Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Abandoned Walls

The guardian of towns and villages
It has been abandoned to decay
It stands alone upon the mountain ridge
Loyal to its charge, to watch and protect
The enemy long ago ceased its actions
No one near still attacks or pillages
Destiny forgets, and there is no such thing as fate
It stands unwavering, and silent
Unmoved by politics or ignoble factions
It is the castle wall of some distant time
Despite the wars it has stood
Against all who sought to pull it down
Long after it had been left
It still stands and watches
The passage of time does not diminish
The service nor the victory
It remains as a reminder
A memory of a passed age
Forgotten by modernity
Ignored by some
But it exists in plain view
A souvenir
A veteran of the wars
Standing and loyal
To a cause
That is true