Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Power of the Horn

In Jericho
There was a wall
Keeping out
An army of men
Who had been promised
The city that was said
To be invincible 
The Hebrews were faithful
And instead of trusting in arms
They listened
To what God told them
And they followed
The directions they were given
So they took their horns
And circled the city
They praised God
And shouted
Then they blew their shafir
The horns of rams
The earth shook
Walls crumbled
And before amazed eyes
Everyone had proof
The Hebrews knew
God was good
He defeated the enemy
When their horns blew

In Camelot
Pax Rex Arthur Eternus
Had been in place
As a great king reigned
Under blue skies and sunny days
All men knew justice
Even fairness
Over the land
King Arthur was seated
Upon a throne of mercy
Of grace and gentle rule
The trumpets would sound
To announce the king
Echoing for good
In the valleys and the hills
The people would stand
Bowing then singing
They'd look up
As his procession would pass
They'd cheer for he was no tyrant
He was well beloved
The king was here
For them, yes
And for the truth
Because he was good

In the end
The tribulations will begin
The world will seem to be
Coming undone at the seams
Trumpets will sound
Bringing horrible news
Sorrow then
We will be seeing
An end and rebirth
Death is painful
As is birth
Both are required
Before the truth
The trumpets sound
Across the earth
Again giving proof
Of a master's hand
The four who ride
Who have been feared
Now revealed
Fulfilling their call
They would ride
The trumpets were not
Trumpeting their victory
Not celebrating
But announcing their arrival
A warning perhaps
Certainly that

The hearts of all men
Will break then
With time
There is no turning back
Death personified
Comes upon his nightmarish spectral horse
Famine, inducing ravenous hunger
Will be hard upon the people, and their land
Pestilence and plague
Will be man's dark companion
War has a familiar face because
It is an ever present scourge
The lot of the four
Will make this planet burn
With the fires upon the cities ever fanning
Flames of the atom ever churning
Where people will gladly die
To purge the land
Of their own

This madness to kill
Each other
This insanity without asylum
Is not without a point
God's wisdom to man
Is madness
But man is but a flea
To the cosmos
That God is
All of the tribulations
Will be to cleanse the land
For those who remain
Perhaps to find
In the burning
That the body of Christ
Was broken
The blood of Christ was poured
So that all who might eat
So that those who might drink
Would be saved
From the fires of defeat
And the flames of hell
That threaten every man
And victory be bought
In the breaking of the flesh
Of the son of God sent
By the suffering of one
With simple words
And actions
I must repent
Time is short
But the lesson is clear
God is good
The king is fair
The land is his body
Our hope is his blood
Repent and have life
In the King