Saturday, April 2, 2011

Into Graylands

I’ve wandered and I’ve spun my thread
To the end of its length
I’ve searched forever
To solve this wretched torment
And I’ve slept
For I need rest
The graylands are quiet
Forbidding strangers venture
The walls are tall
And the watchers are silent
Waiting for answers
That won’t come in sleep
For emotion is a dream
Revealing our fears
Revealing the fragility
Of our soul
In passion we thrive
But it is dust and toil
Despite our lust
To know
To be in middle
And be able to choose
To know what is false
To know the truth
In the midst of turmoil
You can feel the twist
Of a dagger
In your back
In the mist of anger
Hate prevails
Regardless of danger
Of wounds
And friendly fire
Between friends
And their motives
And strangers
And their unknown ends
Of lovers and love
Of perfumed lust
And unholy desire
I fall down waiting
For the final strike
The final blow
I beg for my being
To be free
From the flesh’s control
I long to be redeemed
From the bonds
That hold
I long to be free
For there is more than me
More than what I can see
I long to taste it in my heart
My flesh cries out
Let me be released
Let it be begun
For there are no answers
Bound here in my flesh
My spirit longs to dance
In the graylands
With my love