Sunday, July 4, 2010

Because I am RA

Because I am Ra
This world exists
Without my being
There is nothing beyond
I created the world with my tears and sweat
Children of mine are mankind
Mandjet the Boat of Millions of Years
Is morning light
Mesektet the evening veil
The evening darkness
Carry me beyond
The world calls out in pain
But I created the rains
And bring the harvest
The Nile cries out
As the rise of waters inundates
The deluge of water and mud
The people who depend upon her flow
Starve without the flood
And still I am Ra
Formless was the earth
Void were the heavens
And I came into being
The earth was made of rock
No green to be seen
And still I am Ra
I made the rains to fall
The oceans to fill
The earth to take form
There is only me
And I am the sun to warm the land
Light to fill the sky
And children to stand
Upon the warm sands of Egypt