Friday, April 23, 2010

Nightmare Factory

Humanity awaits final judgment
For the sins of the past
And the dreams that never were
Undelivered redemption has passed
And there is nothing that can save us
From the nightmares we preferred
Over righteousness
Over hope
Over faith
The ovens burned with humanity
And so shall our pyre
For the nightmares we create

Friday, April 9, 2010

One Wine, Two Chalices

Poured from two chalices
Our being is one wine
I surrender to you
As we are entwined,
your lips find mine
we embrace
I desire you as no other,
forever I pray,
I see your face
Our love is eternal,
for the moment I saw you
It was as if I was reborn,
with memory of you
Upon your lips I taste,
your soul, your being
Captured in the moment,
my desire for you
Shall never relent,
this ecstasy is a gift
You make me wish to never die
For in your arms I am free
Your being makes me glad to live
We are one in being
Your love helps me to thrive
We are laid together tangled
And breathing in your scent
I am redeemed

Thursday, April 8, 2010

She Is A Dream

I could take everything I have and sell it
I could spend all my money
All my time gone as well
Trying to find her
But there’d be no point
For she is a dream
Nobody else could replace
The love she had
The love she gave to me
Without her what am I
I am a vacant hollow man
Without her why should I be
My soul is in her hand
When she went away
I decided to live differently
I’d live outside of time
I’d think about things that are
And change them
And change me inside
But instead of hope
I feel despair
Of ever being free
For there is nothing in the world
Like the love she gave to me

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Camelot no longer November 22, 1963

Despite our fears
It was as if Arthur was reborn
A new hope
We called it Camelot
Our faith was restored
Our own King Arthur
Such abundant dreams
We had
At least for some

We never knew

The world was unready
To overcome
The horrors of constant war
The politics of fear
Faith in the hands of the one

Who could renew us
In a fabled place
Called Camelot
Where a king would be
One with people and land
A king unlike any other
One who held fate
In his hands
Only to be consumed
By the world
He sought to change