Monday, July 11, 2016

Sleeping without rest

The cell of my prison
Is an isolation chamber
Others call it my bedroom
My bed is no comfort
I am unable to sleep
My misery is wrought
For it is there
Demons are in my thoughts
Chasing me in my mind
I've tried to sleep but cannot
I lust for so much
Which I dare not
Desire for things, if received
Would cause me to die
I cannot bear this torture
Every night
I lose as I enter
The arena of the fight
My mind needs quiet
But cannot find it here
My days are long
My brain is tired
Filled with fear
I need silence
To sleep
But it isn't coming to me
I run from the demons
As they follow
Screaming does not help
No one comes to save me
As my soul pales
Turns hollow
And I slip
From view

The nightgaunts haunt
And the demons chase me
I see flying beasts rising
Oblivion come
Demons do not slow
In these Dream-Lands
I will be dying
And in the waking
I will not rise
But instead
When they arrive here
My soul will flee
And I will turn pale
And disappear
Flesh turning to dust