Monday, September 19, 2016

Because I serve

With this armor
And shield divine
I bear the marks
Of the army of Heaven
It marks me only
I do not hold it as pride
I simply serve
And give honor
To the one who is worthy
Of all my supplication
Humans mistake the celestials
Those beyond the host
There is an angel of death
The Right hand of the creator
And the one, who is perfect
Who made us
In his excellent perfection
And knowledge
Hope and justice
His way is good
He is the god of the living
He is all knowing
All wise and powerful
With power of creation
We can commune
With our debts removed
By the act of forgiving
I believe and I serve
I carry his sword
My tongue is burned
With his holy words
And I fear no other
But the one
And I serve no other
But the one
Who created everything
And when the final battle
Is begun
My sword
My blood
My body
Will sing
For him