Saturday, April 30, 2011


In the fading light of day
Twilight is beautiful
But is a portent of the end
When the world burns
When the great tree is dead
When the beast kills the Gods
When evil ascends
Until the rise
Of a new world
A new life
Where all that has burned
Makes the land fertile
And all that has passed before
Is dust in twilight skies

Friday, April 29, 2011

I am alone

In a crowd I am alone
Struggling to survive
The vacant emptiness
Of the world
Around me
In solitude I am alone
With no one to harm me
But the pain of loneliness
Still burns
Within me
I have nothing of value
In a room full of treasure
For I do not seek
Gold and silks
Finery and pleasures
But rather
To be
Filled with another
Who longs
For me

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Dissection of my whole
My body is putrified
By sadness
With an infection
Of my soul
I stare in apt reflection
Lost in the gaze
Of the abyss
Fully aware
Of my descent into
The sorrow
I cannot erase
The memories
Of my loss
I can almost taste
The bleeding

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Between the snow falling
On the Spring ground
I look at the crystals
Fade away
Ever since she left
I’ve been crying cold tears
Standing outside the house
It’ll never be a home again
Not in 100 years
These tears that are falling
With no one here to catch them
I am alone for the rest of my time
Here on earth
Living with myself
Shouldn’t be a curse
But she thought it was
So why not me
Why not me
I am stain upon her soul
I am a bad memory
I am someone she would rather
Never have met
And now she is free
Why not me
Because instead
I am a curse
A curse
She cannot take any more
And won’t look back
I can’t look forward
I might as well
Be dead

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The bell tolled

He was trained to kill
He did it very well
He was called to that place
That he'd prove himself
He created hell
On the ground
As he fired down
From above
He could rain down
Death and terror
Upon the grounds
When he was done
So many laid
He'd bring a moment
Of slaughter
To pay out
What he felt
He'd been paid
But his mind was wrong
Either grown evil
Or twisted by a tumor
His mother and wife first
And then the many
Who'd never heard of him
Seen him
Thought of him
Or knew him

Monday, April 25, 2011


All there is, is nothing
For as far as the eye can see
So just hold on
Until there is something
You know is real
And trust only
What you can feel

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Humble Extravagance

She was known to be beautiful
Known to be powerful
But a mystery
Full of intrigue
To men

She was covered in silks
And jewelry
She was lavished in treasures
From around the world

But her countenance was not of leisure
Nor pleasure
But of anger and hurt
In her dark gorgeous eyes
You could see the flame
Of anger that boiled and would burn
But it was not as it happens
That she was wrong
Her anger was righteous
Her face was true
Her people had faced defeat
And were sold into slavery
The monarchs of her people
The sole free to leave
And she lingered in that part
Of the world
Trying to find some way
To restore her people
To freedom
But the consequences
Of loss
Had spread them
To every corner
Of the known globe
And her heart ached
To know
She could not make things right
So she made an effort
Where she stood
To redeem her life
By buying and freeing slaves
By building a new sort of order
One less obsessed with wealth
One possessed of hope
That by starting new they might
Find some purpose from the loss
And redeem their lives
By paying the cost
For the next generations
The new nation
Of the dyaspora who would return
To the homeland
That gave them birth

Friday, April 22, 2011

For the almighty, dollar

When men are sent in
To fight, to covertly operate
Is it any kind of victory
Is it really easier to kill and be killed
Than to cooperate
Is it better by far, to take a life
Than to try to understand
How many will die
To sate the hunger
Of the almighty, dollar
How many will fall
Upon the altar
Of greed?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wine Poured Out

1964 It got worse
We were drawn in deeper
In an alien part of the earth
Few could find on the map
We were tired of war
Tired of the curse of anger
The scars from the great wars
Still brightly seen
This green beautiful place
The blue skies
Above the green thick cover
Showed the jets flying sorties
Bombing river boats
Attacking bridges
To choke the flow
Of materiel to the South
This corner of an ignored world
Was now crossroads of Cold war conflict
East versus West
Super powers collide
Politically charged fires
In a world with borders
Drawn with barbed wire
We sent our children to fight
To make a stand
For an ill defined goal
In a foreign land
And we won nothing
But the costs of lost youth
Sorrow beyond measure
Toxic poisons in our soul
Broken warriors with limbs with no use
A beautiful vintage of wine
Poured upon the ground
After so much promise
What was the point

What was the point

There is none.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We are of different beliefs
We follow different rules
We have no common blood
No common dream
Our definitions are different
Of what is cruel
We are not the same kin
Despite our desire
To be so
Divided by differences
Divided by ideals
What makes us one
Is neither dreams nor fears
Neither pain nor pleasure
But the need to survive
As the others
Fight over the world's treasures
The end of this world
Has already begun

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Near Dream's Borders

I walked the reaches
Of dream's borderlands
Where the walls are high
And there is no sentry
But for the wolves
Who howl for night
But the borderlands
Bear no darkness
Nor the depth
Of that foul lair
The domain for that
Is nightmare
Where the demon prince
Is sitting in his throne
In the land
Where lesser men fall
And lay entombed by fear
And failed dreams
Returning from my sleep
I walked the lands
Where night is forbidden
And light is eternal
And I am held
In the warmth of that place
Forever after

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Babylon We Made

By the walls of the monument there
Memorial to the greatness of man
They lay silent of voice
Of what we truly are
Trading flesh for mountains
Of steel and wire
We made our choice
And forget what we have lost
Upon the ground level
So small beneath the walls
There walks a crooked bodied man
Who is one who was tossed
Out into the streets
Left to fend for himself
But he paid the cost
For the city to ascend
Now his body is bent
To pay for the sins
Of the men
Who paid to build new Babylon
To show their dominion
They own the steel and concrete fortresses
Monuments of vitality
Of the world we made
We forget all the Gods we forbade
From being seen
For the cities reach higher
Than the skies

Sunday, April 17, 2011

In this Metropolis

You looked my way
I'd kiss your lips but
They aren't meant for me
I'd caress your face but
There's another way you see
I am just waiting here
For the train to come
If you don't see that
You missed your train I think
And then its begun
Then its begun
Your lips are meant for another
But my instinct is to hover
Waiting near to see
If you'll take me in
And love me
And then I wonder why
Nobody loves any more
When all I have to do is cry
For a new lover to open a door
And let me in
Let me in
Let me in

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Modernity we praise you
We set ourselves
Upon your altar
We long to be made new
Despite the past
That pours through

We praise all things modern
Forget the archaic
However sublime
We ignore all that passed before us
For that was old
Before its time

Modernity will have its Roman Triumph
The procession will march as it follows
The path of least resistance
Made so by sacrifices of others
Who were caught up in the throes
Of ecstasy and of terror
Of the new world before their eyes
We mock the past for its primordial ooze
But doing so covers us with lies

Modernity is like a snake
Winding down a maze
Only the head is visible
While the tail and body
Are hidden from gaze
We do not expect it
We are inheritors
Of this world
To find this world cast upon us
We are lavished upon
We are turned and dance
For while this world is perfect
Many burned to reach this place
Many died to give us this chance
This moment is not now
This moment has happened before
The events of the past are still happening
But the innocence of then
Cannot be restored

Friday, April 15, 2011


Created to replace the flesh bound
She is cold steel and perfect
She is immune to emotions
And her voice is hammer sounds
Her wiring is complex
Her heart an electrical mass
We have crowned her
As our queen
She is superior indeed
To any fleshy thing
We long to be like her
Cold to emotions
Strong and tireless
Exhibiting no weakness
Immune to desires

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Try as you may

There is only dust and we are only clay
We can aspire to God but I can't see the way
The path is narrow and the way is hard
I am in so much pain, I've so many sorrows in my heart
So I beg of any who listen to give me some hope
For I am not able to make it on my own

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shi Huangdi

Ruthless and brave
Warrior and thinker
Cultural force
Burner of books
Holder of the throne
The master of the Qin
Shi Huangdi
Maker of China
Builder of the wall
Remembered in victory
The master of laws
The ruler of all
Legalism his means
Control his ends
Shi Huangdi believed
In a destiny for men
And China
The middle kingdom
Would be King
Of both now
And the future

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Libyan Oil

Where are the chants
Of no blood for oil
Apparently we've become immune
To memories we scorn
Whatever ruler
Holds the power
We adjust our disdain
Our disgust
For war
For hate
But the leader we chose
Is right
His views and ours mate
We agree
So that whoever it is
We hold him in high regard
We all cannot wait
For our side to be right
So when
No not if
The one we support
Does the same
As previous leaders
Whatever the cause
Or reason
With our morals so flexible
Whatever the season
We can autofellate
So long as
We are right

The First Man

He was the first
A pioneer
Periodically one appears
One man, sent into the darkness
One sent against the unknowable
Bravely and patriotically
Sent with hopes
And many fears
He survived
And was one
Who conquered the unknown
Proving again
This race of flesh beings
Can overcome
All that stands before us
In peace

12 April 1961, Gagarin became the first human to travel into space, launching to orbit aboard the Vostok 3KA-3 (Vostok 1). His call sign was Siberian Pine. (From Wiki)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another time

I saw her from a distance
I never spoke to her
Or touched her hand or hair
I knew if I was able
I'd suffer forever after
And my soul would tear
For she was beautiful
And she moved with grace
Her eyes penetrated my own
Her soul was powerful
And I could feel my orbit
Begin to be pulled
Towards her
Towards her
Towards her

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Give me hope, Or I will die

I am composed
Of clay
God's image molded
In my spirit
God's hand creates
The soul within my mass
I am alone
Inside the world around me
I am not of this tribe
Nor species
Nor kin
I am alone above all
Nothing but hope inside
For without it
I would die
And the spark would fade
Destiny be damned
There is no fate
But to live
And then
But to die

Friday, April 8, 2011

Never another

Not going to play
Not going to cry
Not going to let my heart hurt
Not letting her in this time
Her love isn't joy
but a curse
I cannot begin to answer why
All I know is
I don't need these wounds
I don't need to suffer
I don't want to bleed
I might want a lover
Every time she smiles
Something inside me dies

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Je ne peux plus l'amour

You have hurt me
You have torn me so
Wounded my soul
Thrown me to the winds
Made my heart so cold
I am the one
Who must recover
From this
Never again can I
Be someone's lover
Never again will I kiss
I am undone by you
You have gripped my being
My spirit has burned through
Your words the match
Your love the gasoline
Answers to my questions
I will never receive
You never loved me
But I always believed
And now it is over
My heart beats
Aching the sound of thunder
I can barely breathe
I am torn asunder
Thrown into the breeze
Cast into the sea
I am no longer alive
I simply survive

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


“Smooth shapes are very rare in the wild but extremely important in the ivory tower and the factory.” Benoit Mandelbrot

Every moment we turn
We grind against the steel
And all there is
Is the sound of decay
And horror
Day by day
By the toll of life
How much is left
To the ticking clock
Every second dances
Falls away lost to our hands

Azrael calls
We are fools
To ignore
We are ground
Into dust
But we go on
Until our lost
Are found
The way is known
There is often so little hope
The cost is great
When we die
We are all nude
And gray
And cold

We are left with nothing
But leave knowing
There was something
Worth living for
Something to wait for
Before dying
We endure
For there is purpose
We live
For there is something
In us
To find

Before we leave
Take my hand
I leave soon
But not before
I know
Before I find
What is righteous
In me

Gertrude Stein "There is no straight line in nature"

Monday, April 4, 2011

We are the RUS

Covered in rings of metal
Armed with forged steel
Protected by Thor’s runes
We are his hammer
drinking wine
from virgin navels
eating dates
from looted caravans of camels
We are the Rus
Feel our wrath
Our ways are harsh
Our steel is true
Covered in your blood
We follow the path
We are the living
Who long have traveled
The paths of the dead
Covered in crimson
We paint the snows so white
With red
From north of Africa
To western reaches
Of Persia
We exist to conquer
We will overwhelm
Your foolish walls
And defenses
Keep your ways
Maintain the pretense
Your perfect society
Will fail
For we come upon our ships
Will steal what you make
Take what you produce
Leave for you to resume
Your lives
Until the next harvest
Coming soon
Light the fires
To light our way
To invite our rage
Your shores will be ours
We will take your treasures
Your walls will fall
And we shall enter in
To pillage and burn
Kill your warriors
And then
We will leave
Only to again return

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cold and Dreamless

The sky was dark
Despite it being day
The sun hung low
Upon the horizon
Winter was thick
There was no shame
Of being cold
Wrapped in blankets
The winter winds blew
The ice and snows came
You had to huddle
To keep your bones
From shaking
From the long falling frigid rain
This winter wasn’t a season
It was a time
When the dreamers slept
And life was empty
There was no reason
To exist
For the good had passed
There was only treason
The veil of darkness had fallen
And day looked like dusk
The night was pitch black
There was only hope
And that was failing
We lingered in the place
In despair
For there was nothing we could do
To change

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Into Graylands

I’ve wandered and I’ve spun my thread
To the end of its length
I’ve searched forever
To solve this wretched torment
And I’ve slept
For I need rest
The graylands are quiet
Forbidding strangers venture
The walls are tall
And the watchers are silent
Waiting for answers
That won’t come in sleep
For emotion is a dream
Revealing our fears
Revealing the fragility
Of our soul
In passion we thrive
But it is dust and toil
Despite our lust
To know
To be in middle
And be able to choose
To know what is false
To know the truth
In the midst of turmoil
You can feel the twist
Of a dagger
In your back
In the mist of anger
Hate prevails
Regardless of danger
Of wounds
And friendly fire
Between friends
And their motives
And strangers
And their unknown ends
Of lovers and love
Of perfumed lust
And unholy desire
I fall down waiting
For the final strike
The final blow
I beg for my being
To be free
From the flesh’s control
I long to be redeemed
From the bonds
That hold
I long to be free
For there is more than me
More than what I can see
I long to taste it in my heart
My flesh cries out
Let me be released
Let it be begun
For there are no answers
Bound here in my flesh
My spirit longs to dance
In the graylands
With my love


The snow covered
The entire forest floor
It laid thick
In the aspen branches
A white coat that smothered
All the colors
The last dancers
Remaining from Autumn
A raven lands
His black feathers
From top to bottom
A discordant theme
From the white snow
There is a moment
Of bliss
The sound of nothing
The absence of warmth
Purity of image
Simple perfection
Of nature alive
No need to conform
No stimuli
Simple existence
Beautiful without guile
Without purpose
Beyond demands
Just living

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Tower in the desert

An alluring vision
So unique
In the depths of night
Walks alone
Under darkest reach
Of African sands
Before her
The tower stands
It showers its mystique
Upon the surrounding land
Baptized in blood
Of the sentries
Who defend against
The invader wave
Riding camels
And Arabian horse
Led by a prophet
The horde a beast
The adult men
And enslaving the rest
To sell for gold and silver
And precious gems
Forbidding them life
Outside of another’s control
They toiled
Until death
No matter
The worth
Of their life and soul
The Tower stands
All of the loss
For the love of gold
She walks away from it
Refusing to enter
The Tower is empty
The toll is a memory
That haunts


Invited in
Changed everything
Made special
God would create
One voice
I can never forget
My son
Was made this day
And by so doing
My being was made