Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saint Joan

An answer to a prophecy
A messenger from God
Jeanne d’Arc
Saint of Lorraine,
Maid of Orléans
Saint Joan of Arc
The spirit within you
Straight from God’s heart
19 years old, and spiritually moved
You refused to take no for an answer
You raised a country from ruin
When trained men wouldn’t start
Orléans so foreboding
Held as a lynch pin
To the country’s freedom
From the English
To Charles’ crown
You led his army to victory
Whilst you held his banner
And the people flocked to you
But you abstained from praise
The glory was God’s not yours
So you said no
And you were betrayed
Called a witch despite your faith
You were pure and innocent
In custody raped
And still you saw God
You burned when they set you
Upon a pyre for witchcraft
And you were innocent
Saint Joan we cannot know
How much more you’d have done
But know we all what you did
First with simple prayer
And then with battles you won

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