Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ecstasy's Garden is lost

I have walked in the winter winds
Sought solace and warmth
I begged for silence but have been crushed
By the cold and screams so loud
I have looked for you
But have only found
The empty places inside
Where lays my soul
So cold
More so than any December ground
Frozen it cries
The blood inside me doesn't move
The spirit decays
As my flesh flays
I have looked for you
But you are not here near me
Anywhere I might look
I do seek you
You no longer call my name
I cannot hear your voice
In the winter's haunting
My flesh fails
My spirit mourns
My mind reels
Nothing calms
My throes

Once I tasted of ecstasy's garden
Once I caught the aroma of her spice
Once I saw the most beautiful goddess
But now there is only woe

Without your voice I fade
Without your hand in mine
I cannot make my way
I have looked and have not found you
This winter betrays
Everything I am
Everything I long to be
Once I knew you
But now my hopes flee
I am desolate and frozen
To this earth bound place