Thursday, September 1, 2016

dreaming of heaven

please please
my sweet
embrace me
until the world
fades from view
and we glide
So high above
the world below
lover, dear love
hold my hand
hold my heart
where we renew
and prove
that love is real
and love is truth
when we met
I'd begun
the sweetest dream
I'd ever had
and now
where have we been?
I can't remember
but not regret
moments pass
and the dreams
never last
but the love
in my soul
burns deeply
I've lost control
of my reasoning
You replaced
every thought
I'd ever had
wishing for more
wishing for
deep sleep to dream
with you
leading the way
to heaven
you remind me
of child inside
in rapture
within the arms
of an angel
comes with you
your love
your voice
your compassion

Luis Ricardo Falero