Sunday, July 31, 2016

Regret no, Praise only

I was quested
Across the waters
Over all the lands
I  believed
And never stopped seeking
To find that
Which I sought
And now
In the end
Before the King
My battles all fought
My friends deceased
My hands raised
Not in surrender 
Only in praise
For the moment I released
All my fears, all my pain
I accept all my remorse and regrets
I am made of meat, unredeemed
By my hand and broken
I will never escape this destiny 
But I am not defeated
Flawed and cracked
My image
Broken and shattered
My flesh
Prepared for the final 
My soul 
Has paid the toll
My eyes have cried the tears
My body has lived the years
Sorrow has grieved my spirit
Of my fate I have no control
Everyone must live
With the limits given
And debts forgiven
Charon waits
And I raise my hands in praise
For his job is so very hard
He deserves it
I pay him his coins
For my passage
Trop tard
Je suis fini
Mon ami, Charon
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