Tuesday, December 25, 2012

When Stars Stood Still

The stars stood still for you
The sky spread wide apart
The day felt so new
This was a fresh start
The earth was ill prepared
For the gift you shared
The bridge was placed
Between the flesh and the word
The journey offered
Narrow and difficult
But the reward
So good
So pure
So worthy

Monday, December 24, 2012

Dusts of Oblivion

In you there is nothing for me
My insides are scarred from life
But I made a vow and I mean to be true
You linger here, seemingly
With nothing in your heart
I keeping waiting for the love to renew
And the truth comforts me
Because a burnt forest takes time to grow
The world can pass before I stop 
My heart was broken but I keep vigil
Waiting for you to know
I am not going anywhere without you
My resolve is rigid, my faith is strong
I will love you til there are no stars in the sky
Until all hope is gone
Waiting for you to know
I'm never leaving, not leaving you
Until the winds of oblivion blow
Dust through my skeletal hand

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fatal Fascination

Only a person who has
seen these things, could
know these things, could
desire these things.

Only a person with a problem
in his head, could imagine the
dead by his hand.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I am a poem unspoken

These wounds are grievous
But I must bleed
I am not someone's desire
I have no one to love me
I am broken into pieces
Unredeemed and crying
Not a mystery
Nor a secret
No one will be my fire
Wind without a sail, breath without lungs
I am broken, a poem unspoken
Tears keep falling down
I miss you now
Like I loved you then
Fully and fulfilled
My sorrow is my crown
Worn like a king of nothing
Surround by a mansion
Of empty rooms
I am worthless without you
Devastated by this ruthless knowledge that
I am alone, I will be forever
Having known you, having lost you
Having had you call my name
I wish I were dead
Instead I am a king of this emptiness
And wear my crown of shame
Upon my turned down head
So no one sees these tears
Of failure

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Unrequited Kiss

I long for the kiss of Azrael
But he refuses to allow it
I wish to go away forever
It is just out of reach

I attempt to surrender
But it is ignored
There is more of me lost
Than will ever be found

Necrotic at the core
I am less living than dead
No memories left to remember
Grown cold and laying

Upon this frozen ground
The clouds above a confluence
Of darkness and light
Never stopping

Dancing before earth's auditorium
They are comforting but silent
Yet they beckon me
To go to the other side

The prison of flesh is my tedium
The other side is freedom
The clouds spin
The spiral of energy flows

The opera sings my requiem
But I am still here
Who refuses to sever
The chains that bind me to this place

I am ready to leave
Let me fly
Life is my pain and death my opium
The door is open

Azrael kiss me, kiss me deadly


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Some think that the universe has justice
Some believe that life is good
Some believe that all the pain
We feel
Ultimately will remind us
Of what is true
Of what is worthy
Of what is just
But I don't know
I've no idea
I believe life just is
I believe that we exist
I believe all there is
Is what there is
And God knows
Why we live
Why we die
Why we sorrow
Laugh or cry
I don't know any more
Don't know the path
Don't know how to find
Heaven's door
With every dagger's twist
Every ironic shift
From every hope
To resolute exhaustive surrender
I don't know why we are here
And I don't want to remember
I just wish to sleep
I just wish
To go away
Dream of the end
In my cold little place
In my cold little world


This sorrow wears me
I am worn like a blanket
Weighted with lead
My dreams have died
My flesh is cold
I've nothing but sorrow inside
Driving me down
Driving me down
Where nothing lives
A blackness fecund
Torments and chains
Holding me down
With no need to commit suicide
My life flees
Upon its own
and my sorrow
wears me
Like a fucking crown

The Adams Monument by Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beauty in Ice

Amidst this frozen miracle
The winter darkness
Still bears life
I am fascinated by
Pure water forming ice
Patterns form and are beautiful
Delicate yet sharply defined
Coldly etched upon the surface
Time will erase them
The day will birth
The sun will rise
They will melt and fade
But until the thaw comes
I am content
To look at them
And wonder at them
Because their beauty reminds me
That nothing lasts forever
No matter how beautiful they might be

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beneath the ice

Overhead an eagle flies
Above the snow field
Beneath the river ice
My stream still flows
In winter I am
Still alive
Upon the surface
A crow dances upon the snow
For life exists
No matter the season
I must persevere
Despite my sorrow
Despite the many reasons
I find
To not go on
There will be no winter kill
I will not enter

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Passion without fear

Like a beast
Without shame
It is within me
It hunts without fear
Unwilling to be tamed
Wild, passionate
Unsubtle but silent
Hungry but restrained
Hidden but real
My passion for you
Cannot be held back
I long for you
Like a beast
Upon the hunt
Your being near me
Like a feast
Your lips
My desire
In my heart
A beast hunts your being
That beast is unquenched
With absolute fire