe that we do good
To get good back
Then we do it for no greater purpose
No greater good
There is one deed that breaks Karma
That ends every single legacy of curse
It happened on a wooden cross
And the event is grace
And through it we are saved
I don't believe in Karma
Because I believe that one act broke the chains

A Beautiful Butterfly, Flies By

In a meadow, in a field
Far far away from here
A butterfly gets trapped in a current
Of air
It shows no fear
Adjusts its wingspeed
And flutters away
Causing a changing in the atmosphere
Causing a response in the winds
Somewhere unprepared
Comes a storm
Far worse than could be expected
Crashing into the shore
Come waves
Greater than planned for
And in the meadow
In the field
The butterfly
Gently flies

Should Death Take Me

(painting by Jeffrey Catherine Jones)

Death may take me
When I am content
When I have lived
When I have seen all that is
I might fall
My body might break
But Death can wait
His quota is full
I prefer to sleep
Dream of worlds I have not yet seen
And long thereafter
To be awakened
In a field in Elysium
Rather than stolen from this place
By a scythe
Born by a wicked beast
Who has a kiss that equals

You know...

You know that bullshit about love means never having to say you are sorry?
Pure shit.
Love means apologizing and owning your flaws.
Love means knowing when to say you are wrong.
Love means caring enough about your partner that you give in
Because pride is stupid
Because selfishness is sin
Love means being responsible for another
Love means you want them to be better, but also happy
Love means making things happen so that things are better
So say you are sorry, own your mistakes and move on
Damn it.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sorrow and Roses

Sorrow, crying and roses
Laying upon the tombstone
She weeps unconsolable
Her love has been lost
She remembers what she had
She understands the ultimate cost
Of going to war
Her love will pursue him
Into eternity
And someday she hopes
To join him there

A Frozen Realm

On a planet distant from our own
A winter scene with mountains
Two moons hanging lowly
As a snow encrusted ruin stands
Where a lord used to call home
Armored and armed
Covered in furs
A lord of a domain
He'd ride for days patrolling his land
Watching for incursions
Of the winter kin
Of the drakkon wyrm
Of the beast men
Who tormented the empire's northern reach
The lord surveyed the mark
For the empire
And its citizens
Rode the pathways
Rode the trails
With his scouts
With an army prepared
To respond
The scene is silent now
For the winter storms have raged
Since the planet cooled
And life retreated far within
The cold, distant place

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Beauty and the Danger, of Apollo

We fear
We love
We stand from afar and gaze
Healer and bringer of plague
Guardian of the sun
Keeper of the moon
Apollo stands so far above
All that we are here below
So beautiful
So dangerously beautiful
Filled with magnificence
Beyond my comprehension
Apollo holds all in rapture
A God amongst Gods
Spiteful and capricious
Yet loving and tender
Who am I
To question his nature
From afar

I will remember

Some return in coach class
Via commercial flight home
Others in the wooden box
Kept in the belly of the plane
War kills
War changes live
Some insist that all are heroes
Some insist on much the opposite
Going off to war doesn't make someone a hero
It doesn't even necessarily make them a soldier
But going to serve does something that I haven't done
It causes them to return changed
It leaves wounds that are silent
There are heroes who are celebrated
Others who never show their pain
No one seeing combat returns the same
For all of their sacrifice I honor them
I remember them
I pray they are blessed
I pray their families remember the lost
And remember their names
In glory for their service and without shame
For I have not walked or fought in their shoes
And I pray my son doesn't either

Two is Two

Two together in love
Are beautiful together
Regardless of ancient words
Regardless of ancient beliefs
Regardless of mindless hate
Love is love
Two is two
Blessings given
Are blessings received
Love is love
Two is two
Love is the point
Love is the truth

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Tree of Crows

In late summer a lone tree stands
While about it, crows soar
In the tree
A murder of crows sits waiting
For nothing in particular to happen
But if they wait long enough
Something might occur
Worth the waiting for

Friday, May 25, 2012

Horus And Rameses

Ancient Egypt's splendor reached the highest place
Eternity's secret were learned, and shared
Monuments were lifted
Humans dared to believe
That they were descended of Gods
And had a relationship with their deities
The world was immeasurably large
But they were unafraid
For Egypt was the home
Of the son of the sun
Horus was at his right hand
And serenity was the law
Of the Pharaoh's land

Alexander and Cleitus the Black

At the river Granicus the Persians nearly slew Alexander the Great
But his life was spared by Cleitus the Black
Who chopped off the arm of enemy about to perform a killing blow
Still Alexander suffered a wound,
A half inch crease of blood across his skull,
So goes the course of history
Cleitus saved him, for greater things
The campaigns went on proving Alexander's brilliance
Miracles were performed by Alexander
Empires and nations fell before him
In truth, Alexander felt that he was beyond reproach
But Cleitus felt allowed by his saving deeds
So he spoke of Alexander, to his face
Approached him as if Alexander was a man, not a God
Told him that Alexander was certainly Great
But still subordinate, to his men
And he should obey Macedonia's needs
Instead of Alexander's need of pleasures
But Cleitus wasn't allowed
And received a spear in his body
Thrown by Alexander
For his honest words
To a self perceived God
Beyond reproach

To Sleep In a Green Place

The world is empty for me
The shell of steel and construct
The monuments of modernity
Are meaningless bones of the past
I am leaving
My thoughts are scars
My dreams are mockery
I have no peace only wars
I can't last
Should I wash upon the shores
Of some distant land
Green and welcoming
I should like to sleep
In its arms


The tether cable snapped
The gravity pulled
He went flying off
Into the dead zone
In an hour
His air was gone
In a year
He was mummified whole
No one saw him
So the government lied
Said he was missing
Instead of saying
That he died

Answer Unknown

You hold the answer to the question
Upon your tongue, between your lips
Behind your teeth
You hold the words
That can kill or save me
Like a judge in a trial
Do you want to try to help
To let me breathe
Or would you rather
Let me linger
In this complete denial
That you loved me
That you ever loved
I've gone long enough alone
I don't know why I'm even trying
So say the words
Yes or no
Just tell me what you feel
Do you love me
Or do you not
I need to know what's real

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Sword that Burns

In the earliest days of the kingdom
The land was beset by demons
Nothing seemed to harm them
Until two were slain by another
Over some dispute
The bodies bled ichors
Smelled foul and acrid
Like some fetid perfume
The king called upon his mystics
To look upon the bodies of the dead
See what might harm these beasts
For if nothing could then only doom
Would be the future
The king would die
From the highest down to the least
The mystics found the secret
That the blood of the demons burned like fire
Acid or flame the same result
So they forged a blade with the demon's blood
Molten steel and demonic plasma
Birthing a sword
That could slay the greatest of the demon kind
But only if borne by a warrior of pure heart
The demon wars have long since ended
But the sword still lays in wait
For it slew the demons without effort
Gaining the epitaph
Named thus by the demons
Yes it lays in wait
Ready for the warrior's hand
Should the demons come back

Legacy of the Reconquista

Watching the news
in 2012
Should Greece fall
Spain is next
And how ironic
For Spain was the leader
In teaching Europe to fight
Against the encroachment of the Moors
Little by little
They had only one choice
To retake their land
Or be enslaved
Held to foreign powers
Following foreign ways
Fight or die
There is no other choice
Remember Granada 1492
Or you will not survive


A man thought wise
Wrote in his journal
All hope is gone
My sanity has fled
I've begged and prayed
I've spent my days
Upon my knees
Until they've bled
There is no answer
I know that now
I've waited forever
I've asked all the questions
All I can see is absurdity
I am a cancer, an abject stain
There is no reason for me to remain
I don't see how I can go on
Take me oblivion
Let the Norns cut the thread
Let the fates be decided
Let my ashes be spread
To the distant horizon

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


In the minds of Americans
Suffering from poverty
They captured the spirit
Of the outlaws of the west
But they were just kids
With guns and dreams
And a desire to be famous and rich
Eventually after a trail of blood and exploits
They wanted to believe their own legend
But they knew that they weren't heroes,
They weren't rebels
Legends fall hard
When instead  they were simply criminals
And after an ambush
Where so many bullets were fired
That the posse went deaf
Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow
were dead

By Bonnie Parker

You've read the story of Jesse James
of how he lived and died.
If you're still in need;
of something to read,
here's the story of Bonnie and Clyde.

Now Bonnie and Clyde are the Barrow gang
I'm sure you all have read.
how they rob and steal;
and those who squeal,
are usually found dying or dead.

There's lots of untruths to these write-ups;
they're not as ruthless as that.
their nature is raw;
they hate all the law,
the stool pigeons, spotters and rats.

They call them cold-blooded killers
they say they are heartless and mean.
But I say this with pride
that I once knew Clyde,
when he was honest and upright and clean.

But the law fooled around;
kept taking him down,
and locking him up in a cell.
Till he said to me;
"I'll never be free,
so I'll meet a few of them in hell"

The road was so dimly lighted
there were no highway signs to guide.
But they made up their minds;
if all roads were blind,
they wouldn't give up till they died.

The road gets dimmer and dimmer
sometimes you can hardly see.
But it's fight man to man
and do all you can,
for they know they can never be free.

From heart-break some people have suffered
from weariness some people have died.
But take it all in all;
our troubles are small,
till we get like Bonnie and Clyde.

If a policeman is killed in Dallas
and they have no clue or guide.
If they can't find a fiend,
they just wipe their slate clean
and hang it on Bonnie and Clyde.

There's two crimes committed in America
not accredited to the Barrow mob.
They had no hand;
in the kidnap demand,
nor the Kansas City Depot job.

A newsboy once said to his buddy;
"I wish old Clyde would get jumped.
In these awfull hard times;
we'd make a few dimes,
if five or six cops would get bumped"

The police haven't got the report yet
but Clyde called me up today.
He said,"Don't start any fights;
we aren't working nights,
we're joining the NRA."

From Irving to West Dallas viaduct
is known as the Great Divide.
Where the women are kin;
and the men are men,
and they won't "stool" on Bonnie and Clyde.

If they try to act like citizens
and rent them a nice little flat.
About the third night;
they're invited to fight,
by a sub-gun's rat-tat-tat.

They don't think they're too smart or desperate
they know that the law always wins.
They've been shot at before;
but they do not ignore,
that death is the wages of sin.

Some day they'll go down together
they'll bury them side by side.
To few it'll be grief,
to the law a relief
but it's death for Bonnie and Clyde.

Life Goes On

Born to die
Teaming life
Last to first
Without barriers
The burning flesh
The necrotic tissues
Dying humans
Giving birth
Enter the cycle
Feeding the earth
Culling the weak
The pathway opens
The gates forced
The rebelling cells
"We were told in one lecture that it was possible to immunize against diphtheria and tetanus by the use of chemically treated toxins, or toxoids. And the following lecture, we were told that for immunization against a virus disease, you have to experience the infection, and that you could not induce immunity with the so-called "killed" or inactivated, chemically treated virus preparation. Well, somehow, that struck me. What struck me was that both statements couldn't be true. And I asked why this was so, and the answer that was given was in a sense, 'Because.' There was no satisfactory answer."

Jonas Salk

Leaving The Perfect Machine

Viewing the result
My end is certain
All that remains is
The shame of my fear
I shudder, pull down the curtain
My flesh screams
Bitter tears
Time to go
Time to step behind the veil
And see how quickly
The world will forget
A victim of
The maker's perfect machine
Time ticks away
My reality is dead
The clockwork moves
Without shame
Without regret

In the Bunker

When I think of the outside world
My skin crawls with fear
But the walls here are sturdy
Dug in deep, made of steel
The outside world burns
Hotter than the fires of hell
With their disease and moral decay
As their suicide is earned
I've no need to worry
I am inside my shell
Far far away
They can all die
I am never going out there again
My world is here
Hidden inside
Where no one goes
But me

“Forget the suffering
You caused others.
Forget the suffering
Others caused you.
The waters run and run,
Springs sparkle and are done,
You walk the earth you are forgetting.

Sometimes you hear a distant refrain.
What does it mean, you ask, who is singing?
A childlike sun grows warm.
A grandson and a great-grandson are born.
You are led by the hand once again.

The names of the rivers remain with you.
How endless those rivers seem!
Your fields lie fallow,
The city towers are not as they were.
You stand at the threshold mute.”
Czesław Miłosz

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Unrequitted or Mistaken?

Tell me about Love
It moves me but not you
I give you all
All my insides
My soul
My private place
I told you my secret name
Only to be rejected
And I shake
You just wince, yawn, move on
Yet you say that you love me
But I'm not blind
Tell me about love
Why it doesn't move you
It breaks me to give without end
Without replenishment
But you say you love me
So why do I thirst
Why do I starve
For want

You Moved Me

You moved me
With your grace
Your beauty sublime
Your soul divine
You moved me beyond
My comfort zone
For I look at you
In stunned gaze
No one has loved me
Like you have
And I am not able
To understand
Why you chose me
Why you care
When I have nothing
To offer
When I am broken
No one should be paired
With someone like me
But you chose me
Yes you are beautiful
But it is your kindness
Your love
Your gentle being
That moves me so

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tears Like Gems

To me they are worth more
Than she knows
I hold them dear 
I hold my tears
Inside me
Like gems
Hidden from view
Because you never know
When you'll need them
The memories are cruel
Her hold upon my heart
Emptied it out
Tears are all I have
Simple souvenirs
Of the memories of her near
I long for her
I dream of her
Memories are tears
When she is the memory
Though the years pass
Though the pain subsides
I pray it won't last
But it does
Like a permanent scar
That keeps bleeding
Blistered and burns
Black and charred
My heart remains beating
But more painfully
My tears still fall
Tears are memories of her
And I keep them all

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dancing Dryads and Satyrs

They dance for joy
Dance for love of life
Without the worries of this world
The human pains and strife
Don't exist for them
Time that counts away days
Does not count for them
As they live
They never die
For their hearts are truly light
And never darken
I should be like them
But I can't dance
I never do


Sorrow is a cancer
It consumes your brain
It takes control
You spend your life grieving
Your life becomes an afterthought
Of bitter regrets and pain
Nothing relieves
Driving you insane
And you go on trying to believe
But you keep coming back
To the black hole in the center
Of your being
That sucks away your soul

In the Empty Abbey They Walk

The frontage of a cathedral upon a monastery grounds
Stands lonesome vigil over the believers
Performing a funeral march
Despite the ruins echoing winds of mourning
A sacred place, fears of death become unbound
The chains of flesh do not hold tight
The hearts of the faithful
Warmed in memories
Of such a beautifully cold and empty site

To Wander Above the Clouds

How many lives could you live
By imagining
How many worlds could come into being
By dream
The world extends beyond the ground view
To stand at the highest place
And look down
Over the clouds
That cover like a quilt
The world is alive
The world refuses to conform
To the least of our dreams
Only by imagination
Can a man survive

The City At Moonrise

Beneath the shroud of day
The moon wakes from slumber
And the sun sleeps
Twin spires of cathedrals
Overlook the city
And the quiet of the night
Causes the world to dream
Hiding all the living world
When dreams take flight

Friday, May 18, 2012

Beyond now, I remember

In a distant time
And more distant place
I remember being
In a clearing
Under moonlit night
There I saw her
She was watching me
She whispered beneath hearing
I walked towards her
She began to smile
For a moment I was confused
But she spread wide her cloak
She opened her arms
Revealing her body
And I was in rapture
We never spoke
But our hearts talked loudly
I never had to ask her
She was liquid soft
I was set afire
And for that time
We were alone
And we would have been
Even in a crowd
I don't know her name
She is no longer mine
But in a distant place
We are captured
Frozen in permanent embrace

La Belle Dame sans Merci

Though I woke from a slumber
With a start
My mount was nearby and calm
And she was sitting there
Upon it
Without words
She made me feel
Like she was calling
I feared I'd been wrapped in a spell
And  had no chance to arms
I'd lost all memory
I refused to draw my sword
Her beauty comforted me
And I'd found myself in her trance
La Belle dame sans Merci smiled
And I was hers
For that moment
I could not tell you if I were awake
Or it was some sort of dream
But I remember it well
Repeated trips to the memory I take
She was stunningly beautiful
Wrapped in red garments
And auburn hair
She was calling me without words
And I came to her there

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Find You There

In the gentle morning sun
I find you there
The taste of your lips is the sweetest nectar
Your perfumed hair the scent exquisite
Your body is perfection
If allowed to embrace you I could never resist
I beg to be near
To you in this place
The garden of the world
Filled with flowers and fruit so pure
None can match your beauty
Your eyes so lovely
Your curves so delicate
Your reflection could not be captured by a mirror
For it would reject such grace
As impossible
But I have seen you
Touched you
Love you
And know
Whence I have to leave
I shall love no other
And grieve

Choices and Suffering

People want decisions to be easy
Life to be painless
Every moment to be happy
However life isn't
Life is suffering
Nothing is easy
Happiness is an illusion
Life is absurd
Therefore we are forced to create our world
Make our lives have meaning
Live with purpose
Make your ego commit suicide
In the teeth of suffering and pain
Give life value
Or we may as well be an animal
Living only to eat, shit, procreate and die

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Empire Isn't Merciful

Some choose to debate while the empires encroach
Some choose to run, some choose to hope
Some are not ready, some are not able
But the Spartans stood against Persia's approach
300 Spartans, armed and waiting
10,000 Immortals poured forth to test
The empire was wounded
As few as three, as many as five days of pain
The 300 didn't blanch in fear
The Persians gave prayer
But the Spartans were those who were blessed
They stood against the empire
They didn't count the cost of their life
When the life of their family was at risk
They finally fell but the battle slowed the empire
They gave their response to the surrender request
In unison with upraised fist

Letters from Hell

How do you tell the world of your great works
When you live in hell, and people think you are mad
You write to the head of the city watch
And explain your deeds
As best as you can
Who knows where it might lead
You might even become famous

"From hell

Mr Lusk
I send you half the
Kidne I took from one women
prasarved it for you tother piece
I fried and ate it was very nise. I
may send you the bloody knif that
took it out if you only wate a whil
Catch me when
you Can
Mishter Lusk"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hope or Not

Sometimes I hope because it is all that stands
Between going on or giving up
I do not have success upon demand
I cannot simply make a wish
All I have is a belief in more
And hope that that is enough

Abandoned Walls

The guardian of towns and villages
It has been abandoned to decay
It stands alone upon the mountain ridge
Loyal to its charge, to watch and protect
The enemy long ago ceased its actions
No one near still attacks or pillages
Destiny forgets, and there is no such thing as fate
It stands unwavering, and silent
Unmoved by politics or ignoble factions
It is the castle wall of some distant time
Despite the wars it has stood
Against all who sought to pull it down
Long after it had been left
It still stands and watches
The passage of time does not diminish
The service nor the victory
It remains as a reminder
A memory of a passed age
Forgotten by modernity
Ignored by some
But it exists in plain view
A souvenir
A veteran of the wars
Standing and loyal
To a cause
That is true

Without Him Why Bother

There is always a reason to go on
When the one you live for beckons
Calls my name
Calls my name
All the pain of living is ignored
Compared to being loved to the core
Never knew joy before
Before he came
All my life I wondered
The point
Then he arrived
And made me glad to be alive

Friday, May 11, 2012

When the Serpent God Returns

The day will be the last
Some call it Armageddon
Some call it Doom
Take hold of all you hold dear
For the world you know is dying
Extinction events  and collapse
The body gives way to a birthing childA cycle that is very new
Ascend the steps to the top
So that you may look down upon the world
Before it passes from view
For when the Serpent God returns
The world will burn and be replaced
By something unknown but prophesied
Kukulkan will descend
The Serpent God will reign
For it has been foretold since the beginning of time
Of the first age when mankind was young
But the Gods were still ancient
In destructive fires, time will dieThe earth will be torn
But will reform and the age will renew


I am a small being, a bit of dust
In the cosmic sky
I long for a better world
I long for flesh that does not die
But it is my spirit that is eternal
My thoughts and feelings that shall endure
When this case of flesh expires
My world will be changed
I will no longer have the same desires
I will no longer worry
About the passing of days
I am a son of the sun
I am not made of fire
But there is a fire inside

Thursday, May 10, 2012

On Watch Over The Emperor's Lands

Far from civilization, the ranger walks the outer marches
The Emperor's Mark is wild and dangerous
Far too dangerous for normal men
He chose a life to carry out his Emperor's charges
Loyal to a fault, his day is long and he does not complain
His territory to patrol is great, from civilized to the wild horizons
The victory parades through marble arches are not for him
His work is unseen and beneath notice of the populace in the main
But he is important
For his eyes see things no one else can

You Left Me There

With tears I draw in memories
I remember the pain left behind
I surrendered
I cried
What else could I do
So many legacies remain ongoing
Sublime pain
Like a deep breath I hold in
Waiting to exhale with all I know
But I don't and I miss you
I know you don't miss me
You never knew I was alive
You didn't care if I lived or died
But the years passed and I am still here
The memories are a souvenir of the time
When you could have known me
But you left me there
And I've cried ever since

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When I Sleep, She visits Me

She comes to me while I sleep
A living dream of sorts
Behind the veil of waking
Her form moves my being
Graceful and soft
Curved delicately
She is a glorious apparition
I have vision of glory
She is the apex of the mountain
The fantastic treasure at the end of the trail
I am hers 
When she visits
But she leaves when my eyes open
And doesn't return until the night
I cry for her to no avail
I long for her to come back
But she is a spirit
Behind a veil
My soul's delight
So fleeting

There is just one

After it devours the sun
It hunts for flesh in the darkness
The Jaguar God of Terrestrial Fire 
Hidden from view in daylight 
The God of the underworld
Alive in our world
Hunting us
Eating us
Chasing us down 
Making us fear its power
Making us fear the night
It delights in our misery
Evening is filled
With the wickedness
That cannot be chased
From our life

When Kukulkan Returns

In the temple of the sun
Time burns
In 225 days Kulkulkan will return
His shadow present with us
For 900,000 years
Now his presence will grace us
The cycle has turned
We ignore the warnings
We laugh off the superstitious beliefs
But the cycle has about ended
And the new world is about to birth
Are we to be blessed
Are we to be cursed
Who are we to question
The new Gods upon the earth


Who and where are those who decide
What morals other people should live by
Are they human or gods
Are they moral or flawed
I am unworthy to make such choices
Outside of my own life
It is impossible for me to be just
The voices of the oppressed scream loudly
That they should suffer is wrong
But we are an ancient people
Satisfied with sports, spectacle and food
Our worries over personal responsibility long gone
We simply let the masters vote
For our circumstances
And change channels
From reality to abstract
In one moment

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Brothers

The Hound of Ulster
Had a heart that was so good
Few could understand his ways
But for his brother
Ferdiad of Fir Domnann
Ferdiad and Cúchulainn
Brothers of heart if not flesh
Bonded in heart and mind
Gáe Bulg born by Cúchulainn
Ferdiad blessed with invulnerable skin
Both taught by Scáthach of Alba
Who knew skills of battle
And had wisdom divine
She was a fierce and lovely
Warrior woman
Unlike any other
But her own twin
These two brothers
Left to their homes
One in Connacht
The other Ulster
But they could never be cleaved of the other
Or so they thought
But chance placed them on opposite sides
Of a battle
Between different peoples
In battle for days
Neither could win
But Gáe Bulg penetrated Ferdiad’s viscera
And Cúchulainn wept
For he loved his brother
And his brother loved him

Monday, May 7, 2012


It would be easier to make the sun rise in the west
Or make water run up a mountain
Than to get an apology for the worst things he did
But before he died he held me
Made me see
That he was sorry
And would I please forgive him
For he what he had done
And the things he should have done
But didn't
Forgive him?
Shaking in my arms
Anyone able to keep their hurt
Save their rage
And hold back forgiveness
Would be a stronger man
Than me
He saved me

Pestilence, Plague and Blame

The plague doesn't come flying atop a beast
Spreading its death
The plague doesn't arise from our misery
Eating our flesh
It is a symptom of humanity
To blame that
Which it cannot see
The plague exists
Because of me
My diet
My waste
My pursuits of pleasure
My tastes
I am the cause
So are you
But we blame others
To avoid the truth


I am told to not feel
I am told to not think
I am told to not see
Just obey
Never speak
I am told I am unworthy
I am told I am blind
But I have seen everything
And I am just
Biding my time

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Alpha and Omega

Terminal station

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ecce homo qui est mort

In obedience to the tribe
Of normality
The voice of the mad
Drowned in misery
Hiding his honesty
His rage
Silence is demanded
By the hive
So he is wrapped
In leather bindings
Fearfully imagining
His crimes
One lunatic caged
His voice silenced
Except for those in the mind
of the one who knows
The world is insane
Only he is clear of thought
He simply lacks the wisdom
To keep his silence

"Madness is rare in individuals, but in groups, parties, nations and ages is it the rule" Friedrich Nietzsche

With you

When you are absent
I long for your presence
To hear you breathing
To catch your scent
To be with you
Hear your heart beating
To lay with you
In bed
Your love pursues me
Never lets me feel
I am alone
I long to be in your arms
To linger in your being
Your heart is
Very truly
My home

The Frozen Moon's Plume

Deep within a moon of Saturn
Enceladus churns
Water flows beneath a surface
Frozen hard to the outside world
Water rises in a plume
Where the tides within
And the layers of slush
And walls of ice
Open for a moment
And then close again

Friday, May 4, 2012

Purpose built

By human hands
I was not constructed by directions
Nor made of parts made by men
I am not a product of my culture
Nor a product of my time
My flesh is born of intention
Someone made me on purpose
Built for reason
By design

Steel Reality

Labor is the pivot about which the world turns
In war workers are on both ends of the bayonet and rifle
In peace workers make what people consume, and the wealthy own
The labor is what the individual worker controls
The wealthy would not trifle with the definitions of the value of labor
If they were not aware that the power of the working man exists
Regardless of the rich men and women
Far more peanuts and beer are consumed
Than champagne and caviar
Capital is what we are told is the creator of jobs
But the creator of jobs is need
Not some idle handed greed
Let us celebrate those who produce
Instead of uplifting those
Who live at the top


Anyone walking the tightrope knows
Sometime soon they are going to fall
No matter their balance
Or their luck
Someone will come along and push
Down you go
Hopes and dreams and all

Thursday, May 3, 2012

You move me

Like the wind crossing the top of the tall grass of the field
Your spirit moves through me
Like the sound of children laughing in a park
Your joy moves me
Your scent is beautiful and allures me
There is no one I prefer to be with more
You move me
More than anyone
I long to be with you forever in that place
Where the grass is tall
The scent of honeysuckle fills the air
And we will embrace
Together there

Making it dark

I closed the curtains
Drew the shades
Turned off the lights
For all time
Nothing good remains
I won't be with you again
This blackness
All encompassing
This darkness
All I want to see
There is nothing left to lose
I gave it all to you
And now
In my little room
I hear voices telling me
To end it soon
Blackness is here
And you are gone
All I have is best left alone
All I have
Is memories of
The way I was with you

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For no other reason than, I wish to help

The darkness is hard enough to get through
The ground is uneven
The path is covered
Without even the light of the moon
And to be alone
Makes it desperate
Savagely difficult
So take my hand
Because I care
Because I want to show you
I've no secrets
No regrets
I would just be honored if you choose me
True love never dies
Never goes away
It might burn less fierce
Time might soothe the pain
But I never stopped
Never will
And I just want
To be here for you
To help you through the darkness

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nightmare above London

Silent leviathans
Dangerous if slow
Floating over London
Bombs falling
Innocent people die

Beasts of war
Trained to float above
And bring the battle
To the homes
Of the enemy

Baby Killer's caught in the search lights
Above the city defenses
The cost of war
Shared on the home front
Instead of the battlefield