Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Drink of my wine, and enter

The wasteland before us is vast
Untold millions are lost within
Eternal famine
The depth is untouched
My vein untapped
Blood flow is inexorable
The fear relentless
My sanity like a throat clutched
My will permanently wrapped
In a tomb immeasurable
Large and endless
The devastation of my soul
From the hunger
Of longing
Never ends
This is a journey
I have walked alone
There is in the distance
The horizon with a low hanging sun
I see the plains and land it shines above
Completely bare
Starved, dead, dying
For my soul is emptied
From despair
The sorrow within pour out
Until my cup
Is full
Of a wine so rare
Drink of it
And enter oblivion
With me
And my wine
And cup
And enter my lair