Saturday, September 10, 2016

falsus pater

The world was not ready
For my appearance on this earth
How did I survive
The legacies
Of the troubled origin
Of my being
The time of reckoning
Put off for a while
Only a blessing
Or a stronger curse
Allowed my existence
Never to dream
Or experience
For if
The seed been planted
But a decade later
My flesh would be recanted
Like a vow from a falsus pater
Promising to love forever
My soul would follow flesh
The seed bitter
Upon an alien planet
Never planted or growing
The embryonic seed
Never finding breath
Slain by treachery
Of a cold hand
Of medicine
And then
I am a stain
Thereafter for the ever
Of her memory
A planter being hated
For his manner of infestation
So evil
And toxic
His hand