Saturday, July 31, 2010

Angel Mourning

Let us look upon the world we make
Let us survey our works
And compare them to what we've been given
And let us wonder
Should we be forgiven

Consecrated to the world
The son’s grave was held to be
Home to greater divinity
We’d carry the symbol
Call upon its power
Until something else
Captured our attentions
Our good intentions
We become distracted
And the visions of our being
So devastated in his absent shadow
So hallowed
We are consumed and bound in sin
Our skin is our cloak, so thin and weak
We find our world lost
Rain forests burning covered in smoke
Our oceans filled with oil
Cities burgeoning
With crime and pestilence
Any holy ground is now polluted soil
God and heavens please save us
If there should be
Any chance for redemption

Friday, July 30, 2010


"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer."
Albert Camus

White falling from the sky
Through clouds that appear
As a white cut slit
In the growing cold
The land begins to freeze
Light gets absorbed
And heat fails to emit
We try to make our way
But however we exhort our flesh
Our vision is clouded by haze
Born of the snow and ice mix
And it burns our lungs to take a breath
The ice is covering our eyes and face
Our bodies slow in response
And soon however much we desire
We move at such a pace
As to be frozen in ice
And the day turns into night
And fire cannot keep us warm enough
To survive

"The pine stays green in winter... wisdom in hardship."
Norman Douglas

Mars Staring

"Many of us who have our homes
on Olympus endure things from men,
when ourselves we inflict hard pain
on each other".
Homer, Iliad 5.385

"Most hateful to me are you of all gods
on Olympus, for ever is strife dear to
you and wars and fightings."
Homer, Iliad 5.890

Stark and barren
Alone watching
Waiting upon the fallen
In another era
His dreams would become
Our nightmares
But Mars is staring
Into the heavens
For the earth
Is violent
And uncaring
The lord of violence
In combat
The God of bestial rage
Turns his back upon us
For we are worse than he
And he is our patron saint

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alone Again

I still longed for her touch
My desire had left me undone
I dreamed of her in the white dress
Looking serene like a goddess of love
Her eyes sparkled with power
As if she could act with but a thought
She was able to devour
All that I was inside
Her beauty was so surreal
Unbelievable and magical
I was in her spell
Unable to escape
She moved me within
But left me in pain
I loved her
But she drove me away
I remember her face
As she walked out
She said this is it
And left no doubt
That I was unloved
And she’d be gone
Farewell sorrow of my soul
Farewell cold November rain
I am desolate
I am alone

Friday, July 23, 2010


I've been here all along
Don't mind me at all
I've been waiting for it
Waiting on it to come
I've been just waiting
For the apocalypse
My life's been over
I am just hanging on
Waiting to see the Horsemen
Appearing through the mist
I long to be there when the banners fly
To see the return of the one
Avoid the whore of Babylon's kiss
Try to feel it all but not to die
See the final battle
When mankind learns the truth
And the ravens cry
When the miseries are begun
The end is on the way
I am waiting for the proof
When the returned wields his sword
And the devil's day is done

Wednesday, July 21, 2010



The Praise of a Goddess

On an island in the sea
Above the shores, upon a hill
In the temple of a Goddess
Abandoned for millennia
In the silence of the ruins
You can hear the choirs
Singing to their patroness
Singing to her glory
So perfect in her majesty
So worthy of song and stories
For in their worship
For in their prayers and sacred ways
They left a footprint upon the world
Their souls poured out in joy
To a being, joined in worship
United in their praise
Forever in the evers
They still remain in praise
Upon that island

Monday, July 19, 2010

it doesn't help to know

The whispers in the rain
Call your name
Telling me your longings
Telling me your sorrows
They move me to tears
At the injustice
Of having no tomorrows with you
But some things are destined
And others aren’t meant to be
Tell me now, does it help you then
To know that I cannot be the one
To dry your eyes, to call your name
Does it help to know this
That I remain
Devoted despite distant
Loving but not in love
Does it help to know that
I can still be wounded
As if I were still the one?
It doesn’t help me
It doesn’t wrap me in its arms
Doesn't hug me
It doesn’t help to know
That you still love me

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ancient Race, Destroyed

The moment of sorrow
Addressed in prayer
To unknown Gods of an ancient race
Who demand to be fed
By the blood of the innocent

Sacrificial blades
Held aloft before they strike
By the Priests of Atlantis
Downward they fall with no emotions at all
Another baby is slaughtered
But the deluge will happen
Crashing through the walls

The city will crumble
As the ocean water pours in
The continent will sink
With enormous waves
As earthquakes avenge
The deviant debauch
And no one will remember

For the world will be renewed
After the fire
The destruction
And pain
But the tears of the fall
Will be the rain
That makes the world green

Saturday, July 17, 2010


In the end of life
We celebrate one’s success
Funeral parades
And the cremated remains
Speak nothing of the sorrow

(Japanese poetry form Tanka used)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Different Storms

Upon the battlements
The sentries watch and wait
They are bored but attentive
Fearing the result of their sleep
Should they fall
And the enemy jumps the gates

They are waiting for
the Golden Horde
Who comes without invite
Who ride their ponies
And foot march through storms

Without rest, without mercy
Who fears neither darkness nor light
The winter forgives no one
So the marchers never slow down
To let the snows gather
Nor linger in the winter sun
Singularly driven

To assault the neighboring land
Stealing all the grains
Slaving and depraving, and the like
Crawling up the castle walls
And consuming every life

So the sentries know their duty
And make certain
To be awake for the onslaught
Even if they will not survive

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I woke up to Red Skies

I woke up to red skies
Sitting in the midst of rubble
I was praying for comfort
But I wasn’t standing
Upon any holy ground
The smoke was rising
Collapsing lives unfulfilled
There wasn’t a sound
The fire was growing
The winds were still
And the rain fell down
Someone crying for a life of hell
And the need for a scarlet garment
A striking red wedding gown
The groom is returning soon
The bride’s life is burning
There is no room to recover
For we live upon the world’s edge
About to fall in the crevice
Having already abandoned the fetus
To the salt water tide
And our sisters and brothers
And having devoured our parents
In a ritual sacrifice
We passed the cup to drink
Beneath the silent screams
We hid beneath our disguise
A cloak of withered flesh
A belt of broken dreams
Our hopes turned to dust
The red skies are turned loose
Our lies are the noose
That hangs us

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saint Joan

An answer to a prophecy
A messenger from God
Jeanne d’Arc
Saint of Lorraine,
Maid of Orléans
Saint Joan of Arc
The spirit within you
Straight from God’s heart
19 years old, and spiritually moved
You refused to take no for an answer
You raised a country from ruin
When trained men wouldn’t start
Orléans so foreboding
Held as a lynch pin
To the country’s freedom
From the English
To Charles’ crown
You led his army to victory
Whilst you held his banner
And the people flocked to you
But you abstained from praise
The glory was God’s not yours
So you said no
And you were betrayed
Called a witch despite your faith
You were pure and innocent
In custody raped
And still you saw God
You burned when they set you
Upon a pyre for witchcraft
And you were innocent
Saint Joan we cannot know
How much more you’d have done
But know we all what you did
First with simple prayer
And then with battles you won

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Winter castle with Ravens

In the coldest, driest winter
A castle stands so bleak
With blustery winds lifting
Plumes of snow and ice
And passing ravens
The people of the castle are huddled within
Sitting and warming before the fires
They wait for the enemy to invade
But who would leave a warm place
For this frozen outpost of a shire
But they fear the invaders coming again
So the sentries stare out from the towers
Hiding behind the battlements from the wind
Praying to their many Gods
To be delivered from this place
Before they begin to cower
The cold leads to despairing
The ice and snow bite the skin
And the waiting drives them mad
When march the vulgar clans
Their skin covered drums begin

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Swan Princess in the lilies

I saw her bathing in the pond
Through the tall grasses I spied
She was beautiful beyond my dreams
Her grace reminded me of a swan
So gently able to maneuver, and glide
The only sound, confluence waters of a stream
Filling the space where the pond lay
Where she was serene
In the summer sunlight
The gentle breeze
And my gaze
Tears filled my eyes
As I turned away
For she was so beautiful
So divine
In the Lilies
I knew she’d never be mine

Because I am RA

Because I am Ra
This world exists
Without my being
There is nothing beyond
I created the world with my tears and sweat
Children of mine are mankind
Mandjet the Boat of Millions of Years
Is morning light
Mesektet the evening veil
The evening darkness
Carry me beyond
The world calls out in pain
But I created the rains
And bring the harvest
The Nile cries out
As the rise of waters inundates
The deluge of water and mud
The people who depend upon her flow
Starve without the flood
And still I am Ra
Formless was the earth
Void were the heavens
And I came into being
The earth was made of rock
No green to be seen
And still I am Ra
I made the rains to fall
The oceans to fill
The earth to take form
There is only me
And I am the sun to warm the land
Light to fill the sky
And children to stand
Upon the warm sands of Egypt

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Before me, Behind the veils

When my eyes spied her
I was consumed
She was the perfect one
She would be my proof
That God had saved a being
Simply for my eyes
Within her gorgeous being
I saw the truth
And she danced for me
She danced
And nothing could remove
This feeling inside my soul
Called love
We fell into each other
Like rain falling into a lake
We mingled freely therein
And our dreams moved to hover
Above us watching
As passions took us away
Into the ever passing
We longed no more
To be saved
For we were
And together so
The ever took us in
With just the two of us
In each other's being
We consumed lust with love