Thursday, November 28, 2013

So far away from her

I can barely stand to live
When she is away
I cannot even breathe
When she is not near
I can't stand to breathe the air
That has not kissed
Her lips
The air that her lungs
Have not drawn
Inside her body
I can not bare this pain
Of knowing
Of seeing
Of not being
The one she is with
Every single day
She exists
For I am but a man
And she is a Goddess
And I am so far away
From her mind
If not her presence

(thanks to Irene Melgoza for proofreading help)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dreamer's dreams

I dreamed that I was special
Building worlds from words
Laying foundations from emotions
Doing things no one else could do
A god amongst men you see
It is true
I dreamed
I fell when I finally woke
Looking upon the reality I live
Knowing the world I cannot change
I was broken
My words that cannot affect a thing
I dream
And do nothing but sleep
I dream
Falsely dreaming things
I dream
Dreamer's dreams

I dream
I dream

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ecstasy's Garden is lost

I have walked in the winter winds
Sought solace and warmth
I begged for silence but have been crushed
By the cold and screams so loud
I have looked for you
But have only found
The empty places inside
Where lays my soul
So cold
More so than any December ground
Frozen it cries
The blood inside me doesn't move
The spirit decays
As my flesh flays
I have looked for you
But you are not here near me
Anywhere I might look
I do seek you
You no longer call my name
I cannot hear your voice
In the winter's haunting
My flesh fails
My spirit mourns
My mind reels
Nothing calms
My throes

Once I tasted of ecstasy's garden
Once I caught the aroma of her spice
Once I saw the most beautiful goddess
But now there is only woe

Without your voice I fade
Without your hand in mine
I cannot make my way
I have looked and have not found you
This winter betrays
Everything I am
Everything I long to be
Once I knew you
But now my hopes flee
I am desolate and frozen
To this earth bound place

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Drink of my wine, and enter

The wasteland before us is vast
Untold millions are lost within
Eternal famine
The depth is untouched
My vein untapped
Blood flow is inexorable
The fear relentless
My sanity like a throat clutched
My will permanently wrapped
In a tomb immeasurable
Large and endless
The devastation of my soul
From the hunger
Of longing
Never ends
This is a journey
I have walked alone
There is in the distance
The horizon with a low hanging sun
I see the plains and land it shines above
Completely bare
Starved, dead, dying
For my soul is emptied
From despair
The sorrow within pour out
Until my cup
Is full
Of a wine so rare
Drink of it
And enter oblivion
With me
And my wine
And cup
And enter my lair

Friday, November 1, 2013

Into Never

I was told that love was forever
And then you left
My heart was crushed
My soul bereft
And I never knew these nights were so very long
What is forever
I thought we were meant to be together
Never passing a day without each other
But I was wrong
And my heart isn't strong
Enough to last
Without you here
Next to me
I miss you now forever
I know we cannot be
Again you and me
But I know
When I hear your voice
Catch your scent upon the air
See you in the glimpse
I'll fade away into never
Because I believed in