Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Brothers

The Hound of Ulster
Had a heart that was so good
Few could understand his ways
But for his brother
Ferdiad of Fir Domnann
Ferdiad and Cúchulainn
Brothers of heart if not flesh
Bonded in heart and mind
Gáe Bulg born by Cúchulainn
Ferdiad blessed with invulnerable skin
Both taught by Scáthach of Alba
Who knew skills of battle
And had wisdom divine
She was a fierce and lovely
Warrior woman
Unlike any other
But her own twin
These two brothers
Left to their homes
One in Connacht
The other Ulster
But they could never be cleaved of the other
Or so they thought
But chance placed them on opposite sides
Of a battle
Between different peoples
In battle for days
Neither could win
But Gáe Bulg penetrated Ferdiad’s viscera
And Cúchulainn wept
For he loved his brother
And his brother loved him