Sunday, July 10, 2016

Washed upon the shore

When it had begun
Everyone said I'd be fine
I was just moody
A sensitive one
I'd get along
It was just a phase
I was going through
But they were wrong
I was confused and dazed
Now my skin is turning blue
They are singing a song
About this malaise
They never knew
No one knew
What I was going through
And the sorrow
Never passed in time
I was beneath the surface
Never coming up for air
I'd drowned
Disappeared that day
Sucking water down
Into my lungs
No tears in an ocean
I floated silently away
Now I am alone
And silent
But for the songs
About sorrow
Sung by people
Who never knew
And drums
For the lost
By those
Who never cared
Breaking the surface
So many years later
I was no longer myself
But there I was blessed
There was nothing left
To identify my own self
With my sins
I was free
And emptied
Of me