Friday, September 23, 2016

copy of a copy, slaves to our form

It doesn't matter who we are
We are not unique
We did not create a new way
when we were born
Our thoughts are not new
Our minds are not different
We are copies of copies
Slaves to our forms
We now wish to change
The way people enter the world
By cloning cells and growing
To ignore birth, and gestation
Only ethicists are torn
By the missing step
We will surely demand of clones
Their organs and their lives
We will think of them
As abominations
Will they resist
Will they burn
Will they become a thorn
In humanity's side
Other than their utility
Who are we to say 
If they are is life
They can go to war
And die
A family will not mourn
If they are harvested
For the organs
They can save a life
So, what is the loss
What is the gain
If a soul less creature dies
Answer me
What is the loss
What is the cost?