Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Wails for the dead and Newborns mingle

The mourning wails for the recent dead
Intermingle with the cries of the newborns
The living share their space with the passing souls
Who are in transit from this place to the next
And there is a sweet communion between them
As one leaves for the Elysian fields
And the other has to find a way
For here upon earth
Sanctuary never exists
Except those who create it
Except for those who seek
Some souls never shall find it
For the broken wings of their spirit
Cannot lift them to that haven
Cannot allow them to escape
And the world keeps spinning
However well we partake
In the offerings, of the way
Of life, as it passes by
As it passes by
Some are lost behind the veil
Some are washed beneath the waves
As time moves on, nothing remains
That isn’t swept away in the tides
And cast out to sea

new poem: Thrust of Blame

They thrust
Blame upon me
I am shamed by their voice
But I never did what they say
I cannot escape their views
Or faulty memories
I can never be the same
Just a moment of trust would go nicely
To soothe the wounds they’ve opened
On me
A moment of trust so distant and lost
They won’t let me be, again
I am broken beyond repair
Blame upon me
Shame upon me
I could explain but it doesn’t matter
They’ve as much as framed me
They’ve judged me as being wrong
And it doesn’t matter a damn
Truth is trumped by anger
Over and over again.