Saturday, August 19, 2017

We are Wolves of the Sea

Our fury
Led others to think
We were bestial
Perhaps they were correct
We had caught the scent
The enemy was near
When we would find them
We would kill them
Their town would be pillaged
Yes, we are wolves
We longed to taste of the enemy
We rode upon the back of dragons
Soon we'd feed upon the flesh
Of the keepers of the temple
Slay their servile villagers
Yes, we were wolves
We were beasts
We flew across the surface
Along the coast of the southern sea
Our Drake Fartyg floated
As if lighter than the water beneath
The sails were pulled down
The morning mist gilded the sun
Some prayed, some oiled their swords
And the blades of our axes
The oars were used to pull us forward
Quietly, we entered the river mouth
Silently, we didn't say a word
We worked our way inland
Still undetected, still silent
We arrived at the beach near the town
Without having stirred any disturbance
We leaped off the ship
Pulled it up nearest to land
Sprinted across the rocks and sand
Wherever there were men in armor
We slew them before they could speak
Not one screamed
Not one made a sound
They'd now bled out
Making the beach
A sort of sacred ground
We move across the city
Burning what could burn
Killing what could move
Gathering what we might need
Or what we'd bring to our home
North of there
Across the sea

Friday, August 18, 2017

No pride in man made things

Dear Lord
Sweet Savior
Your mercy I do not deserve
And your grace is why I serve
Your beauty is why I weep
I listen deep calling unto deep
God I am yours
And have been since time began
Your name I've known
You are all of who I am

"Jesus is the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God – He was lionhearted and lamb-like, strong and meek, tough and tender, aggressive and responsive, bold and brokenhearted. He sets the pattern for manhood." Revelations 5:5

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Full Sacrifice

I gave my life
In exchange
For forgiveness
I used my sword
To protect
I wore the cross
To display
My repentance
And my life
Is not lost
But found

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

artifacts of modern empires

Erecting statue monoliths
To the glory of our species
So that none will ever doubt
Our claim to greatness
That is where the lie speaks
It's undistinguished filth
A massive attempt of hubris
With the famine and drought
Left behind by modernity
None will miss it
None will stare in amazement
Seeing the artifacts of existence
Of a non existent people

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My fairest love

Never have I carried a banner
For a love I didn't foster
Never have I lost a joust
With that love burning
I hold you deep in my amour
In joust as well as battle and slaughter
Never can this fire be doused

My lady has not requited my love
But my will is greater
My heart is covered in armor
But she is my beloved
Deeply I long for her favor
This love will make me a martyr

Monday, August 14, 2017


We are not the victims of our actions
We are a disease, and life is the symptoms
Cloning bodies for parts to harvest
Building robots to do our labor
Artificial lives replacing our own
They are artifacts of our existence
Soon humans will be washed from the system
Our perceptions of existence are twisted
Laziness, cynicism, fear, and sorrow
Pave the way through our world

Surrendering our sovereignty
We refuse to be our own masters
Because that might be difficult
And we seek the ease of freedom
Our lives are temporary, will not last
Asleep in our flesh, our indolence
Becomes our beacon
Our species by its own hand castrated
We longed for perfection
An utopic world
But instead
A dystopia
Is what we created

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Knot

In Gordium, a city of ancient Phrygia
Home to ancient king Midas
Now kingless, and without direction
The dystopia had turned Stygian
With the future hopes turned idle
A disturbing future, upon reflection

The Gordian knot was offered
As a solution for whoever solving
Would be worthy of leadership
The solution would bring honor
Acknowledgement of the new king
And the mind needed for kingship

Great Alexander of Macedonia
Was invited to solve the mystery
The entangled and impossible Gordian knot
Should a person be able to decipher it
Would be worthy of the throne
And would create a utopia
Alexander was a man of victory
And of battles previously fought
With this knot he sought to solve it
His battle wits would answer, would atone

He became frustrated
While a strategic and tactical genius
His mind was suited for battle
Less the maze or capricious options
He became irritated
Quickly answering the thesis
With his sword slashing open the riddle
Slicing the knot into two portions

But more than kingship
Was Alexander destined
But of empire
And future memory
And legend

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Beyond my reach

I've visited times ancient
Flown through the ether
Saw the birth of new planets
And the death of great stars
My spirit has never died
And my flesh has been birthed
Millions of times, millions of lives
And I still wonder
Still am amazed
By the beauty in your eyes
By the glories of your smile
For you are unique
In a world of clones
You are one who stopped time
For the universe to stop and look
And I am so broken to know
You are beyond my reach
For I am fading
While you
Are ascendant

Friday, August 11, 2017

Dolly 1, 2, 3 infinity

Unraveling the ribbons of information
We lose our identities, and our individuality
With gene ablation, and raw castration
We lose our humanity and despair
We enter insanity
From our herding
We are no longer wild
Our souls are tamed
We no longer need our personhood
Nor do we need individual names
Cultivated and harvested for parts
Organs are not needed by those
Without brains
Soon we will be outnumbered
By the clones of our flesh
And by the machines
Who prefer our slumber
So that the organics dwindle
And the manufactured
Forever after

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Victory or Defeat

Victory or defeat
We must fight
Our self esteem sacrifices
More than the Greeks versus the Persians
We weave a web of self deceit
Fooling no one but ourselves
Creating a hundred different versions
Of the book of lies
Our agonies played out so very indiscreet
We fight to win
We fight to survive
We are called to do so
Live or die
The battle is complete

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Last Wish

I say this without hope
Anyone will agree
After years of struggle
I became the disease
That gnawed
And stole my breath
I am sorry
If asking is a sin
But God I beg you
Let me be released
From this cold cage
Covered in skin
God I pray you hear
This prayer of unease
I hate to beg please
But I can't go on
Without your answer
I walked into the darkness
With you at my side
Guiding my way
But I've become the cancer
And I can not do this
On my own
I beg you please
Release my body
Please ascend my soul
I am broken
And I bloodied
But take me now
And take me whole
God I beseech you
Please release me
I give you all control
And close my eyes
One last time
Let my flesh pass
And let there be death
I am ready
There is nothing left

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Clay, Dust, Meat and Spark

Our sleep is filled with dreams
But our waking hours are
Filled with visions
We are the children
Of the past decisions
Of our parents flesh prisons
In the middle of our living
We come to know what the cost will be
Unaware if it is the end or the beginning
We wander along freely
Not knowing where we are
The world makes us pay
We work hard not to hate
But our lives are dust
And meat
With no hope
Or legacy

Monday, August 7, 2017

Proof of Existence

I know very little
Since so much is far beyond
I am not a genius
So I try just to carry on
This, this
Is my proof God exists
He showed me love so true
Now I know
I am loved
I am changed
Because of you
By loving me
I am redeemed
My fears fell away
God gave me love
So divine
When I learned upon the day
I would be a parent
I can believe in joy
You took me in your heart
And blessed me with our boy
Removed all of my shame
Removed my isolation
You gave me love
Banished my damnation
You set me free
From everything

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."  The Book of  Jeremiah 1:5

Sunday, August 6, 2017

spiral staircase in the stars

Walking up a spiral staircase in the stars
Leads me nowhere but home
No directions I need to take
So long as I look forward
Instead of loving the past and our scars
When I hold onto hurt and live alone
Stare into the void and start to shake
Best not to harvest from sorrow's orchard
The future is not a promise but the past is a lie
Walk in the light
Make a vow to live
Never surrender to the voices
That make you choose to die

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Look into my eyes, you'll gaze into my soul
Place your lips upon mine, inhale my spirit inside
I long to know more about you
I long to know your secret name
Woven into your soul and your mind
Your secret looks will be understood
Our nuances and breath
Can be secrets between us assured
I want to see you smile
A smile that speaks only to me
I want to hold your body
And know that you know
The language of love I speak
Only spoken by you and me
Look into my eyes
And you'll see
A secret I will keep
That only you will know
I saved it for this time
Only this time

Friday, August 4, 2017


These tears are a flood
Broken I bleed
Drain the blood
Ignore the pain
Take the vein
Suck the poison out
Time is short
I grieve
Too much
My life in doubt
Time to abort
This life prejudged
Let them all see
And let them watch me

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Not of this world

The way of the world
Is to use until there is nothing left
In that aspect of my being
I have been quite inept
But in other ways of the world
I've been the one
Aimed at with contempt
And that is ok
I am unaware
I can't help it
I don't care
I'm not desperate
I am me
No one else has that disability
Only me
Please believe
I am free
No conformist regrets
After I am gone
Everyone will forget
That guy who was mentally wrong

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I kissed a ghost

In the morning I walked in the garden
Wet with due, golden in the morning sun
My spirit was weary, my heart had hardened

Despite the glories of nature's brilliance
I'd lost hope long before, my lover had passed
My mind entered into reminiscence

I saw her in my memory's eye
Her beauty glorious and striking
In the garden's reflection I cried

Her form was near me and alive
My hands reached out for her lips
She was there and I kissed my wife

My kiss was real but she was a spirit
And my body was composed of flesh
I touched her hair and her eyes were vivid

But I had kissed only a ghost
Created by my memory
But we had been so close

Her lips reminded me of our past
And it gave me hope for the future
Because I'd join her someday
The flesh never lasts

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Welcome Home

I heard your footsteps long down the road
My eyes couldn't focus for the salt and tears
I held on to my heart like a holy chalice
It renewed
My soul unchained I so missed you
Never felt this kind of pain before you left
I confused your presence with being happy
In your absence my world crashed
I knew that you were the difference
Between my happiness and sorrow
Welcome home
I truly don't understand myself
But I understand that I hated you being gone
I can accept being alone
But I can't accept being without you
I know the difference between love and friends
And my heart died
When I thought it was the end
Welcome homeWelcome home
I am so happy
To be with you in our home again

Monday, July 31, 2017

Break Your Fucking Phone

You say how I am clueless
Well I never claimed to know
While you tease and tempt my flesh
You fail to see my heart is fallow

My heart is cold and dead
I've been through too much
To somehow now accept joy instead
Of your treacherous soft touch

You killed it last time
When you promised but never
And now I refuse to be moved inside
That we might ever be together

And now you hold my heart in contempt
But that isn't my fault, or flaw
You reached inside me, called me bent
And yet you continue to call

Erase me from your contacts
Wipe me from your list of friends
I'd rather not be attacked
Let this connection end

Let it end
Let it end
Don't look at me again
Just let it end

Saturday, July 29, 2017

you win

If love isn't a game
Why'd you try to win
If love isn't a game
to be played
Why did it hurt so much
Worse than condemnation
I gave up before you said let's begin
And now I have nothing
You act like you won
And my heart is forfeit


Friday, July 28, 2017


how were you able to insinuate yourself into such a small crack
in my foundation, so thin, so dark and distant
how were you able to make me question everything I know
with a raised eyebrow and smirk
I look straight forward
Your machinations mean you are deeply twisted
how would I survive
if I'd not remembered
all the misgivings your presence caused
my heart was moved, but my mind resisted
but after years
I still dither
and remember
why you were able
and I am unable
to forget
so I regret

Thursday, July 27, 2017

to leave all I know for your scent, of jasmine

you told me that
you loved me
how could I live
with the passion
chained and tame
because a person
you never met
didn't do something
you'd ever imagine
you invited me
to abandon everything
for your scent of jasmine
for your offer
of endless things
that are never endless
I am unable
even fragile
I am broken further
for your words
and I
have never been willing
or able or desirous of a life
with someone I've never met
for the hope of something
that would end soon after the meeting
you told me I was weak and I am
but not for the things you think
in the confidence of a friend
you saw an edge and pursued
what was not yours
and I am weak
because I listened

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

a small disagreement, intractable choices

It began over tea
2 important people discussing trade
And the interpretations of a piece of paper
Both men had recently signed
No one could have believed
The world would be destroyed
Over two small voices disagreeing
With pristine smiles and protocol
Social etiquette spoken perfectly
Over the rights to remove ore
Or fuel or crops or cheap labor
Who had the right
No one
Who should have gained?

We watched in horror 
When our reasonable leaders
Found themselves unable to discern
A mutual path
And with that
The two reasonable people retreated
Back to their polite words
With intentions to take
What they could have shared
Choosing water over wine
Choosing fear over generosity

An aircraft flew too close to a shoreline
Too close for comfort, inviting wrath
The approaching craft had ignored warnings
Or was the jet's communications flawed
It flew over the land controlled
By the others and had ignored challenges
Obviously meant to provoke
Saw the one side
Ordering their jets skyward
Reaching the atmosphere
Challenging the other
Silenced to be answered
By rockets and missiles

Deftly avoiding the enemy fire
The pilot shouts into his flawed microphone
Realizing he is flying over dangerous territory
He turns his jet around but the missiles strike
And he is destroyed
When his cockpit recordings are played
The country he was from hears only
My God, what happened?
His attackers hears only
Intruder: turn now or be shot down
No response after numerous warnings
This has to be treated as a direct attack
The drama could have been snuffed out
With words that weren't polite
Accidents happen
But that would require
Calm heads
And instead
Missiles launch
From silos
And space
Answering the intrusion
As they perceived the threat

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I have received the warnings and ignored them
I have no worries
For the cost of life has left me numb
My flesh decays as time betrays every single thing I am
My body is preparing to die and it has been
Since the first moment I opened my eyes
My first breath turned over the hourglass
Time was set into motion
My one tear drop of water
Entered the ocean
Life is extinguished
The obituary reads plainly
Not giving a reason why
For now I am alive
And soon I will be dead
There is no applause
The drama is finished
And I exit
Knowing I have changed nothing
But I was there
When the world was alive
And now I am gone
But nothing is wrong
I am the victim of time
Of the hourglass running empty
And I do not intend upon surviving
Human life is a moment
Eternity is timeless
I offer no apology
I do not ask to say one last goodbye
I am ready
Everyone is
Without knowing

Monday, July 24, 2017

Til I find the heart

I listen to the rain and it sings
A song for the broken
The prayers unspoken
A song for the hopeless
The wounded and ashamed
Who will never find their way

I listen to the train going through
It rumbles along with a rhythm
That tells the truth
It is the heart beating
It is the soul retreating
The sound is soft and loud
All at the same time

I am awakened by the sound
Ever moved by a heart
Longing to hear the pulse
Of the womb
Where my life had begun

I don't cry
I just know inside
There will never be a day

When I see her face
I save room in my soul
For when I know
I was loved
Held close to the heart
Of the one who gave me
The life I have

Sunday, July 23, 2017


"The only real life is the collective life of the race; individual life has no existence except as an abstraction." Auguste Comte

We debate our place upon this planet
Some worry, some ignore
We argue and debate but still we act
The earth will endure, humans will die
It won't take a blink and well be extinct
Earth was fertile and allowed us to multiply
To roam and gather

We've cursed this world
Along with it the oceans and creatures
And air to breathe
Our existence is not promised
The earth will soon reply
As a human stepping on ants
Then into the eternity stream
We go, washing ashore
Upon the endless banks of eternal oblivion

Our self important species will be gone
And only for a moment did we have our chance
To ascend, rather than live in the depths
Slaughtering each other
Being born simply to die
Perhaps for parts
Or vacuumed out of the womb
Without caution

Our beliefs that we are mighty
Comes from the fact
That we believe ourselves intelligent
But we have not given earth thanks
Only a curse
We are nothing more

We'll soon see
How mighty we've become
We'll reproduce life
But we'll deny it humanity
We'll make it in a petri dishes
We'll clone ourselves
And harvest the parts

If we change perhaps we'll survive as a species
But it is uncertain
And no one gets out alive
No one

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A certain mystique

I have never seen such a person
With beauty in her frame
Her heartbeat echoes in my ears
And pulses in my chest
Burning like flames

She is electric and so unique
Possessing a spirit
I can feel from miles away
I become lost in her mystique

When she draws near
I'm beyond consolation
I fail to say what I think
Or even what I feel
I am profoundly weak
The closer she approaches

Love isn't something I control
It burns inside me, taking a toll
Obeying no boundaries or barriers I have no defense
No way of stopping the dreams in my mind
Or the fire in my heart

Passion builds
Thoughts escape
I am frozen in place
The moment I catch her scent
I feel the fear reaching up
Her eyes cut through my flesh
My heart is bare to her sight
And I can't fight
I can't hide

I confess
This passion burns
Crawls into my throat, setting my soul afire
And nothing will fight the flame
My thoughts are wild
My body screams as I finally whisper her name

I know just one thing
She makes my soul sing
Alive with hope despite my fears
I could spend the rest of my life
Just listening
But sooner or laterI will arrive at despair
And the words will fall
From my mouth

Friday, July 21, 2017

Can't forget the debt I owe

I miss you and wish more than wish that you never left. You lifted me up with your love.  I never can forget who you were and what you were to me.

I am left bereft of all I was because your presence in my heart feels the absence now.

I can never begin to start counting all the ways that you were love , you were hope.

You held me so that I wouldn't fall, held me so I could rise up, from the ever sinking place I lived in.

Where are you now? I cannot wait to be with you again.


Let me just touch your hand, and remember

You were light and life that allowed my eyes to see.
Still ascending

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Your name lingers upon my lips
The taste of them
Dances upon my tongue
I could gaze into your eyes
My walls come undone
I know your form by memory
I recognize your touch
And know where it comes from
I could dream about you
I long to be together
Now I am quiet
Alone but not by choice
When I sleep I dream you near to me
Together we become one
I awaken only by your voice
How I long to be yours
In my life
In my dreams
In my sleep
My soul covered in scars
That only your love can heal
I am in deep
My secrets you know
And my heart you can keep
Because I love you now
And forever

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Never knew what I was doing

I never knew what I was doing
I never knew what I was suppose to do
My heart broken so many times
I didn't know I was losing
Just trying to be true
In my heart and mind
Now I am alone
With an empty home
I only know my heart is breaking
Surviving is going to be an undertaking
But does it even matter
I don't know
Who wants to go on
When your heart is shattered
So I might just go
I was a fool all along
And I don't know why
Never know why

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Colosseum's Sands are Red

My body waits the damage
I will certainly suffer
From my labor
A worker in blood
And slaughter
If I win someone dies
If I lose I do so
Laying thereafter
Upon an altar
Memories of me will be
Without joy or hope
For my arms are enslaved
And I can never win
My body serves
By the emperor's whip
And whim
When I die
I will awake
Where the fields grow tall
And the sun is warm
Every path I take
Will lead to home
For Elysium
Waits for those
Who die
As heroes

Monday, July 17, 2017

red wine

I experience the highest ecstasy
Upon seeing you
My heart beats a symphony
My soul's hunger is relentless
Longing for you is torment
I drink in the air for it has known your lips
Your beauty is most fair
I long to taste your soul
I linger in your scent
The promise of your kiss
Is finer than the finest wine
From the finest vintage of grape
And I long to kiss your neck
I am unable to sate my desire
For your embrace
And my soul finds joy in your presence
And your spirit's fire

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Prometheus Suffered

Choirs of children should sing
Angelic anthems to him
The titan who sacrificed all
To place in our hands
Fire and of light
Knowledge and power
It cost the Prometheus everything
He suffered for our kind
We could never pay
For the gift he gave
Now was the hour
Of human ascendance
Now was the time
We learned our destiny
And it was Prometheus who suffered
For our gift
Let us remember
His legacy

Saturday, July 15, 2017

sometimes I think

The hallway was quiet
There I was I shuffling along
I saw you walking towards me
You smiled and said hi
Walked away in my silence
Nothing was wrong
I was far too shy, silly me
My failure left me feeling crucified

My heart was so very broken
To ever know what to do
In the face of opportunity
To speak to you

My spirit sank as you faded from view
Walking back to your dorms
My life is better now than then
I don't live in the past
I do stop and think of you
Because of my inner storms
I was trapped in a paralytic zen
And the moment passed

But my heart was so unspoken
And I longed to speak to you
In the face of someone so lovely
I didn't know what to do