Sunday, July 31, 2016

Regret no, Praise only

I was quested
Across the waters
Over all the lands
I  believed
And never stopped seeking
To find that
Which I sought
And now
In the end
Before the King
My battles all fought
My friends deceased
My hands raised
Not in surrender 
Only in praise
For the moment I released
All my fears, all my pain
I accept all my remorse and regrets
I am made of meat, unredeemed
By my hand and broken
I will never escape this destiny 
But I am not defeated
Flawed and cracked
My image
Broken and shattered
My flesh
Prepared for the final 
My soul 
Has paid the toll
My eyes have cried the tears
My body has lived the years
Sorrow has grieved my spirit
Of my fate I have no control
Everyone must live
With the limits given
And debts forgiven
Charon waits
And I raise my hands in praise
For his job is so very hard
He deserves it
I pay him his coins
For my passage
Trop tard
Je suis fini
Mon ami, Charon
Tout de suite

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Shadow of the Moon

Inside my body
Is an evil I can't purge
Burning inside is fury
Unleashed and boiling
Coiled I wait to launch
Lurk in the shadows
Catch one unaware
Every time, at this time
Every cycle of the month
My transformation complete
I am going mad from thirst
Upon sight of the flesh
I will tear them
And feed my hunger
Suck the blood and feast
Because every time every cycle ended
Means I become a beast
In the shadow of the moon
My thirst for blood is endless
I stalk my prey without prejudice
The scent upon the wind is pleasing
My stomach is going to be full

Friday, July 29, 2016

Barbed Wired

Walls high and fortified
Wires barbed
And razor sharp
You never let anyone get close
To your heart or soul
With heavy weapons or words
Land mines and watchdogs
Sentries posted everywhere
You never gave a damn who got hurt
Over angry dialogues or when you loved
So long as you got away
To love again another day

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Unpayable cost

Read it!

Humans were born hunters
And over the centuries
Their genius for slaughter
Meant that nothing was safe
For men were hungry
And able

The toll of the death
Taken upon the whales
Was obscene
The numbers killed
Could not be counted
Ocean waters were a tide
Turned red

After time, it was knowable
That the pods of whales
Were led intelligently
But humans kill and eat anything
Added in insult
They'd waste the carcass
If the catch was over great

The ocean races were bled
Like some market 
An ingenious talent
Humans could kill
With very little regret
Until humans stopped to learn
And education made men pause
There was a lull in the slaughter

When humans were in debate
They'd achieved a sort of enlightenment
Feeling guilt for their near complete
Genocide of a species
And then learned, they'd done so
Of beings as bright as themselves

There was a ban, and numbers grew
But slowly, so very slowly
Until the ability to send the remnant
To a planet, free of the hunt
Was found

And upon this planet
Named Cachalot
A whale governed world was born
With the children generations
Of the survivors
And only invited men
Were allowed
As a nation
Of creatures
Free from further predation

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

eternity hourglass

river waters
rocks tumble
down the stream bed
moved by the current
like the days escaping
every second lost
every minute spent
no day retrieved
as sands pour
into the lower cup
of the hour glass
they slide down
keep track
trickling slowly
not moving fast
until the end
no sound
escapes the device
even as
eternity approaches
our lives pass
without apology
no one slows the passage
of our days
without  renewal
they are numbered
soon to be extinct
they never last
the spark still flickers
but the clay
the spark inside
moves on
when the clay
is dried
becomes useless
finally then
falls away

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

in the dark reflecting

The resistance
Calls inside
The rebel
Has no choice
For every voice
There is a legion
Of followers
And pain
For every heart
There is an answer
To the question
If I have life
How do I accept
All the things
That kill me
All the things
That break me
All the things
That burn my soul
Swallows my godflesh
Swallows my spark
I was given
a dream
So where is
The power
To make it real
To make it happen
Outside of sleep
To make it

Monday, July 25, 2016

The tentacles of Alien Gods

Hear the echoes of eternity's bell
Calling out a warning
Within the bosom of nether realms
Where humans never dwell
There the temples have been built
And there can be found
The altars dedicated to alien gods
But this is not holy ground
Despite having tentacles
These are not octopods
But Great Cthulhu
And his kind

The False Judge

I am not perfect
I am not even close
I am broken
Of my faults
The choirs sing
Too many times
Too many ways
I tell myself
I'll do the right thing
And fail
All the while knowing
What I should have done
To do it the right way
I hold grudges
I hold hurt
Deep within
Before I've begun
Damning me
To fail
No matter how patiently
I wait before I act
No I do not rush in
I walk slowly
Telling myself
What to do
And then
With grace
With Mercy
Both behind me
I do
That which
Disgraces the mercy
And that
Which makes a lie
Of the grace
I try to embrace
Who am I
To hold in judgment
The people
Living just as I am
Without any sort of map
An absurd world
We carve our meaning from
Every day
God forgive me
For being me
Bang the drum
Of war for the war
Within my heart
And perhaps
I will survive
And win
But until that day
I linger in my failure
With echoes of my regret
That I can't forget

Friday, July 22, 2016

bury me deep

for most of this life
I stare at the wall
never wanting
never knowing
never needing
anything at all
but I was confused
dazed and unaware
that there was more
than screams of pain
as if held by chains
I put out the call
my grieving was
the song of sorrow
as I slept
as I walked
as I stared
at the wall
I dreamt of angels
but it was
demons chasing
me all the way
to hell
but they didn't
want a fool
like me
they didn't long
for an idiot
and naively
a child
to the sorrow
he held closely
my heart was broken
over and over
I refused attempts
by them
the people who loved
to repair
the beating thing
I walked
I stared
and slept
And never
woke from this
that surrounds me
I am buried
in the ground
but am not dead
but I am ready
ever ready so

Thursday, July 21, 2016

memories echo

with every breath
every moment of thought
every second I live
I remember
her voice
since her death
such sorrow was wrought
I am compelled to admit
is not a choice
as the memories of her
echo constantly
she lives in my brain
wherever I have been
whatever I might do
wherever I might go
I miss her desperately
and have nothing more
than memories to show
but with every moment of thought
I remember how she loved me
And I loved her
and will

Saturday, July 16, 2016

I have one duty, and that duty is to kill

My duty is to harvest
The dead must be taken
I offer no kindness
No polite salaam
No generous warning
Because I am Abbadon
The end is now
I am death itself
I am the hand
of God
The crops of spring
Will be burned and blackened
The cities of ancient rise
Will be flattened
I am called by the one
To be his hand of death
And I fall upon the world
In the form of a dragon
My fire will burn
The world conquered
Will be better
For my actions
For I act
With the sanction
Of almighty God
I am Abbadon
I am not an angel
I am one with a duty
To take you
From this world
And bring you
To the next
From one of beauty
To one of cruelty
And you are responsible
For your placement

Friday, July 15, 2016

Death's Head

I am aware that my flesh weakens
As I age
But with age
The wisdom increases
The knowledge grows
If I keep breathing
My body deteriorates
And there is pain
My body is not alone
I breathe as a being
A member of a collective
Inhaled air
Exhaled from the lungs
Of others
We share a world
If I die, it is not wounded much
But my wisdom and knowledge
If shared
Benefits the world with reason
To live is to taste of the eternal
To die is to be reborn
Into bosom of the creator
I am ready to wait
For the fate I am destined

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Purified by Fire

You needn't be perfect
You must only be burning
With a spirit alive
King or beggar
Athlete or crippled man
You have fire inside
Or die
You rage with a storm
Of power
Or you are spat out
Like lukewarm water
You breathe in truth
And pour it out
It kills you first
Then leaves you stronger
Breathe in
You are not a dragon
You are a warrior
You've been baptized
You are now pure within

By a fire
That never dies

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

next time, next life, I promise

this broken body
can't be glued together
falling apart
a shitty plan
for living
my breaking heart
limbs and hope
from the flow
cast out
down the road
by the flood
of body parts
mental disease
and unbelief
and undeath
take me beneath
the water
pull me down
let me take
a deep breath
and say
what was lost
has now been found

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sleeping without rest

The cell of my prison
Is an isolation chamber
Others call it my bedroom
My bed is no comfort
I am unable to sleep
My misery is wrought
For it is there
Demons are in my thoughts
Chasing me in my mind
I've tried to sleep but cannot
I lust for so much
Which I dare not
Desire for things, if received
Would cause me to die
I cannot bear this torture
Every night
I lose as I enter
The arena of the fight
My mind needs quiet
But cannot find it here
My days are long
My brain is tired
Filled with fear
I need silence
To sleep
But it isn't coming to me
I run from the demons
As they follow
Screaming does not help
No one comes to save me
As my soul pales
Turns hollow
And I slip
From view

The nightgaunts haunt
And the demons chase me
I see flying beasts rising
Oblivion come
Demons do not slow
In these Dream-Lands
I will be dying
And in the waking
I will not rise
But instead
When they arrive here
My soul will flee
And I will turn pale
And disappear
Flesh turning to dust

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Washed upon the shore

When it had begun
Everyone said I'd be fine
I was just moody
A sensitive one
I'd get along
It was just a phase
I was going through
But they were wrong
I was confused and dazed
Now my skin is turning blue
They are singing a song
About this malaise
They never knew
No one knew
What I was going through
And the sorrow
Never passed in time
I was beneath the surface
Never coming up for air
I'd drowned
Disappeared that day
Sucking water down
Into my lungs
No tears in an ocean
I floated silently away
Now I am alone
And silent
But for the songs
About sorrow
Sung by people
Who never knew
And drums
For the lost
By those
Who never cared
Breaking the surface
So many years later
I was no longer myself
But there I was blessed
There was nothing left
To identify my own self
With my sins
I was free
And emptied
Of me

Saturday, July 9, 2016


My pain is manifest
Because I know her
Inside is an abyss
I twist, tormented
I long for her
Defiant I continue
She tests me
With every gaze
My heart contests
Every second
As I ruminate
I confess this
Dark desire
My lust
For her
My burning fire
Her breasts
Unimaginably perfect
Her scent
Drives me mad
I am unable
As the day goes forward
To endure, any more
I am a mess
And without
My desire leads me to doubt
That I shall ever escape this prison
That I have built
My eyes glistened
I have been crying
For the fact of what I am missing
Because I am the jailer
And have no key
My chains are tight
And I shall never be freed

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Power of the Horn

In Jericho
There was a wall
Keeping out
An army of men
Who had been promised
The city that was said
To be invincible 
The Hebrews were faithful
And instead of trusting in arms
They listened
To what God told them
And they followed
The directions they were given
So they took their horns
And circled the city
They praised God
And shouted
Then they blew their shafir
The horns of rams
The earth shook
Walls crumbled
And before amazed eyes
Everyone had proof
The Hebrews knew
God was good
He defeated the enemy
When their horns blew

In Camelot
Pax Rex Arthur Eternus
Had been in place
As a great king reigned
Under blue skies and sunny days
All men knew justice
Even fairness
Over the land
King Arthur was seated
Upon a throne of mercy
Of grace and gentle rule
The trumpets would sound
To announce the king
Echoing for good
In the valleys and the hills
The people would stand
Bowing then singing
They'd look up
As his procession would pass
They'd cheer for he was no tyrant
He was well beloved
The king was here
For them, yes
And for the truth
Because he was good

In the end
The tribulations will begin
The world will seem to be
Coming undone at the seams
Trumpets will sound
Bringing horrible news
Sorrow then
We will be seeing
An end and rebirth
Death is painful
As is birth
Both are required
Before the truth
The trumpets sound
Across the earth
Again giving proof
Of a master's hand
The four who ride
Who have been feared
Now revealed
Fulfilling their call
They would ride
The trumpets were not
Trumpeting their victory
Not celebrating
But announcing their arrival
A warning perhaps
Certainly that

The hearts of all men
Will break then
With time
There is no turning back
Death personified
Comes upon his nightmarish spectral horse
Famine, inducing ravenous hunger
Will be hard upon the people, and their land
Pestilence and plague
Will be man's dark companion
War has a familiar face because
It is an ever present scourge
The lot of the four
Will make this planet burn
With the fires upon the cities ever fanning
Flames of the atom ever churning
Where people will gladly die
To purge the land
Of their own

This madness to kill
Each other
This insanity without asylum
Is not without a point
God's wisdom to man
Is madness
But man is but a flea
To the cosmos
That God is
All of the tribulations
Will be to cleanse the land
For those who remain
Perhaps to find
In the burning
That the body of Christ
Was broken
The blood of Christ was poured
So that all who might eat
So that those who might drink
Would be saved
From the fires of defeat
And the flames of hell
That threaten every man
And victory be bought
In the breaking of the flesh
Of the son of God sent
By the suffering of one
With simple words
And actions
I must repent
Time is short
But the lesson is clear
God is good
The king is fair
The land is his body
Our hope is his blood
Repent and have life
In the King

Monday, July 4, 2016

Solitude thoughts

Rain falling
    Thunder booms
The night has come
Empty, there is stillness
In my room
I have no partner
No lover in sight
I have no hope
For embrace
Or doom
I endure
Let me be
Not consumed
By this solitude
My mind echoes in pleas
For God to please
Bring me a love that is pure
Like an incense of myrrh
Let me be a pleasant scent
Upon her altar
Bringing her joy
Let her be as a perfume
That is pleasing to me
Reminds me only of her
Bless me with her being

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ancient Kings

When Sumer was young
No other civilization
Had even begun
More than just awakening
Sumer was advanced
With laws
Order and ideas
They celebrated life
Not death and tombs
They sought knowledge
Developed concepts of civility
They could make war
But they were not concerned
With battles and doom
They had met with
The gods from the sky
And prepared for the flood
Perhaps they were the keepers
Of the Garden of Eden
Their lands were fertile and rich
In some ways
They were humanity's womb
Sumer was the mother culture
She gave birth
To every other culture
That appeared on the earth

Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Choice Filled with Fire

I was never perfect
But I made a choice
That redeemed
All of my failings
I inhaled
The breath of fire
And the spirit
Entered my being
And I touched
The face of the divine
Despite my flesh
Being cursed
Despite my body
Never leaving earth
I was now able
To soar across the sky
Enter the twilight
And never die
Due to the spirit fire
That was lit