Friday, September 30, 2016

Extinction event

Humans have done their best
To dominate and take control
After our centuries of predation
We are covered with blood
And the sacrifice
Was not of our own flesh
Instead that of the innocent
Who was victim by our hand
Now with the end of the planet
All comes to a final toll
Death awaits the living
Annihilation awaits the existing
Extinction will happen
The forsaken
The unforgiven
The dirty
Pray for mercy
Without repentance
Without forgiveness
The destruction will be total
Their grieving songs
Become a requiem for the dead
And the earth
Will be a harvest of their souls

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Unto the ever
One tear joins the ocean
A single atom
In eternal motion
Steadfast reason
Emotion passing like seasons
Rains falling
Bringing life
Dry cycles
Enduring drought
Ever present blight
Continuing our fight
Our lives are wrought
Spark and clay
Perfectly built
In harmony
With need
Drinking from the fountain
That renews
Our hearts
Become mountains
Of faith
Justified and true
Perfectly happy
And nothing askew

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

why must we fail?

Human atrocities
Continue as the world
Moves forward in time
Are we doomed to dwell in darkness
Under the dictator's lash
Or will we awaken
Of broken crystal to burning ash
Kristallnacht to Holocaust
From ancient hill to eternal damnation
Har-Megiddo to Armageddon's toll
Will our violence
Be the harvest
Will our legacy
Be our death?

Monday, September 26, 2016

I am confused

I wait for her signals
And don’t know
Now or never
If we should be together
I treasure her
But does she
I cherish
And feel alone
For my ever
With every smile
I am fooled
Every change
In her eyes
Seems so strange
So I assume
I am a fool
And think the worst
Despite reality
Telling me first
Quite different
Instead of a blessing
I beg the curse
That doesn’t exist
I give it life
Every look
Is packed with failure
Or is it
I don’t know

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Hewn from the canyon wall
It was carved by the believers
Time unrelenting
Working against the wall
Until they've made art
And then
A body is placed inside
And the tomb left

Love letter to toxic love

Because you asked, I gave it thought
I began to consider all of the misery
That you have wrought
From the broken heart and the fear of loss
To the world of pain I live
You've destroyed my life
And probably many more
The future is blank
There is nothing there
You've invited me to dwell
In a place without hope
Your words were toxic
Your love was poisonous
You condemned me
By your existence
To the lowest station of hell
But think nothing of it
You just asked
So I thought I should respond
My heart is dead
My mind is weary
And my soul is wracked
With the misery
Of loving a selfish
Who has nothing
But everything
And is jealous
Of anything
Anyone else
Can have

Saturday, September 24, 2016

questions or answers

there is light
there is the dark
the will
and the way
a baby is born
an older person dies
it isn't that one is lucky
and the other is scorned
it is the cycle of life
and existence
never falls away
from the inertia
it was created
like a clock
a dynamic
that we can never
no matter our desires
some have designs
to fight
others have fires
inside their body
meant to resist
every ounce
of life's gravity
pulling down
I can't even feel it
let alone fight it
my spirit
can't get airborne
there is no flight
so it must be
those who resist
learn how to let the wind
fly them through the air
a bow strung too tight will break
a bow too loose will never fire an arrow
the path to death and hell is so very wide
the path to heaven is so much more narrow
so much more, so who am I to ask
what more can I have
when there are so many
dying for the want
when I get
what I want
and then more
with second helpings
So I know that the answers are unfair
the questions I ask then need to change
need to change, quickly too
not in hours or days but in seconds
they must change
or the world will be consumed altogether

Friday, September 23, 2016

copy of a copy, slaves to our form

It doesn't matter who we are
We are not unique
We did not create a new way
when we were born
Our thoughts are not new
Our minds are not different
We are copies of copies
Slaves to our forms
We now wish to change
The way people enter the world
By cloning cells and growing
To ignore birth, and gestation
Only ethicists are torn
By the missing step
We will surely demand of clones
Their organs and their lives
We will think of them
As abominations
Will they resist
Will they burn
Will they become a thorn
In humanity's side
Other than their utility
Who are we to say 
If they are is life
They can go to war
And die
A family will not mourn
If they are harvested
For the organs
They can save a life
So, what is the loss
What is the gain
If a soul less creature dies
Answer me
What is the loss
What is the cost?

Thursday, September 22, 2016


pull my trigger
every time
you miss
I do not
ever deeper
my finger
always strikes
doesn't lie
I know about
living in the shadows
with the glass
every moment
getting way too close
spending my time
getting lost
going deep
in the darkness
keep my secrets
never forget
No regrets

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Winter Walk

I am so cold
every part of me
blue and numb
stunned silent
and struck dumb
by the frost
covering my body
like a blanket
of hurt and tingling
little reason
to continue
all I need
is a fire
and warm hearth
a blanket
and cup
of soup
need to call forth
some kind of bravery
in the face
of the storm
but I've been
long before
the storm
crushing me

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

when the bombs fell

all of the time since
the radiation spread
we are ghosts of our planet
even as the future beckons
there is nothing left of us
but the radioactive steel and dust
cities and towns and villages
raped and pillaged by weapons
that Prometheus handed to our ancestors
without realizing the folly
he had no reason to trust us
we were less serious than court jesters
meant to make the monarchs laugh
our lives are nothing
and now there is nothing left
we walk upon the earth
the dispossessed
of life
and love

Monday, September 19, 2016

Because I serve

With this armor
And shield divine
I bear the marks
Of the army of Heaven
It marks me only
I do not hold it as pride
I simply serve
And give honor
To the one who is worthy
Of all my supplication
Humans mistake the celestials
Those beyond the host
There is an angel of death
The Right hand of the creator
And the one, who is perfect
Who made us
In his excellent perfection
And knowledge
Hope and justice
His way is good
He is the god of the living
He is all knowing
All wise and powerful
With power of creation
We can commune
With our debts removed
By the act of forgiving
I believe and I serve
I carry his sword
My tongue is burned
With his holy words
And I fear no other
But the one
And I serve no other
But the one
Who created everything
And when the final battle
Is begun
My sword
My blood
My body
Will sing
For him

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Throw me away

Every instinct
They say change
but my mind
Is broken
With bleeding and pain
Sorrow unspoken
Hunted by rumors
Devastating shame
Hope fleeting
Can't tame the demons
In my mind
Can't keep them chained
I am the one
Giving them freedom
They will escape
Destroying more than me
Everyone I love
Throw me
From this world
Let me die
Without grieving
My pain over
Would be worth
Every sacrifice
Of my flesh
My spirit
Will survive
Throw me away
Allow me
To escape this fate

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Victory in Surrender

A victory followed
A losing fight
I surrendered
I knew the moment
When I fell
Because my soul twisted
Just to look
At who my heart saw
Ma dame aime tu es belle
A fire set alight
Inside began to spread
And your beauty
Porcelain skin
And hair of red
Reflects only my desires
To be yours
You alone
Without boundaries
Your heart is my home
My body, my soul
I share with you 
I give you my life
And I will follow 
You are my leader
Just tap your baton
S'il vous plaît 
Amour mon âme

Friday, September 16, 2016

amen, amen

my world is small
my hope is eternal
my dreams are personal
my life is mostly nocturnal
I am aware of my weakness
And when I wake
I know that I am unwanted
my body is unresponsive
my mind is uncaring
my spirit is unbending
my mood is sadly despondent
And I am uncertain
just what to do
because I know
what I believe is true
And I am so tired
to do a thing
the right way
ever again
I pray to God

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Vintage wasted

Oh creator 
How long before you save us
How long before our time
We burn inside
From our sorrow
Our youth has been lost
Offered up
To the merchants of war
In the form
Of a nation's suicide
Grieving mothers
Dead children
We are scarred
Our world shakes
We await the leviathan
To slaughter the beast
We wait for justice
Inside we wait
Destiny delayed
Gives us nothing
A betrayed fate
Amnesiac culture
Repeating mistakes
Without forethought
Great regret
Enormous payment
Without any sort
Of thought
Of the debt

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Running from perfection

How I pretend
Being a mystic
Never again
False omniscient
Hollowed out
Behold the utter
Decayed inside
I am bleeding
The pain
And the damage
Makes me helpless
I'm blinded
Cannot see
Unable to think
Cannot run
Beginning to fear
The end is begun
This is our flag
High it is lifted
Existence is twisted
Into decadence
Hyper addicted
False victims
Of this blue
Perfect world

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

my lady, my love, my deadly beauty

absent of malice
without a touch of sin
neither dreaming
nor sleeping
beautiful blue
skeletal and pale
with pencil thin
visible through your skin
no doubt you don't care
when nothing else
exquisite corpse
no longer breathing
spiritless flesh
no longer believing
in the promises
of the grieving
you have
somewhere else
that calls you to be
hanging upon a thread
still beautiful but dead
elegant majesty
no hope for the wicked
delicate blasphemy
magnificently twisted
entropy's path
existence wrath
tears fall upon your face
keep me in your embrace
eternity is short time
well worth the wait
keep you in my mind
for my heart's sake

Monday, September 12, 2016

Who Am I?

The false echoes that infect my history
Telling me I am not who I am supposed to be
Ruin my present, for the fear of the past
That I will fail any given task
And let my loved ones down
False memories false legacies
Crushing me
Killing me
Who I am is who I want to be
Not a template from another being
Forcing false beliefs upon me
The world is hard enough
Without requiring me to uphold
A hero's destiny

Sunday, September 11, 2016


wishes and dreams
don't me a thing
to love
prayers and schemes
I am breaking at the seams
to hug
Alone and it hurts
and remembering the days
When I could let things go
Or dream things away
But I can't
And I won't
I am alone again
For good
I choke
Upon the words
To escape this
I am sorry
For whatever I did
I am sorry for whatever I said
Now go away
Leave me to cry
I prefer to be dead
Just let me die
Let me go
I want to

Saturday, September 10, 2016

falsus pater

The world was not ready
For my appearance on this earth
How did I survive
The legacies
Of the troubled origin
Of my being
The time of reckoning
Put off for a while
Only a blessing
Or a stronger curse
Allowed my existence
Never to dream
Or experience
For if
The seed been planted
But a decade later
My flesh would be recanted
Like a vow from a falsus pater
Promising to love forever
My soul would follow flesh
The seed bitter
Upon an alien planet
Never planted or growing
The embryonic seed
Never finding breath
Slain by treachery
Of a cold hand
Of medicine
And then
I am a stain
Thereafter for the ever
Of her memory
A planter being hated
For his manner of infestation
So evil
And toxic
His hand

Friday, September 9, 2016

Now an orphan

Her life's sole duty
Had begun
She was burying the one
Who was her only family
An orphan in agony
For her future
Was now bleak
But for now
She focused
Upon her duty

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tears of gods

Lost in the ocean
Are endless tears
Babies hungry
Grieving families
Lovers' devotion
Filling the years
Together in this life
Universal emotions
We are ever
Growing together
Growing apart
Fighting with anger
Loving with gentleness
Not strife
Tears from the gods
Filled our planet
Our lives the evidence
Of a loving creator
Tears are the flood
Of our relevance
To the tribe
Of humanness

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Black reflections

The reasons
For my toxic
Existence is
My heart is broken
Into pieces
My soul is
From the grieving
For my lost seasons
Of youth
Spent in
Intense retrospection
From a cracked mirror
How am I
To reassemble
My being
From the start
I was crippled
That my temple
Was filled
With the liars
The forsaken
I suffered treason
A betrayal
Of epic power
And all I needed
Is a sleep
Consuming me
In a glowing dream
Instead there is
An oncoming storm
Of delirious thoughts
Betraying me
With enemies
Who refuse
To be gentle
With my fragile form
And now is the hour
That I pay the toll
To the ferryman
Why didn't I do this

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Without warning
You tore at my
Like a beast gorging
Upon my body
And now
I lay bleeding to death
Emptied of all life
Gray turns the flesh
As my chest lays still
Broken heart unbeating
Lungs without breath
Sorrow coursing
Through me
Leaving nothing
For the future
But wrath
And hunger
For healing

Monday, September 5, 2016

kept hidden

We know
He was a royal
With all due care
His flesh was supple
Kept in pristine perfection
Yet the soul has fled
The organs are fresh
Despite the veins fully bled
His royal demeanor
Clearly evident
In his state
Prepared for the afterlife
Surrounded by slaves
And willing servents
All dead
He was ready
To ascend
To the sky of Aten and Ra
His body remained
But the spirit
Long since had left

Sunday, September 4, 2016

No I can't

You asked
But no I can't
You are so very beautiful
But I am so not
My heart can't take rejection
I need a love without tears
You take me through the crucible
With every word you speak
I can barely create thoughts
when you are near
I feel like I'll break
Filled with doubt
When I think of you
I surrender
I am unarmed
I can't fight my way out
So please don't come here
I am broken
My world can't take any more

Saturday, September 3, 2016

throw me into the ocean

How many times
did you answer
when I begged
for you to be clear
Instead of clarity
Life just went faster
and hammer blow
after hammer
kept the fear
of unanswered prayers
driving me to madness
lucid thoughts lost
madness approaching
life has such a high cost
it is as though
I enjoy the insanity
but I instead
I should be dead or
tossed to the ocean
of sorrow
and join
the unwashed
so many times
I have fallen
clarity not
I am left to rot
in my cave
of insularity
waves crashing
upon me

Friday, September 2, 2016

And they Labor

The world is built
Empowered as well
By the human flesh
Human mindpower
And by steel
How many hours
Will the back withstand
Before it breaks
Under the weight of labors
Which are endless
Productivity requires sweat
And power to create
With precision, grace and blood
Their labors are remembered
For every minute spent
The future is born
With a foundation of steel
Carried upon the back
Of the past

Thursday, September 1, 2016

dreaming of heaven

please please
my sweet
embrace me
until the world
fades from view
and we glide
So high above
the world below
lover, dear love
hold my hand
hold my heart
where we renew
and prove
that love is real
and love is truth
when we met
I'd begun
the sweetest dream
I'd ever had
and now
where have we been?
I can't remember
but not regret
moments pass
and the dreams
never last
but the love
in my soul
burns deeply
I've lost control
of my reasoning
You replaced
every thought
I'd ever had
wishing for more
wishing for
deep sleep to dream
with you
leading the way
to heaven
you remind me
of child inside
in rapture
within the arms
of an angel
comes with you
your love
your voice
your compassion

Luis Ricardo Falero