Saturday, September 24, 2016

questions or answers

there is light
there is the dark
the will
and the way
a baby is born
an older person dies
it isn't that one is lucky
and the other is scorned
it is the cycle of life
and existence
never falls away
from the inertia
it was created
like a clock
a dynamic
that we can never
no matter our desires
some have designs
to fight
others have fires
inside their body
meant to resist
every ounce
of life's gravity
pulling down
I can't even feel it
let alone fight it
my spirit
can't get airborne
there is no flight
so it must be
those who resist
learn how to let the wind
fly them through the air
a bow strung too tight will break
a bow too loose will never fire an arrow
the path to death and hell is so very wide
the path to heaven is so much more narrow
so much more, so who am I to ask
what more can I have
when there are so many
dying for the want
when I get
what I want
and then more
with second helpings
So I know that the answers are unfair
the questions I ask then need to change
need to change, quickly too
not in hours or days but in seconds
they must change
or the world will be consumed altogether